41 Gift Ideas for Crafters

Happy Friday! Christmas is only 4 days away….Do you need some gift ideas for crafters? Does your significant other need some last minute gift ideas? Or a simple nudge in the right direction when it comes to gifts for you? Share this post with him and help him out!

This post was taken from this Facebook thread: “I am looking for a Christmas gift for my wife. Something not on her list, unexpected, something extra to make her smile. She likes doing crafts, and uses her Cricut and sewing machine often. I’m drawing a blank on ideas for her. Any craft supplies, etc. that you would recommend? -Jake

gift ideas for crafters

Gift Ideas for Crafters

1. “Take a look on eBay for vintage fabrics and types of lace.” – Brigid S.
2. “A Cricut cartridge she doesn’t have.” – Donna E.
3. “A gift basket of fabrics, vinyls, etc. and include a gift certificate to her favorite place!” – Andrea R.
4. “I would buy her a SIL Cameo. She will LOVE you so much! I have a Cricut and got a Cameo because you can do so much more with it.” – Faye H
5. “Dude, you get points just for going on a craft site and asking this question! Good hubby!!” – Sarah S.
6. “New cartridges are always nice; paper is great. Oh, Peachy Keen stamps are good – they work so great with Cricut cuts! Or, if she doesn’t have one, an ATG gun would be a great addition!” – Jamie L.
7. “Buy her supplies to make a few of the items she has on Pinterest.” – Sharon P.
8. “Extra feet for her sewing machine. My favorite is my ruffler foot.” – Naomi K
9. “Right there – thats an aaaaaweome husband! Maybe make a basket of Cricut stuff: different papers, scissors, ribbons, jars, buttons, different Cricut sheets, replacement needle, and maybe a cricut cartridge that she may not have or maybe would love. Leave some cute love notes, maybe just a love letter or a mug that says she’s gorgeous (written in permanent marker and baked, of course, crafted by you!” – Tabitha M.
10. “An Etsy gift card – then she can buy any supplies she wants.” – Tabitha M.
11. “Find a Gypsy for her Cricut – it will expand her world tremendously!” – Kathi C.
12. “How about some vinyl to make wall quotes?” – Emily M.
13. “How about a coupon for a scrapping day or scrapbooking retreat?” – Evalyn Y.
14. “A personalized ‘Handmade by…’ stamp or tags for her sewed items.” – Lindsey S.
15. “I would love a craft corner but seeing how we, like most people, don’t have room, an outfitted armoire would be nice!” – Rebecca C.
16. “A Silhouette Cameo! It can do so much more than the Cricut. She won’t need to buy any more cartridges but she will need a computer!” – Cherie Z. silhouette cameo
17. “A really good pair of scissors or a rotary cutter.” – Kimberly O.
18. “My husband went to our local scrapbook store and bought random items – like baby paper because I was going to baby showers, Disney stickers to celebrate a recent trip, etc. Although it wasn’t stuff I wouldn’t have picked, I adored that he took the time and was so thoughtful about each item.” – Amy A.
19. “How about a gift card to a paper source?” – Missy T.
20. “How about an IOU craft night voucher? You can maybe make appetizers for her and her friends while they do their crafting.” – Jessica M.
21. “How about a charm bracelet like a pair of scissors or a sewing machine – each holiday you could ad a new crafty charm!” – Mommy to Davis
22. “A cleaning lady! I got that one year for Mother’s Day and that was the best gift ever!!” – Melissa G.
23. “Make a photo book of some of the projects she’s given away with a picture of the recipient with it and a thank you note from each person next to the photo. This will remind her how many people she has touched with her talents. This will remind her she is appreciated and you noticed!” – Leanne T.
24. “A trip to Scrapfest in Minnesota’s Mall of America in September would be incredible. If it is too far for her to go then Creating Keepsakes magazine sponsors a yearly scrap convention in major cities throughout the US!” – Debbie C.
25. “On Amazon you can buy rolls of burlap much cheaper than you can buy it at craft stores and more color options! What crafter wouldn’t love some burlap?!” – Lauren S.
26. “A basket filled with the types of crafty bits she typically uses and needs to replenish frequently (threads, needles, paper, glue, etc.) mixed in and then you could throw in a gift card too!” – Crystal M.
27. “I think you should dive in to her craft things and make something special just for her from you. Doesn’t have to be fancy; just trying will make her day! As a crafter no one makes me anything because I can do it myself. But it is always lovely when someone’s ideas are just for you!” – Tracy W.
28. “Why not look around for a craft that you enjoy and give her a date night of crafting for Christmas. You could craft together since it is something she enjoys so much!” – Nicki S.
29. “A memory quilt with pictures or one to do with t-shirts of where you have been.” – Patty W.
30. “Upgrade her craft area with paint, lighting, storage solutions, etc. You can do that with a little money – just need time.” – Laura L.
31. “A crafting magazine subscription would be nice or sign her up for a technique class at one of the stores she shops in frequently.”
32. “My husband got a frame that had three 5 x 7 matted spaces for photos and painted the kids hands and had them stamp their hand print – one in each matte. It was creative and personal!” – Monique R.
33. “Check out her Etsy favorites and go from there. No one ever checks that and people have lots of stuff they really like on there and wouldn’t expect it.” – Debra H.
34. “Make it unexpected! Maybe a gift certificate to get her hair and nails done or maybe a massage. Or you could make her a date night gift basket with wine, chocolate, a classic movie, and a nice candle.” – Kendra H.
35. “Anything from The Original Scrapbox – she will be SO happy!!” – Jennifer M.             original scrapbox
36. “If she is on Scrapbook.com, she may have a wish list on there. If so, order from that. She would be shocked that you knew exactly what she wanted.” – Amy A.
37. “If she is like any of us, her craft room is probably a nightmare! Any sort of organizational gift in general… If you are creative in building (or know someone who is) go in her room andsee what needs a little help in being organized. Take some pictures and figure out what could be built or created to organize the specific mess!” – Desiree H.
38. “Sizzix Big Shot – I just got one and it is awesome! Like a Cricut but it does fabric and felt that she can craft and sew with. Other than that Ugg house shoes feel great while crafting and working in the house!” – Sarah P.
39. “Does she have a good camera for taking photos of her crafts? I made my mother-in-law a lap quilt years ago and last year she had it out to show me. I totally forgot because I never took a picture of it! Silly me, I was thinking it was really pretty until she reminded me it was one I made” – Sharalyn M.
40. “I would be totally lost without my Gingher scissors. If she doesn’t have some for sewing she definitely should! She might also like to be enrolled in a class at a craft store or a local community college. My husband enrolled me in a 10-week Photoshop class and it was a wonderful surprise!” – Lucinda J.
41. “Give her three months of Heritage Makers – it is digital scrapbooking at it’s best!” – Kelly A.

So many fantastic ideas!! I know I would love one of each! It might be a good idea to save this post filled with gift ideas for crafters for future birthdays and gift giving events to help out your significant other!

Thank you for stopping by today! For more crafting ideas, follow Craftaholics Anonymous® on Pinterest.

happy {holiday} crafting!


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