Craft Room TOUR with Lina from Fancy Frugal Life

Happy Friday, Crafters! Lina is here {again!} to show off her new crafting space. She recently moved and so she now has a brand new space to  create in! {check out Lina’s craft closet!} You will love her bright, cheery colors and smart storage ideas. Enjoy! -Linda

craft room

Craft Room

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Hi there! My name is Lina and my blog is called Fancy Frugal Life. I write about frugal decorating and entertaining ideas. I also have a love of thrifts stores, chalkboards, crafts, and cooking.
I’m super excited to show you my new creative space. Thanks so much, Linda for having me today!!!

craft book from lina at fancy frugal life

As some of you know may know, I created a craft closet in my home last spring.

craft closet

It brought some exciting attention/press to Fancy Frugal Life.

lina's press

Three months ago we moved to Central California for my husband’s job and found a house with this “nook” area. It is located under the stairs and is a pass through from the living and dining room. To the left is the sliding door to the backyard.


A few months earlier I found this headboard on the curb of our old neighborhood and rescued it thinking I’d make it into a puppet theater or something creative for my kids. Well my husband had the genius idea of using it as craft space storage and together we made this space happen!

headboard before

After lots of priming, filing wholes, sanding, and white paint I got this result. My husband also shortened the piece by 6 inches. Yay for a hubby who knows power tools since I don’t! :)

headboard - before

When we went to Lowe’s to buy pegboard, they told us we could have anything for free in the scrap pile next to the saw!! There was a huge piece of pegboard and other wood in there! Whoohoo! So I painted the pegboard with Valspar Crystal Blue in satin.

painted peg board

We attached that to the back as well as a towel bar in the front of the cabinet.

pegboard lined book case

I bought some pegboard pins to hang craft supplies.

peg board storage

Also my husband framed a small strip of molding around the top of these inexpensive bookcases that used to be in the garage…It makes it look polished I think.

assemble craft nook - before

Here’s another before pic. So there are two inexpensive book cases on both ends of the cabinet, and then we built a counter coming out from the wall. I did buy a new cabinet from Lowe’s with square shelves to make a desk appearance.

primed and painted shelves

I primed and painted it.

shoe rack to craft storage

My husband made me this shoe organizer about 5 years ago and in this house the master closet isn’t big enough for it (which also meant two boxes of high heels from my previous office environment job gone!) Anyway, I painted this piece white as well. It makes great craft storage now!

craft nook tour - after

So what do you think of my free headboard, free wood, and thrift store painted items?! And who wants to come over and hang out in the craft nook? :)

lina signature

I’d love to have you visit me at Fancy Frugal Life :)

Thanks for showing off your craft nook, Lina! You did a fanatic job on it!

happy crafting,


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  1. 1
    Donnie W

    What creativity. That looks like a wonderful place to spend time.

  2. 2

    This gives me some inspiration. I am currently working on my craft space. My husband installed the cabinets and the peg board last night! I can’t wait until his part is done so I can organize and make it workable! I will be sharing on my blog when it is done! I love how crafty they were on incorporating existing and free items. Very clever!


  3. 3

    I’m always looking for ways to improve my craft room. You did a fantastic job. May I borrow it for awhile? You gave me ideas that I didn’t think of. I really like how bright and cheery everything looks and boy we need that when we’ve been in the craft room for hours. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful room. Shared on my FB page EMPV and pinned.

  4. 4

    Very nice DIY in a small space!

  5. 5
    donna c

    seriously brilliant! i absolutely love what you’ve created and “upcycling” is one of my favorite things to do!!

  6. 7
    Linda Reed

    I love your thrifty finds!! Now you have me wondering if I could do the same at my Lowe’s ;)

  7. 8

    You packed a lot into a small space! LOVE IT! I feel like I need a whole craft room – but this makes me rethink how to maximize a small space.

  8. 9
    Anita Langford

    Great job with the renovations. I am in the process of doing the same thing. New house with a large basement that my husband said I could convert to a craft room. Found a dark hutch at the Salvation Army for $15. It is taking a lot of paint to transform it to white. Actually the redecorating is so much fun.

  9. 10
    Shannah Mesaros

    This is so great! Beautiful as well as functional! My brain is spinning now with ideas to redo my space :) What is it that you have your ribbon spools hanging on above your sewing machine in the pic? I would really like something like that to organize all my ribbon! Thanks!

  10. 11

    Awesome work space! I love the blue peg board!

  11. 12

    Awesome work space! I love the blue peg board!

  12. 13

    Lina, Thanks for sharing your before and after craft nook tours. So amazing to see how you created such an inspiring space to craft away. You’ve inspired me to use my freebie headboards which look almost exactly like yours!! I can tell you have a flair for decor and design, too. And your name makes me smile, as I have a dear friend named Lina, too :) Happy crafting…

  13. 14

    Love it! The colors are awesome.