Easter Basket prep with Vtech

Ok, am I the only one freaking out that Easter is THIS SUNDAY?? Crazy! Having Easter in March always seems so early to me. Does it to you, too?

So I shocked myself and got our Easter baskets all ready to go….yes, early! This is seriously unheard of around here! I am a huge procrastinator and do almost everything at the last second. So I am proud to say, our Easter bunny is on top of things this year. wahoo! {thanks to a little help from Vtech!!} Want to peek in the baskets I put together for our 2 boys?

Easter Baskets

easter basket

This one is for my youngest who is 2 years old. He got a new white collared church shirt, a Vtech Peek at Me Bunny, Tiger water bottle, Vtech KidiMiniz Bunny, chocolate eggs, Vtech Switch & Go Dino, plush chick, sidewalk chalk eggs, and a couple plastic eggs filled with jelly beans.

He’s going to go nuts over the Switch & Go Dino. He loves dinosaurs and is always pretending to be a dinosaur and growls at his brother. {I guess in his head, all dinosaurs growl! ha!} I’ve been wanting to get him one of these since Christmas, so it will be fun to finally give him one.

diy easter basket

And of course, no Easter Basket is complete without a little crafty touch, right? I used some scrap fabric to tie the cellophane together at the top in a cute bow. I love finding ways to use fabric scraps! I have plenty of them. I like to think of it as fabric recycling when I use scraps for something. :)

baskets for easter

Here are all the goodies I filled their Easter baskets with. Toys, church shirts, animal water bottles, sidewalk chalk, candy, baskets, etc. Its so fun putting together baskets of fun for the boys. I know they’ll love ripping them open and attacking everything inside.

Easter Toys 

switch n go dinos

My guess is both boys {ages 2 and 4} will go for the Switch & Go Dinos first. They are huge fans of that popular dinosaur show on PBS. {I have a hypothesis! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.}  

peek at me bunny

I know my 2 year old will lug this around Peel at Me Bunny around all day. I like that it is a bunny to go with Easter and teaches him things like colors and body parts.



And little Kidiminiz bunnies. Wish they were in more boyish colors for them, but meh, its Easter. Easter is full of pastels and girl colors, right?!

That’s what in our Easter baskets this year! HUGE shout out to Vtech for the help with my Easter baskets this year. I’m so excited to give them to the boys this Sunday!

Now the question is,

Does your Easter Bunny hide your Easter baskets?

Ours does! I’d love to hear about your Easter basket traditions!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. 1

    Great baskets! Ours aren’t that full this year, but somehow we ended up having 4 egg hunts scheduled, so I figure that should even things out! We hide eggs for the boys to find in the morning but usually leave the baskets out in plan view. I really need to get more organized though. I’m just getting around to decorating today!

  2. 2

    These are adorable. We have never hid the baskets- what a fun idea. They are usually set up altogether. This year the kids are old enough now that I think we will be scaling way back. In the past the baskets have been a bit obnoxious- so I think this year we will do a little bit of candy & maybe a new shirt or something. They are really outgrowing the toys sad to say-

  3. 3


    Where did you find the plush chicks? They are adorable!


  4. 4
    Sheila Moore

    Oh yes our Easter bunny still hides the baskets and my “kids” are 30 and 26! LOL…they love the fact that I still hide them. So much fun and hopefully when the granchildren come along they will follow suit and the EB will hide theirs too.

  5. 5
    Brittany Green

    The Easter bunny comes to our house and does an egg hunt for all my kids friends and our family with kids. He also puts the eggs somewhere in the house for the kids to find! But as they aren’t very old yet they are hidden together so there isn’t any fighting!

  6. 6

    We haven’t quite figured out our Easter basket traditions. HA! We gave our son’s to him the night before. I have no idea why! :-) I’ve never heard of Kidiminiz before but they look cute.

  7. 7

    We leave out the kids empty baskets the night before and then the EB comes and fills them and then hides them! My 4.5 yr old is sooo excited about Easter!