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Burlap Fall Wreath TUTORIAL

Fall Wreath

interchangeable wreathHappy friday, crafters! Hope you are ready for a nice long holiday weekend. We sure are!! We’re headed to a beach house in the outer banks for a week. i’m so excited!!! ANYWAYS, here’s how I made this gorgeous fall wreath using burlap and a few other supplies! This wreath is easy to make and the flowers can easily be changed out for different embellishments for future holidays. You can make it an interchangeable wreath to be reused for other holidays! Saving you time AND money!

How to Make a Fall Wreath


  • wreath form
  • 1/3 yard burlap to cover the wreath
  • scraps of 3 different colors of burlap {i get mine at Joann’s}
  • 3 alligator clips
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • buttons {i used the half dome metal craft buttons found in the notions section}
  • scraps of fabric

How to Make an Interchangeable Burlap Wreath….

1. Cut your burlap into 2.5″ inch strips. {check out this great tutorial on the secret to cutting burlap straight}

2. Take one burlap strip and hot glue one end to the wreath form.

{note: depending on your color of burlap, you may need to paint your wreath form. my wreath form is black because i thought that would be less noticeable than white behind tan burlap. the black looks like a shadow and you can’t even see it in the final product}

3. Wrap burlap around the wreath form, overlapping the previous burlap, and glue every couple wraps. When you get to the end of the strip, hot glue the end to the wreath form and then start the next strip over the end of the previous and continue wrapping.

4. This is what your wreath should look like all covered in burlap.

5. Cut three 1″ strip of burlap to wrap around your wreath form and is slightly loose.

6. Place a thin line of hot glue along one end of each strip and press the other end of the small strip over. Make sure that the strip doesn’t get attached to the burlap that is wrapped around the wreath form. You want this strip to be unattached so that you can move it up and down the wreath. Glue on the remaining 2 small strips of burlap the same way.

7. This is what your wreath should look like with the 3 slightly lose small strips in place. See how you can slip the alligator clips under the strips? Now you’ll add your flowers to those clips…..and then clip the flowers in place! The smaller strips blend in with the wreath, but make it easy to change up your wreath for different seasons or holidays.

{sorry for the blurry pic.}

 How to make Burlap Flowers….

flowers made with burlapNow for these perky little flowers that make this fall wreath fabulous!

8. make templates like these shown above for your flower petals. *I tried to scan this in so that I could share it with you, but my scanner broke. UGH!! i’m so sorry! I’ll keep trying though*

9. Each burlap flower will need 3 petals from 2 sizes. {6 total petal pieces=1 flower as shown above} for the green and brown flowers on my wreath, I used the small and medium sized petals and for the orange flower {center flower} I used medium and large petals.

TIP: you want your burlap to be completely flat for best affect for the flowers. if your burlap has creases or is wrinkled, use a hot iron to flatten it. {just be careful not to leave the iron in one spot for very long}

10. Using your glue gun, fold over both sides at the center of each petal piece and glue in place. this makes the petals perk up.

11. Hot glue the 3 petal pieces of the same size together as shown. making two flowers with 6 petals. Then stack them to make a flower with 12 petals and glue in place.

12. Cover your buttons with fabric. With the craft button that i used, it comes with a little gadget that you layer the fabric, then the metal button, and then it helps you squish all the fabric around and push the back in place to hold everything together.

But you could very easily hot glue fabric around an actual button.

13. Hot glue your fabric covered buttons to the centers of each flower.

14. Hot glue an alligator clip to the back of each flower. To do that, place a thin line of glue on the back of the flower, open the alligator clip and place one prong of the clip in the glue. hold the clip open until the glue has cooled and set. {about 10 seconds or so, depending on the heat of your glue gun}

15. Clip your burlap flowers to the small loose strips on your wreath. and you’re done!

*the beauty of this wreath’s set up, is you can adjust the strips to tweek the placement of your flowers! oh and that you can change out the flowers for something else for the next holiday. love a transitional wreath! and its different from other transitional wreaths with velcro, because you can move it around to adjust for different types of embellishments. *

Hope you like my fall wreath! I absolutely love it!

happy crafting,


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  1. 51
    Leah says:

    Any luck on scanning the template?

  2. 52

    Love this wreath!!! Especially because it’s interchangeable! Thanks for the great inspiration!!!

  3. 53
    Danielle says:

    I LOVE THAT WREATH!!!!! I’m making it this weekend! Been gathering supplies and I’ve been itching to make a summery wreath! I’ll just change these colors around a bit to showcase summertime and I”ll be all set! I’ve seriously looked through hundreds of wreaths on pinterest and I love yours!! Great job! And great tutorial!

  4. 54
    Alicia M Johnson says:

    What size of wreath form is used? I’m going to do this for a group craft. Would the rolls of burlap ribbon work? Or is it better to buy regular fabric in reams?


  5. 55
    Jennifer says:

    Have you been able to scan the template yet? These flowers are so cute!

  6. 56
    luisa says:

    this is beautiful

  7. 57
    Tara Carroll says:

    This is so great! Love how you can change it up throughout the year! I featured this today on my blog! I know so many others will love making this! Great tutorial!!

    Salt and Pepper Moms


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