Kids Party Craft: Confetti Canvas

Kori, Creative Team, is here to share an adorable kids party craft idea! Kids will have a blast making this. Enjoy! -Linda

Kids Party Craft

kids party craft
Whether you are looking for a kids party craft that can double as a party favor or just a rainy day activity to do with the kids, this confetti party craft is sure to delight! There is just something about glitter and confetti that makes you want to party. So when I was thinking of party crafts, I couldn’t get confetti out of my head!! Inspired by the melted crayon designs, I decided that a canvas art piece would be fun to create!

How to Make a Confetti Canvas

craft supplies

For our confetti party craft, we started out with leftover tissue paper, glitter, scissors, an art canvas, and a gold Sharpie.

tissue paper craft

confetti canvas

To begin, each child cut their scraps of tissue paper into little squares (we cut fringe and then cut across, but they can really cut any way they wish, as long as the confetti is small) Once we had a pile of confetti, we used glue sticks to draw on our canvas. I told them to cover the top with glue and draw some stripes down, which left some white space at the end for drawing!

confetti craft

Next, we lightly sprinkled on glitter, then covered the glue with our confetti, then sprinkled more glitter. You have to make sure there is a build up of the glue by applying it thick for everything to stick (which is never an issue with my two kids!).

kids craft


Once it’s covered, hold up the canvas over paper and tap it to get rid of the excess glitter and confetti. Everything left should be stuck to the glue! You can also use traditional glue if you prefer, but if you do, make sure you let it dry before tapping off the excess glitter and confetti.

kid craft

Now is the time for a little extra creativity! We love gold and silver sharpies at this house, so it only made sense to use them for our confetti party craft! You can draw simple shapes to create a number of different designs on your canvas. I drew an umbrella, but you could do a bunting banner across the corner, balloons, a sailboat, or anything else that would go with your party theme! You can also draw these before the kids do the confetti and they can work the glue over and around it!

kids party craft

I hope you have fun with the confetti party craft!

Happy crafting!



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  1. 1

    Oh my goodness this is the cutest idea ever…Living in the Seattle area, where it rains all the time… makes this the perfect project for my art students!! Is it OK for me to use it?? I’m pinning it to my “Kids Art and Crafts” board. :)
    Thanks for the great idea!!!

  2. 3
    Nicole Stone

    This is so adorable, I am trying to think up a reason to do this myself…and hang it in my house :)