bed posts turned desk legs

ready or not, here comes monday! so remember about a week ago when i presented a picture of 4 black posts {scroll down to see the picture} and asked what you would do with them? well, you guys have some crazy awesome imaginations!! i love it! some of my fave suggestions were: “A pen for a giant” from Min, “Magic Wands” fom HollowSquirrel, “Huge recorders for my boys” from KellyS, and “Bagpipes” from Fionna. davis and i got a good laugh! thanks guys. ANYWAYS, this is what we did with those 4 black bed posts:

easy desk makeover

pretty awesome, huh?? we chopped off the bed posts in this headboard makeover post and of course i made davis keep them…….and move them this summer to our new home. {he’s a keeper!} i had the Work Top from the Original Scrapbox  but it did not have legs. {what good is a desk with no legs??} i mulled and mulled over what to do and when i saw the bed posts sitting in the garage {light bulb!} i knew they’d make perfect desk legs. or giant bag pipes. haha

we have a little nook in our master bedroom that is perfect for this desk. davis likes to sit at this new desk to read his scriptures. plus, its a great place for our desktop that we use and love dearly collects dust. {i have a feeling we’re not the only ones that have abandoned a trusty desk top!}



easy desk revamp

and yes, i will be giving you more details about that adorable aqua chair up there very soon. {LOVE it!}

you can purchase the Work

be sure to stop by first thing tomorrow morning to find out how you can get your hands on that brand new digital cutting machine everyone is talking about!! you know what i’m talking about……it starts with a C and ends with AMEO!!!!}

talk to you soon!

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  1. 1

    This turned out great! I wsa just thinking of you this weekend and wondering about this project. I was hoping that I didn’t miss the “after” Now…here it is this morning! :) Have a super week.

  2. 2

    So creative! Love the desk and that chair!

  3. 3

    The desk came out so nice, what a great way to reuse those bed posts! The aqua chair is too cute with it – I love a nice aqua and black color combo :3 Can’t wait to hear your news about the Cameo either! Saw you tweet about it and got excited to see a blog post about it too :D

  4. 4

    That desk is so handsome! I love simplicity. And how cool that it is upcycled! You really rocked it!

  5. 5

    The desk looks fabulous and that chair really sets the stage!

  6. 6

    I have to admit the desk is cuter than bagpipes bit not nearly as cool. Love the chair BTW!

  7. 7

    So awesome – I love that you moved it to your new house – we moved so much stuff from our last house “just in case” we figured out what to do with it. I’m inspired!

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  10. 8

    The desk looks like that is really functional, I love it, the chair match perfectly I love the color, nice touch… Blessings