DIY Confetti Candles

DIY Confetti Candles || Awesome party candles

DIY Confetti Candles

Christmas is fast behind us and Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! We live some busy lives, don’t we?! Sometimes it’s nice to have quick, easy and inexpensive solutions to help us decorate for one holiday to the next! These Confetti Candles are sure to be a hit for that romantic dinner you might be planning for that special someone.

Confetti candles are a perfect way to dress up some old candles for a fancy-schmancy-at-home-candlight-dinner. All you need to add is the pizza and the chocolate! ha!

confetti candles

How to Make DIY Confetti Candles

By: Lidy from Hello Lidy

Add sone bling to your plain candles!


  • White Candles (I used tapered candles, but any candle will do)
  • 1/4″ Copper Foil Tape
  • Scissors

confetti candles


1. Simply Start by cutting 1/2″ or so strips of copper foil tape. Remove the backing on the tape and secure to the candle in a random, confetti-like pattern.

2. Repeat steps until all your candles are complete!

Ta-da! Super easy and they look totally rocking, right?!

confetti candles

Now those are some party candles!

These are super cute and sure to make your centerpiece stand out! Not only are they great for this coming Valentine’s Day, but they would be perfect all year round for any time of gathering or celebration. They would even make fun birthday cake candles!

You could even use these candles year round for some styling home decor.

confetti candles

So what do you think? What would you use DIY Confetti candles for? What color{s} would you do the confetti? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Happy crafting everyone!

XOXO, Lidy

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