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School hasn’t started here yet, but it will soon! The kiddos have their freedom until after Labor Day. So everyone around here is still rushing around getting ready! Now I am a list maker. With this weak Mom-brain of mine, I would not survive without lists! {I’m sure many of you can relate!} So I decided I needed a cute paper/list holder since both my boys will be in preschool this year. {crazy!} I’m homeschooling them with a small group of neighbor moms where we rotate each week. Having a clipboard to hold the lesson plan or lists while I prep, will be handy. Hence, the Washi Tape Clipboard that turned out super cute!

Washi Tape Clipboard

washi tape clipboard

I  used a bunch of different tapes from the new Scotch Expressions Tapes line to cover my standard clipboard. Which took only about 15 minutes to do! Scotch Expressions Tapes come in 100+ colors in four varieties- Magic Tape, masking tape, washi tape, and shipping tape.

Scotch Expressions Tapes can be found at office superstores and mass retailers nationwide or even online. To find a store near you, simply enter your zip code here. The Expressions Tapes line ranges from $2.50/roll to $5.99 for a 3 pack.

How to Cover a Clipboard with Washi Tape

washi tape clipboard

  1. All you need is Scotch Expressions Tape, clipboard, exacto knife, scissors, scraper or tongue depressor.
  2. Starting at the bottom, apply strips of Expressions Tape across the clipboard as straight as possible. Let the tape overhang slightly on both sides.
  3. Continue all the way up until the entire brown of the clipboard is covered up with tape.
  4. Flip the clipboard over and use an exacto knife or razor blade to cut off the excess tape. {I recommend doing this on a self healing mat}
  5. Use a scraper or tongue depressor to scrape across the tape to make sure it lays flat and there are no air bubbles.

washi tape clipboardGotta love an easy craft, right?! Now I have a stylin clipboard for the school year! Now don’t forget to add Scotch Expressions Tape to your Back to School Shopping List!

Don’t forget the Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest that’s going on right now! You could enter to win $10,000 and the title of the 2013 Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper.

What could you cover with Scotch Expressions Tape?

Disclosure: I received free product to use. All opinions are mine! See my disclosure page for a complete statement. 
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  1. 1

    I have yet to work with that tape but the patterns and colors are great. I find it amazing that DUCT tape is no longer just gray too.

  2. 2

    I can do this without blinking an eye! I appreciate the inspiration!