7 Tips for Backyard Entertaining

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7 Tips for Backyard Entertaining. Good, practical ideas and advice!

With the summer holidays coming up, it’s time to plan ahead and get ready for outdoor entertaining! My family loves spending time in our backyard whether it’s eating a picnic lunch, playing games, or entertaining friends. We find ourselves out there a lot! I recently got our deck and yard all ready for the summer season and thought it would be a good time to share my Top 7 Tips for Backyard Entertaining.

7 Tips for Backyard Entertaining

TIKI® brand torches are great for outdoor entertaining!

1. Use flowers to add pops of color. I love using an assortment of colorful flowers to brighten up our space. To add a little extra character, use colorful pots to plant them in.

2. Use throw pillows on the chairs/seating. I don’t know about you, but most patio furniture is not comfy! Adding some throw pillows to the mix can turn those hard chairs into a more inviting place to sit and lounge.

3. Incorporate a strand of lights or lanterns into your space. Having another source of light is always helpful for any type of gathering. I prefer decorative lights so that if the gathering is done during the day, the lights double as a decoration. As you can see, I strung colorful mini lantern lights in my umbrella. These are pretty during the day and add a little extra light and atmosphere at night.

TIKI® brand fire sculpture. Such a cool fire feature!

4. Add a fire feature to your space. A fire adds so much atmosphere and dimension to any outdoor living area! In the corner of my deck is the TIKI® brand Antigua Fire Sculpture. I got this Fire Sculpture last year and we have thoroughly enjoyed this handsome fire feature! {you can see my video of the fire sculpture here.} It is perfect for both day or night entertaining.

Great tips to backyard entertaining and parties!

5. Invest in mosquito repelling products. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a delicious meal hot off the grill….to have a mosquito buzz your ear….and then swat hundreds of pesky mosquitos between each bite. This year I lined my deck with TIKI Brand OFF!™/BiteFighter® Multi-Use Torches. I like how you can use these torches in several ways all around your yard to accommodate your entertaining needs. Fill your torches with TIKI Brand OFF!®/BiteFighter® Torch Fuel which has a cedar and citronella oil formula which has proven mosquito repellency. This combo creates a great barrier for mosquitos.

mosquito repelling torch fuel

6. Make sure there is shade. It’s never fun to sit in the hot sun and roast while at a party! Use an umbrella, garden tent, or gazebo to create shade for your guests. A sunburn is never a fun party favor!

outdoor entertaining tips for summer7. Want to make your outdoor cushions and throw pillows last longer? Keep them inside and only put them outside when you plan to use them. The sunshine and rain can be really hard on fabrics, even ones that are meant for outdoor use. Spray your cushions and pillows with a waterproofing product and store them in a closet close to your outdoor living space. This will help your cushions last longer and prevent fun moldy surprises. {yes, I speak from experience!}

I hope you get outside and enjoy some outdoor entertaining this summer!

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    Beautiful space. Thanks for the tips. Happy Monday to you!

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    Chelle Chapman

    Great tips! We LOVE to spend time outdoors in the evenings, playing Yahtzee or Scrabble. We have been talking about some sort of torches but weren’t familiar w/ any so not sure which ones to get. NOW the decision has been made. Thank you for another informative post!! Off to check out Tiki now.

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    These are some great tips. I love entertaining outside. Your deck is decorated so cute!

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