Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe

This time of year, I love to curl up with a hot drink. Between the holiday parties and the snow days, there’s always an opportunity to make a yummy hot chocolate! But to make it even better, I make this peppermint hot chocolate recipe with homemade whipped cream! Jess from If Only They Would Nap here, back with a delicious recipe that’s great for all times of the year, but it has a special sweetness during the holidays.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe

The best peppermint hot chocolate recipe ever


1. Mix 2 Tbsp hot cocoa powder with 2 Tbsp water

peppermint hot chocolate recipe 2

2. Mix with 2 cups milk. Heat to desired temperature.

peppermint hot chocolate recipe 3

3. After the milk is heated, add two drops of peppermint essential oil. If you prefer to use peppermint extract, start with 1/8tsp and add more until you reach your desired flavor.

peppermint hot chocolate recipe 4

4. Top with homemade whipped cream! Here’s your bonus whipped cream recipe:

  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 Tbsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 very generous Tbsp honey (I prefer to use raw honey!)

Mix together in a cold metal bowl until stiff peaks start to form, and top off your peppermint hot chocolate!

homemade whipped cream with honey

This is the most delicious way to drink hot chocolate!

The best peppermint hot chocolate

Serve these up for the kiddos after an afternoon sledding or make them for your holiday party guests!

super yummy peppermint hot chocolate

The homemade whipped cream and peppermint add a bit of decadence and make this hot chocolate some of the most delicious you’ve ever tasted!

peppermint hot cocoa recipe

Then if you haven’t had enough peppermint, bake these Peppermint Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars for an extra yummy treat!

The yummiest Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe you'll ever taste

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