Craft Room Wall Art

Jess from If Only They Would Nap here, with some fun wall art for your craft room! Whether you have your own studio or a corner of your bedroom for your crafting, this decor is an easy way to personalize your creative space.

Craft Room Wall Art

Craft Room Wall Art


  • burlap
  • wooden frame/staples or glue
  • jute twine
  • hot glue gun
  • embroidery floss/needle
  • paint

DSC_51191. Stretch your burlap over a wooden frame and staple or glue it to the back.

DSC_51212. Using chalk, sketch out the shape of a thread spool.

DSC_51283. Paint the top and the bottom of the spool. Since this is wall art and won’t be washed, fabric paint isn’t necessary.

DSC_51364. Cut pieces of jute twine the width of the spool. Use your glue gun to adhere them to the burlap. I recommend doing this one or two pieces at a time, starting with a small portion of each strip, so the glue doesn’t harden before you put the twine down.

DSC_51525. Sketch out with chalk the words you want on your art. Mine reads “cut/pin/sew/wear” but yours can say anything! Stitch over the words with embroidery floss – I doubled mine up to make the letters stand out more. To create a slightly different look, use fabric paint or vinyl transfers in place of the embroidery floss.

DSC_5159Use a damp cloth to wipe away the chalk, and you’re ready to hang your art.


Then add it to your little corner of crafting paradise!

Wall art is such a fun and easy way to add flair and style to your crafting or sewing space!

Make Your Own Craft Room Wall Art

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    This is great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it! What a beautiful art wall for craft room!