Tin Can Pin Cushion

Hey Craftaholics Anonymous® readers! Its Jessi here from Practically Functional. Today’s project is a super simple upcycle project that turns an old tin can into a cute little pincushion! We always have plenty of empty cat food tins and I hate to just recycle them, so I’m always thrilled when I can find a way to reuse them instead. And this project is so functional and useful, because it’s always nice to have your pins handy when you’re in the middle of a sewing project!

Tin Can Pin Cushion

Turn a Tin Can into a Pin Cushion! | Craftaholics Anonymous®

Here’s what you need:

  • a flat, empty tin can
  • colorful paper
  • polyfill
  • a scrap of fabric
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

how to make a tin can pin cushion

Start by cleaning out your tin can and removing any labels. Then cut a strip of colorful paper to size and wrap it around the outside of the can, securing with hot glue.

tin can pin cusion

Then cut a square of fabric about 2 inches larger than the opening of the tin can on all four sides. Lay the fabric upside down and put a handfull of polyfill in the center of it. Add a bit of polyfill to the can as well.

easy craft: tin can pin cushion

Wrap the fabric around the ball of polyfill, turn it over, and place it inside the can, making sure all the loose edges are tucked into the can. Then carefully pull the polyfill and fabric away from the edges of the can and add a small bead of hot glue inside the rim of the can. Push the polyfill and fabric onto the hot glue to hold it in place, rotate the can slightly, and repeat until the fabric is attached to the inside rim of the can all the way around.

tin can pin cushion tutorial

And you’re done! Add a few pins, and start using your new, adorable pincushion!

How to make a Tin Can Pin Cushion

Turn A Tin Can Into A Pincushion

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    This is such a fun and easy idea! I love it!