21 Small Craft Storage Ideas for Kids

Happy Friday! Do you have crafty kids? Do they have just as many crafting supplies as you? Well, here are some ideas on how to organize and store all those small craft supplies.

This post is taken from this Facebook thread where Annie asked:

“My daughter has lots of beads, crayons and other craft stuff…but I don’t really know how to store it all in a nice but still easy for her to access way! Help!” – Annie

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Small Craft Storage Ideas

1. “Plastic drawer storage bin. One drawer for each “thing” or if you want it to be separated out by color, then use plastic zip bags for the different colors and put the bags in the drawers. Cheap, easy, and easy to maintain as well!” – Wendy L.
2. “We love tackle boxes and tool boxes for craft storage.” – Jayme C.

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{source: West Seattle Fabric Co studio}
3. “They make compartmented storage options, but another fun way is small jars like baby food or the little jam jars. They make it easy to see what’s inside and to only pick out the ones you want at any given time.” – Kelie M.
4. “A clear, over the door shoe organizer for the bigger sized craft stuff (crayons, etc) and definitely tackle boxes for the beads.” – Christian M.
5. “There are Rubbermaid containers in the home improvement aisle at Wal-mart. They have lots of dividers and they are removable for what size you need. They are better than the ones you find in the craft department.” – Colette T.
6. “You can also use the clear containers you find in the fishing department for storage. They are WAY cheaper than that you find in the crafting area and are able to make to whatever size you need. I have also used tackle boxes to store crayons and such and they are very portable.” – Laurie A.
7. “Why not find a horizontal coat rack and add wire handles to glass or mason jars and hang on the hooks. You can hang it over her art station or at a level that she can reach.” – Kendra H.
8. “Individual plastic picture boxes meant for scrapbooking. I have seen them in different sizes and they have snap closures.” – Erin B.

{source Homemade Simple}
9. “Tackle boxes are a good idea. Or we use the small Crystal Light containers – peel the covers off them, recover with scrapbook paper, put a magnet on the back and store on a cookie sheet on the wall. You could also reuse the larger Kool-aid containers or creamer or coffee containers as they are all plastic with good lids.” – Ellen W.

10. “We have smaller containers that fit in a 3 drawer plastic container. It’s large enough to fit it all and the drawers are big enough to fit smaller containers.” – Roxanne S.

11. “Maybe some Rubbermaid type drawers. They come in different sizes and she could just pull out the drawer she needs at the time. And they’re stackable! I use little fishing tackle boxes to organize my beads too. They’re cheaper than the ones in the craft department!” – Andrea M.
12. “I use glass mason jars. You can get a wine rack and set it up, and put the jars in the rack. Then she can see the contents and she can have easy access.” – Ashley M.
13. “We all use empty plastic gallon ice cream buckets. You get to eat the ice cream then reuse them. They are the perfect size and height for multiple kids to use and the lids stay on really well. They also hold a lot of crayons and other crafting supplies. When we go out to eat I always bring home the crayons the kids get at the restaurant and just add them to the bucket. Plus they can be stacked and most have handles that make them easy to carry.” – Sue C. 

{source Fancy Frugal Life craft room}
14. “Lots of options! Over-the-door shoe organizer (clear ones are great for little ones); small glavanized buckets on a table, shelf, or bookcase; Sterilite rolling storage with drawers and you could add utensil trays or any type of container(s) inside to separate items; or a utensil caddy. We have two and I turned them into ‘official’ homework stations complete with crayons, pencils, erasers, scissors, rulers, markers, glue sticks, and such. Or, you can repurpose containers for storage like cereal boxes, baby wipes containers, plastic tubs/jars/bins, etc.” – Heather T.
15. “I went to Lowe’s and got a rectangular storage box for screws etc. It has many small long drawers and 6 larger drawers. They are $20. You can buy small containers like for condiments at the dollar store and separate in the bigger drawers. Label with a label maker and voila! Tons of storage for beads, findings, crayons, you name it.” – Jenny B.
16. “My best way is jars: either mason jars or baby food jars, they work great! The wipe boxes are awesome for crayons.” – Meg M.
17. “Fishing box or tool boxes are great for storage of craft material, if you just get one big tool box you can put beads into ziplock bags.” – Sandra C.
18. “You can use a condiment rack and use every jar for different kinds of beads. For pencils, crayons, markers, etc., you can use a wine racket with plastic cups!” – Maria R.
19. “Divided utensil carrier for markers, crayons, chalk, etc.” – Kelly H.
20. “I would not use any glass jars if the child is very young instead one could use plastic mayonaise jars or other plastic jars.” – Sharlene T.
21. “We use old pill bottles for beads because the safety caps prevent little ones from getting into them. Crayons, paints, pencil, and crayons go into old baby wipe containers. Though I do not have babies anymore I still buy them to clean my stamps. Also boot boxes from our kids snow boots or shoe boxes recovered in scrapbook paper or old wallpaper scraps to make them more sturdy. They are great for paper and holding extra craft supplies.” – Michelle B.

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  1. 1

    Love these- I have had some of these on my to-do list for a while. I need to just do it. :)

  2. 2
    Marilynne Rowland

    I LOVE large Jiff peanut butter plastic jars. They hold scraps of ribbon in our house. Also love using Mary Kay Cosmetic loose and mineral powder plastic jars for straight pins. The screw on tops are deep enough to hold pins while working with them.