No-Bake Orange Dreamsicle Cheesecakes Recipe

No-Bake Dreamsicle Cheesecakes recipe || So refreshing and delicious!

Hey everyone, it’s Jenny from Honey and Birch again!

How is summer treating everyone so far? Has it been nice and hot? To me, summer means a few things – mainly, hot weather and cool treats like ice cream.

No-Bake Orange Dreamsicle Cheesecakes

In the summer, I try to avoid turning on the oven. It’s bad enough that I have to crank the air conditioning to cool off my home from Mother Nature’s heat. No need to increase the temperature on my own, am I right?

Easy Orange Dreamsicle Cheesecake recipe!

I have concocted the most delicious and easy to make no-bake cheesecake mixture and it is perfect for hot days. It is also pretty good for lazy days because it doesn’t require a lot of work and is very forgiving if you make a mistake – not something you will hear me say about anything that goes in the oven, ever.No-Bake Dreamsicle Cheesecakes

Begin with 2 packages of softened cream cheese. It’s important that

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