Creating and Styling A Fall Menu

Whether you’re planning a dinner party, wedding, shower, romantic dinner for 2, or a thanksgiving feast, having a physical menu adds sophistication to the event! I like how Stephanie shows us how easy it is to create a simple menu that looks professional. Think I might have to whip up some menus for our anniversary dinner tonight! Here is Stephanie’s ‘How to Create a Menu’ tutorial! Enjoy! -Linda

As the Fall season approaches, I couldn’t wait to use a few of the Fall fonts Kori recently shared on here. These fonts are perfect to use on personal menus you can make at home for family and guests when they come over for a special gathering. Having a Fall wedding? Menus are easy to make for your guests!

When you put so much work into the meal, why not pair it with beautiful place settings, decor… and that can involve a menu.

Here are 3 easy ways to style and create a simple menu.

How to Create a Menu

fall menu

Perks of having a menu:

-Your guests can know what is being served and know key ingredients too.

-It is easy to do and adds a touch of class and purpose to your place setting


I will be showing some steps using Microsoft Word, but feel free to use whatever program you prefer.

1. Determine what size you want your menu to be. I am going to have this menu be 5×10, so I looked for the “page layout” tab at the top. Once selecting that, I then selected the size button.

how to create a menu

Adjust the width an length measurements to your preferred size and select “ok”.


You will notice the size of your white page change to your size setting. For this menu, I also adjusted the margins to be narrow. This allows more text to fit on your menu, while still allowing a nice border of open space on all sides.

how to make a menu


Make sure before you start typing, that your text is set to “no spacing”, otherwise all of the lines of your menu will have wide spacing.



The 3 fonts we used (for personal use only) were the “Muffaroo”, “Some Weatz” and “Poor Richard”

The words “menu”, “appetizers”, “entree” and “dessert” are all centered, while the rest of the text is justified to the left.


Beginning with your text set to “center” and Some Weatz, size 48pt., write the word “Menu”


Press the “enter” button on your keyboard one time, and proceed to make the following adjustments to text font and size…

menu fonts

Have your cardstock pre-cut to 5×10 (or your preferred size) before you print. Check for typos and make any last adjustments to font color if you want any.

Once printed, have fun making it a part of your decor, whatever the color scheme or theme.

fall menu idea

fall wedding menu

Check out your floral department for smaller items meant for wreaths or flower arrangements.

fall place setting fall wedding

Use lace, ribbon, twine, herbs, buttons…step outside of the box, and don’t feel like you have to stick to the usual Fall colors.

PicMonkey Collage1

I hope you and your guests enjoy your menus!

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    The menus are beautiful as well as functional. I’m sure it would be the icing on the cake of your meal.