Cedar Ring Ornaments

Cedar Ring Ornament DIY

Cedar Ring Ornament

Happy December Crafters!

Making Christmas ornaments has become an annual tradition in my home.  Last year I made 5 minute yarn snowballs and sweater stamped socks and mittens to hang on our tree.  This year when I spotted cedar rings at the hardware store I knew I wanted to use them to make ornaments.

They’re meant to slip over hangers in a closet but they have a fresh woodsy smell and are the perfect size and shape for hanging on a tree or using as a plate topper/favor at holiday meals.

Cedar Ring Ornaments
by: Jessica @ Dear Emmeline


  • Aromatic Cedar Rings
  • an assortment of red. green, and white craft paints
  • fine tip paintbrushes
  • Dremel Micro
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • drill with small bit

cedar ring ornament tutorial

1. Use Dremel Micro and sanding drum attachment to smooth out flat surfaces of cedar rings.

easy christmas ornament

2. Attach sanding cone to Dremel Micro and sand inner circle of cedar rings.

christmas craft

3. Starting with green paint, paint holly and mistletoe leaves in various patterns on cedar rings.

diy christmas ornament

4. Paint white berries on mistletoe leaves and red berries on holly leaves.

5. Us small drill bit to drill holes for ribbon hangers.

cedar christmas tree ornament

Hang and enjoy!

diy ornaments

christmas tree craft

easy christmas ornament

Do you make Christmas ornaments every year?

Feel free to share a handmade ornament idea (or 2) in the comments!

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