DIY Sunglasses Case Tutorial

DIY Sunglasses Case Tutorial. Super cute!

Retro Sunnies DIY Sunglasses Case

Hey all! It’s Aki from Minted Strawberry again popping over to share another accessory tutorial. Today I have something really easy for you – easy and useful at the same time. Summer’s almost here, and that means it’s time to bust out those sunnies (if you haven’t already). One of my dilemmas is the constant damage my sunglasses gets when they’re in my bag. I usually lose my sunnies pouch so I have to have a few laying around ready to use. I wanted to make something cute and simple – so, are you ready to find out how I made it?

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  • Ready-made pouch (or sew one from scratch)
  • Template (I got mine free from here)
  • Die-cutter (optional)
  • Contact paper / Freezer paper / Stencil vinyl
  • Acrylic paint (in two colors)
  • Sponge / Pouncer

diy sunglasses case

Measure your pouch and size your template according to how big/small you want it on your case. Cut it using your die-cutting machine. You can also cut manually – just make three stencils instead of one, with one cutting out the background part, the second cutting the glasses part, and the third cutting the mirror part.

painted sunglasses case

Place the background and the glasses part onto your pouch, making sure that it’s stuck really well. You may want to iron it down (with fabric on top of it) to lessen imperfections when painting. Save the mirror part part by re-sticking it onto the contact paper sheet.

diy sunnies case

Now take some of your lighter paint (or darker paint) and fill the mirror part by using a sponge, a brush or a pouncer. For mine, I just ripped off a part of a regular sponge to use.

retro sunnies case

Carefully remove the sunglasses part…

sunglasses case

And then re-stick the mirror part. Again, you may want to iron (with a piece of fabric on top) to lessen imperfections while painting.

sunglasses case tutorial

Take your other color and just fill in the sunglasses, let it dry and then peel the contact paper off!

summer sunglasses case

And you are done! You may want to fill paint gaps with a small brush, but I was already satisfied with mine. But seriously, wasn’t that easy peasy?

retro sunnies case

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did. Make some for your friends, co-workers or anybody, really. Everybody loves new pouches and cases, right?

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  1. 1
    Chelle Chapman

    ACK! How cute!! I had never heard of so I buzzed on over, joined & have been having a BLAST stalkin’ the place!! Thanks SEW much for this tute & for the new site!! LOVE your case, did you make this & if so, how does it open @ the top? Think I’m going to try to copy it, w/ your approval, of course!!! Thanks again!!

    1. 1.1

      Hi Chelle! Glad you love that site – I love it cause it has lots of free templates and files I can use for my Silhouette. And yes, I made it :) I just sewed the end seam outside instead of inside. Happy crafting!