Washi Tape Gift Bows Tutorial #makeamazing

Calling all Washi Tape addicts! If you’re looking for a festive way to use your Washi Tape this holiday season, Washi Tape Gift Bows are it!
Washi Tape Bows. Make your own gift bows! Use sheet music for the music lover.

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DIY Washi Tape Bows

Washi Tape is one of my favoritest things ever! Make it metallic and I’m completely smitten! I used some of the fabulous metallic Scotch® Expressions tapes and made the prettiest Washi Tape Gift Bows ever! They’re easy to make and only take a couple craft supplies.

These handmade gift bows are the perfect cherry on top of your Christmas gifts this year! Because I know you’ve got LOADS of Christmas gifts to wrap….

Washi tape Gift Bows. Make your own Christmas Gift Bows with washi tape and scrapbook paper. Love the idea using Sheet music for the music lover!

Personalized Gift Bows

You can use coordinating scrapbook paper for the bow “lining” and even personalize the paper you use to the giftee. For example, Harper loves music. So I used sheet music scrapbook paper for the bow’s “lining” for a personalized touch. Or if someone loved a certain color or pattern {chevron?} you could use paper with that on them.

How to Make Washi Tape Gift Bows Tutorial



How to make Washi Tape bows

1. First you’ll turn your scrapbook paper over so that the side you want to show in the bow’s “lining” is facing down. Then cover then entire back of the paper {the back side of my paper was white} with tape. Trim off the excess with scissors.

2. Cut the tape covered paper into 5/8″ strips.

3. Hold one side of one strip while sliding the strip between two fingers on your other hand. This softens the paper side to make it curve instead of crease when you bend it in the next step. Repeat Step 3 with each strip.

How to make Washi Tape Gift Bows. Easy to make + you can personalize the bow. Use sheet music for the music lover.

4. Take one strip and bend it into a figure 8 keeping the tape on the outside and the paper on the instead of the loops as shown. Tuck the 2 ends behind and hot glue in place. Repeat with 3 more strips so that you have a total of 4 sets of figure 8’s made with 12″ long strips.

5. Stack the 4 strips on top of each other and hot glue in place.

6. Take 2 more softened strips and trim them down to 8″ long. Then bend them into figure 8’s like you did in Step 4, hot glue in place. Then stack them on top of each other and glue together. Take one last strip and trim to 3″ long and make a loop with it and glue onto the center of the bow.

7. Take the large set of figure 8’s from Step 4 and place the smaller set of figure 8’s from step 6 and glue together.

Handmade Christmas Bows using washi tape and scrapbook paper. Personalize the bows using paper they would like.

Place the bows on your gifts and add a gift tag and you’re ready to go!

Washi tape bows. Great for gift giving any time of the year! No need to run to the store when you can make your own with paper and tape.

You can reuse these washi tape gift bows year after year!

Washi Tape Gift Bows Tutorial. Make handmade Christmas bows using washi tape and paper. Personalize the bow to the giftee using paper that they like. Ex: if they like music, just sheet music paper.

What paper would you use for the liners for your Washi Tape bows? Have you made handmade gift bows before? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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    Genius! Thanks for sharing :)