DIY Merry and Bright Christmas Pillow with Pom Pom Trim

This Merry and Bright Christmas Pillow plays on the fun trend of bright colors for Christmas decor this year! With this easy step by step tutorial you can make a pillow in an afternoon!

Merry and Bright Christmas Pillow

As I mentioned last month in my Halloween wreath post, I am a huge fan of the bright, non-traditional colors that seem to be out for all of the holidays this year.  For Halloween, pink was huge, and for Christmas, all of the brights are taking a leading role in the Christmas displays I’ve seen (I live in Canada, so Thanksgiving is long over and it’s full speed ahead to Christmas!)  My daughter particularly loved the bright purple tree that she saw, and begged for it in her room.  This DIY Merry and Bright Christmas Pillow with Pom Pom Trim plays off that colorful and bright Christmas decor, and allows you to have fun with your Christmas decor!

merry-and-bright-pillow-4aMerry and Bright Christmas PillowMerry and Bright Christmas Pillow

To make your own pillow, here’s what you will need:

  • Pillow cover (You can buy a premade one, or make your own.  I have an easy tutorial for a envelope cover here that you can follow)
  • Pom pom trim
  • Heat transfer vinyl

Step One: Sewing the Trim

The first item of business is to tear out the side seams of your pillow cover, and put the pom pom trim inside.

easy pom pom trim pillow tutorial

To clarify (because yes, this did take me several attempts before I pinned it properly – the pom poms should be facing the inside of your pillow, the edging of the trim towards the outside.  The trim should be between both “good” sides of your pillow.

how to add pom pom trim to your pillows

When pinned properly, it will look like this – the bulge you see all the way around is the pom poms.  Using your sewing machine, stitch both sides back together, making sure the trim stays in place between the two layers.  Mine was a little slippery and kept trying to escape.

Step Two: Iron On the Design

Once you have completed the sewing, it’s time to move on to the second part of the project – adding the vinyl.

merry and bright vinyl pillow tutorial

Open the software for your cutting machine, and type your text.  I am using the font Pistilli Roman, which is a free font for personal use, so you can easily download it to recreate this design.  I isolated the text to letters and changed them to the colors of my vinyl.  Then I cut, weeded, and ironed the letters on (follow the instructions on your the heat transfer vinyl, as some differ).

merry and bright pom pom pillow

I decided to have a little fun with the placement of the letters.  I turned the “e” in merry on it’s side, and staggered the letters in “bright” to make it a little more whimsical.

christmas pom pom pillow

Once the vinyl cools, stuff a pillow inside, and find the perfect spot on your couch for your new pillow to live.  Isn’t it perfect?

And if you’re looking for more easy Christmas decor, be sure to check out some of my favorite Christmas wreaths, which you are sure to love!  The Rudolph wreath would be perfect with this fun loving pillow!

christmas wreaths

Thanks for joining me, and I can’t wait to see you again next month!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends – enjoy some mashed potatoes for me :)

DIY Merry and Bright Pom Pom Trim Pillow! Easy tutorial for a bright and cheerful holiday pillow! Get the tutorial at



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