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I’m excited to bring back our Craft Room Tours series! We’re starting off with Brandy from the blog, Gluesticks sharing her lovely crafting space with us today. She has lots of fantastic storage ideas that will definitely inspire you! Enjoy! -Linda

gluesticks blog craft room tour

Gluesticks Craft Room Tourgluesticks blog craft room tour

Hi everyone! I’m Brandy from Gluesticks and welcome to my home office/craft room/guest room! Yep, it has a lot of functions.


Originally this room was going to be our guest room, but then we realized that we don’t have family come see us often, so I decided to not buy a bed, but create a space with room for a queen size air mattress when needed. I placed the furniture against the walls and will pull out the ottoman box under the window when we use the  air mattress. There is plenty of clearance in front and space in front of the closet and walking space around the sides. It isn’t a very roomy guest room, but we had to maximize the functions and prioritize in this small space.

(details on my message board here.)

My room is a mixture of old and new. Repurposed and purchased. The sewing machine stand and printer stand were both headed to the trash when I decided to give them another life. You can find details on that project here.

Most of the accessories were purchased from IKEA and Pick Your Plum. The white bookshelf is also from IKEA.


My greatest challenge was storing all of my creative supplies AND still being able to have room for a guest bed, when necessary. The solution to that challenge was my Craft Box . It has solved so many organizational issues for me! Not only is it a beautiful piece of furniture, it transforms into a home office/craft space with just a few clicks.

storage box craft box

I can store all of my sewing notions and supplies as well as my craft necessities. When I am not crafting or sewing, I can use my table for my home office. When I’m done, I close it all off and it looks like a beautiful armoire.craft room storage

My storage solutions are constantly evolving. My craft box will not evolve. It’s functions will remain the same. However, this storage cube came from IKEA, along with the boxes. These are great because they are inexpensive (2 for $10), large, and hold my fabric! BUT…as the months have passed (and it’s been a year since I decorated this room) I am realizing that I am accumulating way too much fabric. I am going to have to either buy more boxes and take over the rest of the cubes and maybe the top of the book case as well, or come up with another organizational solution for my fabric.

kids crafting room

Recently we added a kid’s area to our room. They were starting to use my CraftBox a bit more than I liked and needed their own space. They love their Jack and Jill desk and it has solved all of our needs as far as kids storage and a work space for them.

craft room tour with brandy at gluesticks blog

Thanks for looking at our creative area! Come visit me at Gluesticks for recipes, kids activities, crafts and more! Every woman needs an outlet, Gluesticks is mine!

Thanks for sharing with us, Brandy! Love the kid area too. 

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  1. 1

    OMGosh! I have always wanted a scrapbox (boy could I give that baby a workout! although I am skeptical it could keep my room that clean! LOL) but now I am wanting that Jack and Jill desk for my little girl who is as avid a crafter as her Mommy!! She is constantly drawing and switches her medium to do so frequently so this would be awesome for her! TFS I had never seen the Jack and Jill desk before!

  2. 2

    So creative! I’ve tried to click the link to the desk and her page, and it says both not found.