Silhouette Sketch Pens Discount + GIVEAWAY

Happy Tuesday! Who wants to win a Silhouette Portrait? I thought so! Today I get to tell you about the awesome Sketch Pen promotion Silhouette is running AND give away another Portrait! yay! So hang tight while I show you how amazing the sketch pens can be and then enter to win your very own Portrait. Sound good? I sure thought so!

Silhouette Sketch Pens

silhouette sketch pens

If you haven’t used the sketch pens with your Silhouette cutting tool, you are seriously missing out! They are really neat and so easy to use. Silhouette just came out with a new line of sketch pens in all colors of the rainbow, as you can see above. So  many fun colors to play with!

silhouette sketch pens

When you use the sketch pens, instead of cutting, your Silhouette draws the designs. Pretty sweet, right?

Don’t know what a Silhouette is? Its a digital cutting tool that hooks up to your computer like a printer. But instead of printing, it cuts the design out with a small blade. Its really awesome! Read my Silhouette Portrait review here or my Silhouette CAMEO review here!*Note: you do not need a Portrait or Cameo to craft with Silhouette products!

Now you’re asking, what can I make with sketch pens? Good question!

DIY coloring pages

You can create your own coloring pages, art work, typography art, text, and I’ve seen people use them to address envelopes. {think wedding invitations, Christmas cards, etc} How rad is that?!

My personal favorite is the custom coloring pages that you can create with Silhouette Sketch Pens. I can make the coloring pages bigger than the standard 8.5 x 11″ coloring books with my CAMEO. Plus, I can personalize them with their names, design my own shapes to color, or put together a collection of shapes on a page. This is so perfect for teaching kids letters and shapes. You can create your own coloring sheet to help your kiddos learn. I love that!

This is also handy if you teach a youth group or church group. I teach Sunday school to the 5 year old little kids at our church and being able to create my own coloring pages for the kids that goes along with the lesson is awesome. And again, I can personalize these coloring pages to fit the needs of my lessons.

bunny coloring page

I created this really cute bunny coloring page to give to my kids on Easter from the Easter Bunny. How cool is that that the Easter Bunny is bringing them personalized coloring pages??! I’m so excited!

How to use Silhouette Sketch Pens Tutorial

silhouette sketch pens tutorial

Now using sketch pens are a breeze. You simply release the blade {flip the blue switch}, remove the blade housing, then insert the Silhouette sketch pen in its place, and then flip the blue switch back to secure it in place. Then when you are ready to send your design to the Silhouette, select the “Silhouette Sketch Pens” setting in the Silhouette Studio and load your paper/media as normal. Its really really easy to do!

Silhouette Sketch Pen Promotion

silhouette pen promo

To take advantage of these fantastic deals, you’ll need this special link and promo code: CRAFT

{discounts valid thru 3/31/13}

Silhouette Portrait Giveaway

silhouette portrait giveaway

Want to win a Silhouette Portrait? One lucky reader will win a Silhouette PORTRAIT! yay! Use the link/widget below to enter the giveaway. Silhouette giveaway winner will be posted on the Giveaway Winner page. This is a quick giveaway, so enter while you can! Giveaway ends 3/28/13 at 11:59am ET!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks for stopping by today! happy crafting, Linda


In case you missed the special link to the Silhouette Discounts, click here

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  1. 801

    SO many colors. What fun!
    I would love to try some of the more intimate designs. I bet they would be so pretty!

  2. 802

    I would use the sketch pens for coloring pages, school projects, gift tags, cards, so many, many things you can do with them.

  3. 803
    trey m

    I would give them to my wife to use…she’s creative, she’d figure something out.

  4. 804
    carolee c.

    I would love to make some nice holiday banners for my kids to color!

  5. 805

    i’d love to make some cool typography projects with these

  6. 806
    Chelsea Saulpaugh

    One thing I would definitely do is make coloring sheets for the children I work with.

  7. 807

    Wall art for thing 3’s nursery

  8. 808

    I would love to win this! Crossing my fingers!!!

  9. 809
    Diane Laughter

    I would love to use a silhouette portrait with sketch pens. My daughter-in-law has one and I think it is great.

  10. 810

    I’d love to draw some pretty flowers on greeting cards and envelopes for coloring with colored pencils, filling with glitter or watercolors!

  11. 811
    Lorinda Davis

    I would use them to make art for my house. And my daughter would love being able to make her own coloring pages!

  12. 812
    Kimberly J

    I would use the pens in design wedding stationary and other paper products :).

  13. 814
    Ashley Lyons

    I would absolutely love this! I think this would be great for the patterns for appliqué shirts I make. No more hand drawings!

  14. 815

    I would love to use the sketch pens to make coloring pages for my son. We’re teaching him letters and numbers. I could really create some fun personalized pages for him!

  15. 816

    Yes please!!!

  16. 817

    Latey I’ve gotten more into canning. I would love to use this to make some cute labels. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  17. 818
    Misty Smith

    I would use it in making cards. I like the idea of making my own coloring books for my kiddo.

  18. 819
    Brenda A

    The sentiments inside cards.

  19. 820

    Coloring pages for my princesses I think

  20. 821
    Jean B

    I would like to make new artwork for my son’s room!

  21. 822
    Sally P

    I can think of so many awesome things to do if I won this giveaway!!!!

  22. 823
    Mindy Adams

    I am new to crafting and don’t know much about Silhouette’s but I know I would love to have one! :)

  23. 824
    Heather Guerrero

    I have no idea….. But I’m sure I’d find something fun to do with them :)

  24. 825

    coloring pages for my kids. fun!

  25. 826
    Wee Yi Xin

    I would use to draw intricate designs that are too hard to draw on the computer. This would make my life so much easier!

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  27. 827
    Bonnie F

    Yahoo! I’m SO excited! Thank you, thank you so much!!! I never win anything :)

  28. 828

    Would love to win the sketch pens.

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  31. 829

    I need help! I am trying to journal using my sketch pen. I followed the directions and filled in the font. But it comes out unfilled and looks like cut lines. I just want to use the font and have it look like handwriting. What am I doing wrong? I appreciate your comments.