I’m so Crafty I Sweat GLITTER! Free Printable

I'm so crafty I sweat glitter printable This free printable is so perfect for me! I’m printing it right now for my craft room! A huge thank you to Kori for designing this lovely craft printable for us! -Linda

I’m so crafty I sweat GLITTER!

Okay, maybe not me exactly…I think I am more artsy than crafty, although I do love to try! Most of you, however, are crazy super crafty!!! Crafty enough to sweat glitter in my opinion! We felt like this saying would be so perfect in many of your craft spaces, so we came up with two designs in the hopes that they will work in different spaces.

Both of the I’m so Crafty I Sweat Glitter art prints are sized to be 8×10 so you can frame them or simply pin them to your inspiration board!


Free craft room printable


free printable

We all know that as the spring creeps around, it’s time to do some spring cleaning and reorganizing (PS: I made printables for that here) and I love the opportunity to make my creative space something new and fun that encourages creativity. This year I plan to do a gallery wall of inspiration and I think bringing some color in with a FREE printable that you can change whenever you feel like it, makes a whole lot of sense, don’t you? Why not get a jump start on that spring cleaning and make your craft space the cutest it can be!!

I hope you love the printables! If you print these out, I’d love to hear where you put them in the comments below!

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  1. 1
    Chelle Chapman

    Major Thanks to you & Kori for these printables!! I especially like the one w/ the bunting & will put this in my sewing/craft room. Since signing up for CA in my emails, I LOVE getting to your page & seeing your SMILING face on my computer screen!! Linda, you ROCK my crafting!!

  2. 2

    Sweating glitter is way better than sneezing spray mount. That can be awkward.
    Love this and will print it out today! Grabbing my glitter now!

  3. 3

    I love these! Thank you for sharing. I think I’ll put this in my craft/sewing room. Hopefully my boyfriend won’t mind…since it’s also our shared office :)

  4. 6

    It’s past my bedtime…I could’ve sworn this said “S**T glitter” lol!!! Funniest thing in the world to me!! Sweat glitter is still cute, and much more appropriate as a wall hanging :) :)

    1. 6.1

      Oh, BTW, This is showing up on the front page of my Pinterest tonight, even tho it was published months ago

  5. 7

    I LOVE it! Am going to make it for my craft room today!! Thank you!!!!