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Happy Thursday, friends! Hope you had a nice holiday. I took some time off to enjoy this wonderful time of the year with my little family, but I’m back now! And let me tell you, I have a real treat for you today!! Have you ever wanted to just sit down in the middle of the fabric store and get started sewing immediately? Wouldn’t it be so fun to be surrounded by a multitude of gorgeous crafting supplies and fabric while you were crafting? And to know that if you ran out of something, you could grab it in a flash? Welcome to the craft room studio at West Seattle Fabric Company! This is a dream come true for many crafters! If I lived closer {instead of on the opposite coast!}, I would seriously be hanging out at in this studio every weekend! Take a peek around and let me know what you think! -Linda


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Hi! My name is Monica from the West Seattle Fabric Company and I am passionate about taking the fussiness and perfection out of sewing. Creativity should be fun and inspiring, mistakes are part of the creative process. Life’s not perfect; the flaws and struggles make it richer and more interesting. I’m excited to share the West Seattle Fabric Company studio and craft room with the readers at Craftaholics Anonymous today!

Craft Room Tour

sewing room

Front Sewing Room

cutting mats

Cutting Mats for all kinds of projects.

decorative storage boxes

Members can work on their projects and leave them in these adorable decorative boxes until they come back to finish them.

Notions Wall

notions wall

All of these fun and colorful notions are available for customers to purchase and finish a project or start a new one!

loose notion storage

miniature bolts of fabric

These decorative loose buttons and miniature bolts of fabric are two of my favorite things at the studio!

sewing area & machines

We have spacious sewing areas with wonderful sewing machines.

sewing stations

Each Station has an array of supplies available to the sewists.

pin cups

These little pin cups are another one of my favorites.

sitting room

stitching lounge

Our Back ‘Stitching Lounge’ is great for hand sewing but it also doubles as a great gathering space for baby showers, birthday parties and ladies nights.

Old Shutters turned into Magazine Racks

book and magazine racks

We also have inspiring books and customers to flip through and draw creativity from.

Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous space you have created for your customers, Monica! It is simply gorgeous! I love the details, down to the cute boxes for crafters to store their projects in. And I’m loving your shutter magazine holders, brilliant! Make sure to stop by West Seattle Fabric company and check out the pretty fabrics and sewing supplies they offer. 

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  1. 1

    What an absolutely beautiful place!! Wish I lived closer, I would be at that store constantly… ha ha!

  2. 2

    I love the idea of a store where sewists can all just hang out, do a project and have supplies on hand! Wish we had something like this around where I live! It would be so good for people who don’t have the space for a sewing room!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Well isn’t this all sorts of fabulous. I just showed my hubs & asked him for a house with a basement so we can make this happen. Oddly enough- he wasn’t totally opposed :)

    1. 4.1

      I’m not easily impsesred. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

  5. 6

    I don’t even sew, but this looks like a place I’d like to hang out!! So bright and cheery! I do a lot of cross-stitching and hand sewing, so it would be a perfect place to get together with others with the same interests.

  6. 8

    lovely space!!! Love it!!
    . ✶•´ ☆´,•*´¨★ Ձ๏13
    ☆´¸.•★´ ¸.✶* ☆★
    ☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥♥ ˚ .˚✰˚ ˛★.* 。. ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
    /▌*˛˚ ░ٌٌٌӇ░ٌٌٌƛ░ٌٌٌƤ░ٌٌٌƤ░ٌٌٌƳ ░ٌٌٌ░ٌٌٌƝ░ٌٌٌЄ░ٌٌٌƜ░ٌٌٌ░ٌٌٌ Ƴ░ٌٌٌЄ░ٌٌٌƛ░ٌٌٌƦ░ٌٌٌ!░˚ ✰* ★
    / \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ 。✰ •* ˚ ♥♥

  7. 9

    OH MY GOODNESS! I would love to hang out here :)

  8. 10
    Paula Bray

    Would love to come there just to sit and relax, looks so welcoming!

  9. 11

    Oh my goodness, what a wonderful space. Just oozes with creativity. I wish I lived up there or just visit this awesome store!

  10. 12

    Oh my gosh! Serendipity! I have been wanting to open a coffee and craft shop and studio, where you can shop craft supplies, including sewing and yarn crafts, have a cup of coffee, lessons are given regularly, and Bring your Craft Along Coffee mMornings are held. This is like a confirmation for me. I love the idea of the lounge area for Shower parties. I am so excited!

  11. 13
    Christina Colistro

    So cozy! Where did you purchase this hanging flower chandelier?

  12. 14
    Gayle Coggins

    Hello! Your space looks absolutely stunning! And a perfect crafting oasis.

    I would love to share your Back “Stitching Space” on my own blog – it’s not published just yet as I’m working on building my blog posts – but I wanted to check in to see if you would mind if I shared the image?

    Thank you!!