Delicate Crepe Paper Flower Headband

Crepe paper is not just for decorations anymore! Did you know that you can use leftover rolls of crepe paper to create a crepe paper flower? These delicate little flowers can be used to decorate everything from a wreath to drink stirrers to headbands. Today I will share how to make your own delicate crepe paper flower headband using leftover crepe paper from your last party.

Delicate Crepe Paper Mini Flower Headband

Crepe Paper Flower Headband Tutorial

crepe paper mini flower headband tutorial

This pretty floral headband is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day or even to use for a flower girl at a wedding. You can even customize the colors to the wedding!

The Supplies:

  • Crepe paper rolls in a few colors
  • Hot Glue
  • Plastic Headband
  • Scissors
  • Small piece of felt cut into a circle the size of a quarter

Begin by cutting the crepe paper into several sizes of petal shaped pieces.

crepe paper flower headband

Try all sorts of different petal shapes from hearts to wavy edged to plain domed. Once all your pieces are cut, gently pull the crepe paper to ruffle it a bit and give it a realistic petal look.

how to make crepe paper flowers

Beginning at the outside edge, pinch the bottoms of the petals and hot glue them to the piece of felt.

Delicate Crepe Paper Mini Flower Headband

Then move inside with your next smaller petal and repeat. Continue this until you reach the smallest petal and your flower is complete.

mini crepe paper flowers

For the center of my flower I used either a small pom pom or folded and cut crepe paper in a contrasting color. The final step is to glue the flowers onto the headband with a little hot glue.

Delicate Crepe Paper Flower Headband

Delicate Crepe Paper Flower Headband

My favorite part is how realistic the crepe paper can look! This delicate crepe paper flower headband is also a great project to do with your kids. Just swap the hot glue gun for a cool glue gun and let them create their own flowers!

I hope you all enjoyed this simple tutorial. Feel free to check out my blog, A Kailo Chic Life, for even more crafts and DIY’s.

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