Craft Room Tour – Virginia at Fynes Designs

Happy Friday, Craftaholics! Today Virginia is here to share her bright and colorful craft room! She has lots of great storage and organization ideas! Enjoy! – Linda

craft room tour

fynes designs

Craft Room Tour

Hey Craftaholics! I am Virginia from Fynes Designs and I am so excited to be sharing my workspace with you! I’m a working from home mama with 2 wee ones, a small catering business, and a passion for all things crafty. Stop by for a visit and follow along with my DIY, craft, sewing, paper crafting, yarn raveling, and frugal adventures… everything you find (including this craft room) is done on a bitty budget!

My old space had to be converted to a bedroom, so I took a bit of money I saved up and built a new room in our basement. As you can imagine, building a room from scratch most of my budget was eaten up by drywall, flooring and fixtures, so the pretties are all thrifty finds and DIY. Please have a look…

crafting studio

sewing room

The way I have the room set up I can reach everything I need for a certain craft from one spot. When sewing, all my notions are in arms reach, my ironing board is close by and I just turn around and the cutting mat is right there, I really tried hard to create good working triangles.


sewing nook

The main thing I wanted in my new craft space was a home for each tool and supply. Pegboard was the answer. I reused it from my old space, but cut it up to make two areas. My brother used leftover baseboard pieces to create the frame around the large one and the smaller is in an old photo frame. My gallery is all DIY art and Instagram shots.

craft studio

Another great storage idea is my rolling cart repurposed from an old record player I found in my mothers attic. It holds all my scrapbooking paper and a few tools.

bakers twine

I am on the May Arts Ribbon design team, so I have a boatload of beautiful ribbons. Since VHS is obsolete finding this stand to convert into a storage rack wasn’t much trouble.

creative space

I have a great desk (also from my old space), it had to be cut in half to get it into the new room, so it got a fresh coat of paint that really brought it to life. I made it from a bank of drawers from the Home Depot, a cabinet from my sister’s kitchen Reno and a shelf I got for cheap because the top was busted. Then topped with a 4-x8 sheet of plywood and arborite.

craft work station

My hubby built the workbench from a plan I found on Pinterest. It is the perfect place for all my large tools and the drawers hold tons of accessories. The crates are from my aunt who had an apple orchard.

diy decor

When planning out my color scheme, MME came out with this this new collection and I immediately fell in love with the colors. Luckily I found mistint paint to coordinate!

craft supplies

Thanks for touring my craft room I hope you’ll join me on Facebook for more of my crafty ideas!


 Seriously in love with all the bright colors in Virginia’s room! Do you have a craft space you’d like to show off on Craftaholics Anonymous®, please email info{at}craftaholicsanonymous{dot}net. 

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  1. 1

    Wow…I love your craft space, your colors are so bright and fun!! I would so love to re-do mine!! I’m pinning it so I can refer back to it when and if I ever get going on mine. :)

  2. 2
    Gail Richard

    Virginia, what an absolutely colorful and bright room to craft in. It must be a joy to create in such a wonderful space. Love all your nifty organizational ideas. Happy crafting and thanks so very much for sharing your special space.

  3. 3

    Love that you paper craft and fabric craft. Thanks for sharing your sewing and crafting space :) Kathi

  4. 4
    Jeri Niksich

    Love your room especially the way you have utilized the peg boards, I have the stencil that you used on one of them to do my pantry and I’ll borrow your idea for my boring peg board.

  5. 5
    donna c

    wowowowowow! Definitely one of my favorite rooms you’ve showcased! So light and bright and organized!!!

  6. 6

    so nice work room

  7. 7

    This is a fantastic space! I love your wall organizers. You’ve been able to get a lot of stuff out where you can see it without cluttering up your space. I am an organizer fiend and you’ve thought of things I haven’t, so I really applaud you and you creativity. Fantastic!

  8. 8
    gina o.

    What an amazing space you have…..I need the secret to how you minimize all your craft supplies…..mine could never look this great as I have way too much! lol Thanks for sharing and happy crafting in your beautiful space.


  9. 9

    Love all the whimsical touches, they make the space so personal and I love your web name! Awesome job on your space!

  10. 10

    Wow, I am jealous, her craft room looks amazing!

  11. 11

    Love the color combo, it’s just sooo cute and girly.

  12. 12
    Nicole Stone

    I have lived in my new house for almost a year, and I’m still not done organizing my craft room. It is rooms like yours that give me the inspiration I need. Great job, looks amazing!

  13. 13
    Monet Lee

    What a gorgeous room! Makes me optimistic about what can be created :-)

  14. 15
    Janae Melo Loya

    Cute ideas!!

  15. 16

    wow…what an awesome room! great job with the color choice.