DIY Snowman Bowling Game

Looking for a fun Winter game for the kids? Stephanie shares this fun Snowman bowling game for the kids! Great way to reuse boxes. Enjoy! -Linda

Living in Arizona, we don’t see too many snowmen around here, but this little gal made her way to our house this week.

snowman bowling game

Snowman Tissue Box Bowling Game

My daughters had fun decorating and making a simple game for them to enjoy.

With just a few things you probably already have around the house, toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy this craft and turn it into a game at the end.

diy snowman bowling game

What you will need:

  • Empty tissue boxes
  • white paint and brush
  • orange and black cardstock
  • black marker or paint
  • optional: buttons/pom poms for buttons
  • hot glue

How to Make a Snowman Bowling Game

Enlist your kids to paint your tissue boxes white. They can be any sizes…we happened to use 3 rectangular boxes and 1 square box

After they are painted white and dry, stack them how you will intend for them to go.


Have your kids decorate with a simple carrot nose out of orange cardstock, a black cardstock hat and any buttons. My daughter insisted ours have “eye-lash strings” so that she could be a girl. We added a small holly leaf on her hat and gave her a red smile.

A few dabs of hot glue to glue our pom pom buttons on. My 4 year old wanted to add sticks from the back yard as arms.

snowman tissue box bowling game

snowman craft

Then it was time to “melt” the snowman…and my 2 year old was eager to try first!

DIY snowman bowling game

I hope you attempt this simple and fun game with your little ones…decorating him/her is much of the fun.

Would your kids like this Snowman Bowling Game? 

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