Fall Scrapbooking Ideas

Fall is a wonderful time for reflection and recording memories. Creative Team member, Stephanie is sharing some awesome fall scrapbooking layouts and inspiration today! Enjoy! -Linda

fall scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a very personal way to preserving memories, and everyone has their own unique touches for their own scrapbooks.

Do you like to cover pages with pictures, or do you prefer a more spread out layout?

Fall Scrapbooking

Today I want to inspire you to make some personal touches to your Fall Pages with journaling, sewing and fun. Below you will see 3 layouts with blank cardstock spots. Customize areas like these, making them either places for you to journal any memories, or include a picture.

Consider adorning your page with a mini sewn garlands..scrap cardstock and fabric are great for this. Punches can be used to make these shapes, or just cut them out yourself and sew easily to make a mini garland.

Cut a strip of fabric with pinking shears and sew onto the cards for cheap and quick style!

Layout includes: (2) 4×6, (2) 3×4, and (1) 4×4

Fall Scrapbooking Layouts and Ideas


Practice some fun lettering styles. You don’t have to be an expert to fancy up some letters for writing on your page.

Layout includes: (1) 4×6, (2) 4×4, and (2) 3×4

halloween scrapbooking

Need to fill space? Nothing fills space better than journaling. Take a moment to hand-write a special message. Use fun Fall-colored pens too.


Pull out your cardstock punches to add detail on the paper. Save money by sewing and not having to use adhesive for added details.

Layout includes: (2) 4×4, (2) 4×6

fall layouts

Are you traveling for the holidays? Save your memorabilia like plane tickets or your place card from the dinner table and add these to your pages too!

What events/memories will you be scrapbooking this fall? Leave a comment below!

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  1. 1

    Super cute layouts. I’m a big Project Lifer. I love the little circle punch garland you used on the Halloween layout. And I wish I had a designated place to craft/sew/scrapbook because I would LOVE to use sewing on my layouts but right now, it’s too much trouble! :-)

  2. 2

    Great tip! Thanks for sharing. :) I’m new at scrap booking and every bit of info I can gain the better. :)

  3. 3

    So cute! I love the little details of stitching and fabric.