Kids Pom Pom Apron

Do your kids love the help out in the kitchen? Then why not make them their very own kids pom pom apron from an old dinner napkin? You won’t believe how easy it is and the fact that this project is completely no-sew makes it even better!

Kids Pom Pom Apron

Hey everyone! It’s Kara from A Kailo Chic Life, and I am so excited to share this simple apron tutorial with you today.

Kids Pom Pom Apron

easy pom pom craft

The Supplies:

  • Cloth Napkin
  • 1 yard of Pom Pom Trim in each of several colors
  • Fabric Glue
  • Iron on hem tape
  • 3 yards of ribbon
  • Iron

Begin by attaching your trim to the bottom of napkin using the fabric glue.

pom pom no sew apron

pom pom trim apron

Once the fabric glue has dried, you will want to create the top loop to thread the ribbon tie through. To do this you will iron on the hem tape according to the package directions to the top of the apron (the side opposite where you attached the pom pom trim).

no sew apron tutorial

Once the hem tape has cooled, remove the paper backing, add your ribbon and fold the top of the napkin over to create a tube with the ribbon tie inside.

how to add trim to an apron

Use your iron to iron on the napkin to adhere the napkin together forming the top tube with the ribbon threaded through. Once the hem tape has cooled, the apron is ready to use.

Kids Pom Pom Apron

Just wrap the apron around your kids waist and use the ribbon to tie a bow. My daughter loves her new apron and I love that it was so easy to make! Now I just have to make one for myself!

Kids Pom Pom April Tutorial

I hope you all enjoyed this simple kids pom pom apron tutorial and that your kids love it as much as mine! Feel free to check out my blog, A Kailo Chic Life, for even more fun crafts and DIY ideas.

Make this adorable Kids Pom Pom Apron for the baker in your life! Get the tutorial at

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