Crafting Organization Week: Craft Desk + FAB Giveaway!

craft organizationHappy Monday, friends! And Welcome to the Crafting Organization Week here on Craftaholics Anonymous®! This week I am going to focus on sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and products that can help you tame your craft room, craft desk, craft nook, or craft closet! With spring cleaning in the air {or maybe the nesting bug just bit me! haha}, I thought now would be a good time to tackle this topic.

First, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite organization products from The Original Scrapbox, and then I’m going to share a round up of links for different articles on organizing different supplies, such as ribbon, fabric, etc. AND THEN, there will be a GIVEAWAY at the bottom!! So keep reading!

Craft Desk: EZ View Desk by The Original Scrapbox 

craft room

One of the first items I would recommend when putting together a crafting space, is a craft desk. A work space where you can spread out and CRAFT!! I love the EZ View desk in my craft room because it holds SO much stuff! It has bins and drawers to hold and organize loads of crafting supplies. Plus it has a fantastic working space on top. I think the size of the work space is good. Its not too big {I can reach all of it while sitting down} and its not too little {I can spread my supplies out while I work}.

The bottom of the EZ View desk is interchangeable so you can get the shelves and bins {like what I have}, a shelf, file drawer, or drawers. That way you can design a craft desk that fits your crafting needs. I also got the extra set of drawers for my desk. This makes my desk a little higher and gives more storage. The height makes it easy to stand and craft at and it doesn’t hurt my back. {I know sometimes I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to sit down, so rather than hurt my beck bending over while I craft, this higher working station is perfect!

I will also point out my crib spring turned inspiration board in the corner. I simply took an old crib spring, spray painted it turquoise and hung it on the wall with nails and wire. Now I use clothespins to hand pictures and tidbits of inspiration.  

But the best feature of this craft desk is…..

The See Through Top! 

craft desk

I can see all the supplies stored in the top drawers of my EZ View desk! I like to put my most used supplies in the top {yes, I use Washi tape all the time!! hehe}

washi tape

I love looking at my colorful collection of washi tape through the top of the desk. I love to organize my supplies by color usually. Because I usually go to my stash of ribbon, fabric, or washi tape, I’m looking for a color. That’s my preference. I know other crafters have a different system that works for them, so find what works best for you and stick with it! If you decide that organizing by size or another characteristic works better for you, that’s awesome! Go for it!

craft desk

You can see a couple of my bins are almost overflowing….that’s one of my scrap fabric stashes :) Notice that I upholstered my stools so they’re softer on the tushy. A must for any craft marathon! haha Did you see my $3 chandelier that I got at the Habitat for Humanity’s Restore up there? A simple coat of sunny yellow paint and its the cherry on top for my craft room! Love a good, simple makeover like that! Look for small things like that for your craft space that you can add a little spray paint or a simple makeover to add some personality and jazz ! You will find that those small details matter and take a space from okay to AWESOME!

Want to see more of my craft room, take the tour here or watch the video tour!

More Article on Craft Room Organization

Here is a fantastic list of 7 articles full of ideas and ways to store different crafting supplies. Lots of stellar ideas in each of these articles!

craft supply storage

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>>>>>  The Original Scrapbox Giveaway!  <<<<<


One lucky reader will win a WorkTop by The Original Scrapbox! valued at $195! {check out the desk I made using a WorkTop and old bed posts!} To enter, use the widget below. {if you’re reading this in your email, please click over to enter}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! The lucky winner will be emailed and announced on the Giveaway Winners page at the end of the giveaway!

Stop by tomorrow for the mother load of all craft room tours! I’m not even kidding! So many craft rooms in one place. It. will. blow. your. mind!!!

happy crafting,


I received free product to try. I was in no way obligated to give a good review. Please see mydisclosure page for a complete statement.



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  1. 801
    Linda Maxey

    I love to play music when I am in my craft room. I can either play a soothing, calming type or a rocking type. All depends on how much concentration I require!

  2. 802
    Maya J.

    I wish I had some good organization tips! That’s why I SOOOO need this prize! LOL

  3. 803
    Vera K

    I like storing things in clear containers when possible.

  4. 804

    reusing containers, jars and boxes to organize!

  5. 805
    Carla Hundley

    I have my wa shi tapes on dowell holders to keep them
    alltogether and realdy to use

    Carla fron Utahh

  6. 806
    Laurie H.

    I love this room it is so beautiful!

  7. 807
    Paula Russell

    I do many different crafts, ie sewing, papercrafts, jewelry, ribbon crafts, etc. that I have run out of room and ideas to organize everything…any ideas???

  8. 808

    i took over the closet in our office. it has a bunch of shelves so I keep a cookie supply section, silhouette section, and sewing section.

  9. 809
    beverly e

    I use baby food jars and clear plastic shoe boxes to keep my crafts organized… ahh, to have a room like this!

  10. 810

    I love using buckets and ways to display what I have! It is part decor/part functional lol
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    -Meesh :)

  11. 811

    I use old baby crib rails and hang them horizontally above my workspace to hang misc items that don’t categorize well in drawers so I can see them and be reminded that I have them when I’m working on a project. I also hang christmas lights on it to bring magic to the space. I also use baby crib rails hung vertically on the wall to hang bigger papers over.

  12. 812

    My favorite organization tool tamed some of my sewing accessories: I bought several Dollar Store ice cube trays, and I use them in my desk drawer to hold sewing machine feet, needle packs, and bobbins.

  13. 813
    Sheri Beatty

    I put very small stamps and paper punches in some double sided tackle boxes.

  14. 814
    Denise Gallucci

    Your crafting room looks very airy and fresh–probably quite inspiring to work (play) there. (o8

  15. 815

    I have an old dresser for my craft stuff in the basement. Keeping it in one place really helps me. Now getting the kids to bring the stuff back down is my big problem :) I would LOVE to make a desk like yours and craft the night away!

  16. 816
    Manette Gutterman

    I like to keep my scrapbook paper in a file cabinet so I can see all of my choices!

  17. 817
    Meagan Vaughn

    My Favorite organizing tip is to use lots of bins to keep all of my like items together. :)

  18. 818

    My favorite tip is to purge what you no longer have an interest in or things you no longer find attractive to make room for the things you truly love. Having to dig through tons of junk to find treasures is likely to lead to ruined items and procrastinating about finishing projects.

  19. 819

    I would love to win this! My craft closet (and husband) would thank you forever!

  20. 820
    Danielle N.

    I always say “I like to put “things” in “things”. My favorite organizing tip is to have a place for everything. Whether you put buttons in recycled jars, ribbon on a dowel on your wall, or your photos in recycled shoe boxes with homemade dividers to keep them organized. Always have a place to put things!

  21. 821

    My favorite trick is to use small mason jars to separate my buttons by colors.

  22. 822
    dixie in montana

    I am green with envy on a white, cold day here in Montana of this craft room. How could you not be inspired there! I have all the crafting supplies…just need a place to put them!!! This would work PERFECTLY!!!!

  23. 823

    My favorite thing in organization is to put things back in their place when you are through. It make your space cleaner and you can go back and enjoy making another mess without having to clean up the first.

  24. 824

    Favorite craft organization tip: Use see through containers whenever possible… oh and Clean Up As You Go! 2 tips for the price of 1! ;)

  25. 825
    Anne Ayers

    OMG!!!!! This would make my whole year if I was lucky enough to win this!!!! What an amazing prize!!!! Good luck everyone…..but please…..PICK ME….PICK ME!!!!! LOL

    When I bring in new supplies I try and give away to local girl scouts things I havent used in awhile :)

  26. 826

    I love the organizer that is see through! I am in the process of organizing my craft room that I got just last year. Most of my supplies are in decorative boxes which make it hard to see some times. I am waiting to get some storage put in there soon so I can access everything easily.

  27. 827

    Love this!!! I am in the middle of a craft room make over an this is just what I need!
    Organization: I love to save clear jars (such as Mayo jars), add crafty labels, and use them for storage. I also like tension rods for ribbon spool organization.

  28. 828

    My organization tip is to keep everything where you can see it, but to where it is out of the way. (Getting this would help with that!) Thank you for having a giveaway!

  29. 829

    I would love to win the work desktop. Thanks for giving me a chance to do so. Also thanks for all of the ideas to get organized.

  30. 830

    Hello and thanks for such incredible links and pics!! I too love to have things organized and pieces I am working on finished. I make a lot of specialty cards and when I am finished them, I pop them into a see-through “Crystal Clear” bags that glue closed – to protect them from oily fingers and creasing, and store them in boxes until needed.

    I so love your craft room!!! The colors and coordinating features are so cheery and do inspire creativity!!

    I am soooo glad I lucked into seeing your link!

    Again, many thanks for sharing with us – I just love to see ideas on how I could improve my own craft area…

    Lori :D

  31. 831

    What a wonderful post! This time of year is the perfect time to re-organize. Thanks for the collection of inspiring spaces to get me energized to organize! :)

  32. 832

    Man I really need some organizational help! :) I love your blog!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. 833

    Oh this is a stunning worktop. What a great idea. My tip- i store my nk pads and favourite stams in a tall drawer trolley. The drawers can be removed and taken to my desk for use and makes for a quick clean up after. The trolley is also on wheels so i can take it with me around the house too.

    I loved it so much i now have another one for punches, perspex blocks n other essentials.

    Keep it crafty


  34. 834

    I like to use plastic containers to keep similar items organized and together.

  35. 835

    That organizer is a fantastic idea to store crafts! I have learned to always put my craft supplies and tools away or the cat will help me, that usually means I won’t find the craft item for weeks!

  36. 836
    Dana N

    Wow, I love that table top! And the white is very striking!

  37. 837
    Sara Hoogendoorn

    Wow!! I want one for my craft room, my office, my husbands office, the kids rooms! It would even make a super cute side table top in the living room!

  38. 838
    Sara Hoogendoorn

    I forgot to add my fav organization tip…i like to cover my old diaper boxes and use them as baskets and I also love those canvas bins that fit perfectly on my little self

  39. 839

    I would love to win this!!! Your craft room looks fabulous!

  40. 840

    This work top is awesome. I would love to have one. My tip for organizing is when you are labeling things make it simple so you can find them easy, I once labeled something with the manufacture name and could not find it when I wanted it.

  41. 841

    I love the idea of using the mason jars both on the shelf and on the wall. Great way to re-use something that often just gets thrown away.

  42. 842
    Donna W.

    I am new to crafting and would love to win this amazing prize!

  43. 843
    tabbi meyer

    i LOVE the way you store your fabric, just wondering where you found all the curtain ring clips, they come 7 in a pkg at walmart but it gets expensive bc i need so many, i have a fabricaholic problem any ideas?

  44. 844
    tabbi meyer

    i LOVE the way you store your fabric, just wondering where you found all the curtain ring clips, they come 7 in a pkg at walmart but it gets expensive bc i need so many, i have a fabricaholic problem any ideas?

    1. 844.1

      Hi Tabbi,
      Thanks! I got the clips at Ikea. They are like $4 for 20. {if I remember right!} Hope this helps!

  45. 845

    I like to see what I have, So I use see through bin and pegboard to organize my stash. Like to win This!!

  46. 846

    This work area is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win one

  47. 847
    Sandy Goldstein

    This is the first time I’ve visited this site. Love everything I’m looking at . . . I have seen these desks in the past and absolutely loved them. Fabulous prize for someone. Definitely enjoyed looking at rooms from other people and how they solved their individual storage issues. Thanks for a chance to win. I will definitely come back!!

  48. 848

    Thank you Linda for posting your craft room. What a dream space for a crafter relagated to portable file boxes and the dining room table. I watched your video and it took my breath away…now you have to understand I never knew furniture like this exists. Wow! I have visited the Scrap box site and I am plotting for a long overdue craft room (I am much older than most of your followers and have been crafting & sewing since ALL sewing machines were made of metal…) So my crafting has waited a long time to have a place of honor. Bless you and your followers for all the ideas and inspiration (I have been visiting many of their blogs and sites. Keep it coming! Hugs all

  49. 849
    Dyan Witt

    I have never seen something this cool!! I sure hope to have this one day in my space!

  50. 850

    Oh I can only dream of a room like yours! I am currently trying to plan out a reno for my room and the desk is a big issue. I need a good size work space but not to cumbersome as my room is only 9 by 11. I love all your storage Ideas!