Spring Cleaning Checklists Printable

You know what spring means…..Spring Cleaning!! Yep, its time to give every nook and cranny in the home a good scrubbing. Well, Kori, from the Creative Team, is here to make spring cleaning just a little more fun with her adorable Spring Cleaning Checklists printable! Kori has a fantastic style and I know you’ll love her cute checklist printable. Enjoy! -Linda

Spring Cleaning Checklists

spring cleaning checklists

I don’t know about you, but spring is when I feel the most motivated to clean. Perhaps because it’s still close enough to New Year’s that I remember my resolutions for a better life, or perhaps it’s the fresh “newness” in the air of life coming in bloom. Maybe it’s just because the beautiful weather is invigorating and puts a spring in my step, but whatever the reason may be, I try to take full advantage of the motivation! Personally I hired someone to come in every few weeks to help keep it fresh, but with two kids, two dogs, and me working from home, I still have to clean the house each week and THOROUGHLY clean everything seasonally. Being a list maker and a printable designer, it only seemed right that I create some spring cleaning checklists that would be easy to download and print out. This is a great way to remember basic tasks and see your progress as you check off what you have gotten done! I have also created a blank sheet that you can fill in with your specific tasks, or use to create checklists for your kids to help!

Spring Printable

spring printable

I hope these give you a good place to start on spring cleaning…because summer will be here very soon and you will want to be enjoying life with your family during those long days…not decluttering your mail pile!

HAPPY SPRING {cleaning}!




Free Printable Spring Cleaning List

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    Love these! Thanks!

  2. 2

    I’m a ‘list person’ as well, these are cute and u can easily scratch a note to that teenager (or that 20 something that has returned to the nest) in the margin as a reminder, LOL!

  3. 3

    thanks for the spring cleaning printable lord knows i sure need one of those. thaks for sharing god bless.

  4. 4

    I’m working on major spring cleaning now…*sigh*…maybe this will help me stay on track!

    ~ Michelle

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