Italian Roast Beef with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Italian Roast Beef || Seriously the best roast beef recipe ever!

Italian Roast Beef Recipe

by: Amanda from Old House to New Home

Growing up, we were not a meat and potatoes type of family. Since the majority of my meals came from either my Mom’s or Grandma’s kitchen, who are both Lebanese, we ate a ton of rice and pasta. Meat, especially beef, was not often the centerpiece of the meal. We didn’t have beef stew, meat loaf, or pot roast, unless my Dad won out and got to pick the meal. My mom and I would have happily eaten pasta or rice dishes for every meal ( I can’t say that this has changed much over the years! )

So it’s not often that I set a big beef roast on the table and call it dinner. I just can’t get real excited about roasts, so admittedly, I have only made them a handful of times. So when I tell you that I LOVE this beef roast and want to make it again every week, that is a big deal!

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