Free Summer Drink Station Printables

Getting ready for one last summer party? You will love the adorable set of free drink station printables Katie {Creative Team} is sharing today! Enjoy! -Linda

Drink Station Printables

drink station printables














Are you squeezing the most out of the last days of summer? I am feeling pressured to get all of my summer activities in! We live in a small apartment with a tiny patio so no lavish barbecues for us. But, one should always make room for a drink station, which prevents people from going back into the house a lot  (saving that air conditioning!). I came up with some summer drink tags to spiff up the drink station at your next party.

ca printables06

There are a few generic ‘drink up’ tags; I used one on the straw holder. There are yellow and blue flowers to use any way you’d like. I punched holes in the middle of the flowers and used them as straw toppers. I think these would be really cute as garland!

ca printables08

There are ‘refresh’ bottle wrappers. I originally made these to wrap around water bottles but ended up using them on my lemonade and water carafes. Just perfect! Like all of the round tags (juice, lemonade, water, blank), I punched these out with a 2 inch circle craft punch.

ca printables13

Aren’t these apple juice bottles the cutest? I wrapped ‘juice’ and blank tags around these. These tags are perfect for people to write their names on, thus keeping track of their spiffy bottle. Because I assume everyone at my party will be just as smitten with these bottles as I am and will want to take their bottle home.

ca printables11

I used the nameplate design to write a little note about the ice.

ca printables04

There is a larger ‘drink up’ sign that is perfect for putting on a skewer and sticking in the ice/drink bowl.

ca printables02

I love the aqua-blue and yellow color combo! Perfectly refreshing for summer, don’t you think? You can download the printable circle tags/flowers here and the rest of the printables here.

Are you planning any end-of-summer parties?


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  1. 1

    They can’t be downloaded. Google says I need permission……you will need to put them somewhere else, I believe.

  2. 3

    When you click on the download links, it sends you to this Google message:

    “Insufficient Privileges”

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    Of course, it’s also possible that nothing’s gone wrong and that the site owner has intentionally restricted your access. In which case you may find comfort in the old adage about “sticks and stones.”

  3. 4


    I played with the settings and they appear to download correctly now. Thank you for the heads up! Let me know if you have further difficulties. :)

  4. 5

    Love this! I’m hosting a bridal shower in a few weeks and these are great :)