Paper Fan Garland Tutorial

Summer Fan Garland. Love paper rosettes. These colors are great together.

Summer Paper Fan Garland

By: Erin

I wanted to add a little color to my bedroom this summer, so I made this Summer Fan Garland. I adore it…these paper fans are one of my very favorite crafts. They’re so pretty and versatile. I first used them for one of my parties and I’ve been addicted to them since! This garland takes a little time, but trust me…it’s worth it!

How to Make Paper Fan Garland

To make these, you will need:

  • Scrap book paper
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Paper trimmer or scissors
  • 1″ Round hole punch
  • Score board (I got mine at Michael’s)

For the first part of the tutorial, you’ll need to make each individual fan. Cut out squares of various sizes (from about 3″ to 6″). You’ll need 3 squares for each fan.

How to make paper rosettes tutorial


  1. Once you have all your squares cut out, use the scoring board to score the paper. I score it every 1/2″ for squares that are 3.5″ or larger and every 1/4″ for squares that are 3″ or smaller.
  2. Turn the paper at 90 degrees and score in the middle of the paper.
  3. Fold it like a fan.
  4. Bend it in the middle.
  5. Glue the middle together so you’ll have 1/3 of the fan.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5, then glue each fan together.
  7. Spread the fan out and glue the final pieces together.
  8. Cut out a circle with a 1″ hole punch and place it in the middle of the fan.

For the second part of the tutorial, you’ll create the garland.

How to make paper fan garland. Super cute and easy to make!


  1. Lay a piece of ribbon out. Measure how long you want it to be and mark it. Leave the sides long in case you want to tie them in bows.
  2. Lay out the fans how you want them to be. Feel free to layer them on top of each other.
  3. Place another 1″ dot on the back of the fan and glue it to the ribbon. Do this for each fan that will be directly on the ribbon.
  4. Next, add the layered fans. I glued a dot to the sides and attached them to the fan. This makes them more secure.
  5. As you can see, the back is not too attractive! I secured any fans that seemed loose. This banner is quite heavy, so feel free to add another larger ribbon on the back to secure the weight of the fans.

Summer Garland bunting. Love this easy craft idea.These fans are so versatile and you can try different techniques, like using a border punch around the edges. You can see an example of this on my blog. I have also used these for cupcake toppers, but I think this fan garland is my favorite yet!


Summer Paper rosette garland. Easy DIY garland. These are great for parties or everyday decor.


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    This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing the tutorial :)

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    So pretty!!

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    Great idea and so pretty – thanks for the detailed tutorial.

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    This is such a beautiful garland, and I imagine it can be incredibly versatile. I can’t wait to try this out, it’ll make a lovely change from the paper bunting that I usually make. Thanks for sharing such a good idea!

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    These are so cute. My daughter has a birthday coming up and Im going to try and make some of these as decorations!

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    These are so stinkin’ cute!! Love how you draped it across your mirror! I’m making one! I’m thinking pinks and oranges…my husband is going to hate me hahaha. Thanks for the sharing :) :).

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    I’ve seen these on Etsy. They are SO cute!

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    Thank you for the tutorial. I have been froze in for a week and i think this will brighten it up in here for me.

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    Cynthia Carrillo

    Like the paper fan garland lots!

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    So pretty, can use this for many different occasions,,,,,

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    Thanks so much for sharing! I made some paper fans for my daughters party. They were simple and and lovely!

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      Yay! I’m sure they looked great!

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    All of your craft tutorials are easy, cute as well as beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and please don’t stop! :-)

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      Thank you for your kind words! :)

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    This idea is very creative, I’ll try to make it home

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    This is so pretty! We’d like to feature this with proper credit and link to this page of course. Let me know if there’s any concern. Thank you.