DIY Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

Hey Craftaholics Anonymous® readers! Its Jessi here from Practically Functional. Are you tired of the winter weather yet? I am! I really love winter; I like the snow, and going for walks in the cold, but I miss the fun colors of spring flowers. Since there aren’t any real flowers around, I decided to make some fake tissue paper flowers tutorial to help brighten up our house!

Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

Tissue Paper Flowers tutorial. Perfect for weddings, decor, Valentine's Day, spring. Last so much longer than real ones!

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

These tissue paper flowers would be great Valentine’s Day decor as well; just make them out of red, pink, and white tissue paper and put them up all over your house!

Here’s what you need to make these tissue paper flowers:

  • colored tissue paper
  • floral wire or twist ties
  • floral stems or straws
  • scissors

colorful tissue paper flowers tutorial

Step 1: Start by cutting your tissue paper into squares. You’ll need about 8-10 squares of tissue paper per flower. The larger the squares, the larger the finished flower. My squares were about 8″.

spring craft idea

Step 2: Stack the squares of tissue paper on top of one another and then fold the whole stack into an accordion (make a fold about 3/4″ from one edge, then fold the next 3/4″ under, then fold the next 3/4″ over, and so on until the entire square is folded). Don’t worry if your folds aren’t perfectly straight or even; it won’t show in the finished flower!

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Step 3: Twist a length of floral wire around the center of the accordion to hold the tissue paper in place.

Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

Step 4: Using your scissors, round the ends of the tissue paper. It’s a little difficult to cut through this many layers of tissue paper, so be careful! But again, don’t worry if your cuts aren’t perfectly smooth, you won’t notice in the finished flower.

tissue paper flowers

Step 5: Attach a floral stem or a straw using the ends of the floral wire that you wrapped around the middle of your accordion.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Step 6: Now comes the fun part! Carefully spread out one half of your accordion, and gently peel back each individual layer of tissue paper. Go slowly so you don’t rip the paper.

How to make tissue paper flowers

Step 7: When you’re finished with all the layers on that half, carefully fluff them out so that they make a half dome.

Easy tissue paper flowers. Great spring craft idea!

Step 8: Then spread out the other side of the accordion and separate those layers of tissue paper. Fluff the entire thing into a nice round shape, and you’re done!

Pretty tissue paper flowers bouquet tutorial. Love these for weddings, Valentine's Day, spring, decor, etc.

Stick them into a vase for adorable, colorful decor that lasts throughout the entire year!

Handmade Tissue paper flowers make a beautiful bouquet! Perfect for parties, weddings, baby showers, decor, Valentine's Day, spring, etc.

Handmade Tissue paper flowers make a beautiful bouquet! Perfect for parties, weddings, baby showers, decor, Valentine's Day, spring, etc.

If you liked these paper flowers, check out these fun paper tulips I made last year!

3D Paper Tulips

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