Simple Fall Wreath

Happy Monday! We made it back from the beach and I am super excited about the fun crafts I have planned for you this week! First up is my new Fall Wreath. It is very elegant and easy to make! Plus, I love how I can simply change the ribbon for different holidays. {yep, you’ll probably see more of this wreath with different holiday variations}

Elegant Fall Wreath

fall wreath

This wreath on my black front door could almost pass for a Halloween wreath! Not sure if the pearls are very Halloween-y…. What do you think??

This year I wanted to do a very elegant wreath. Last year’s fall wreath was rather casual, so I decided to go a different route this year.

Autumn Wreath

autumn wreath

As you’ve probably noticed, I like simple, easy wreaths. I love the texture of the pearls on this wreath. I used a Styrofoam wreath form that has a boxy shape instead of rounded. I think the square shape will hold the pearls better and makes the wreath more defined looking.

To Make this Wreath: I simply hot glued exactly 6.5 bags of cheap 10mm pearls on 3 sides of the wreath form. {I estimate it took about 1300 pearls} I got s system going and had the glue gun in one hand and then with my other hand, I would glue 2-3 pearls at a time. It did take a couple hours, but went a lot faster with this system. After I was done gluing on the pearls, I used this awesome trick to get rid of the hot glue strings. {works like a charm every time! just be careful not to do it for too long or you could loosen your pearls} Then I used a thick orange ribbon to hang the wreath on my front door.

Simply change the color of the ribbon for other holidays! such an easy, no-fuss wreath that does double duty for more holidays!


So what do you think? Too elegant for Fall or just right??

Have you made your fall wreath yet? If so, tell me about it! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

happy crafting,


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Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 1

    Love the pearls! And no – it isn’t to elegant for fall. I think it is just right! Love the versatility!

  2. 2

    I love the wreath, and it would work well for all the holidays!

  3. 3

    It’s halloween chic, you know what it reminds of a candy corn and it really looks goods agents the black door. I like it. Thanks for sharing, God bless.

  4. 4
    Kristin V

    Very pretty. Where did you buy the pearls? Do they have holes in them or not?

    1. 4.1

      Hi Kristin,
      I bought the 10mm pearls at Joanns in the jewelry section. They are the cheap ones that come in large bags. Yes, they do have holes in them, but I tried to glue them so the holes were on the sides. But even the ones that did end up with the hole on the front, you don’t even notice them!
      hope this helps!
      happy crafting,

  5. 5

    So pretty! I was so proud of myself this weekend for making my first fall wreath :)

  6. 7

    I love it!! I can really see it with a red ribbon on it for Christmas. I need to go find a wreath form and some pearls stat!!

  7. 8
    Amanda Carpenter

    I love it!!!!!!

  8. 9

    So….random question that has nothing to do w/ the wreath.

    What color is the trim of your front door? I have been wanted to paint the door to our condo black. But our trim is all white. Also, is the inside of your front door also black?

    ps-I love the wreath & plan to make one now that I saw yours!

    1. 9.1

      Hi Coco,
      The trim is Behr’s basic white paint. And no, the inside of our black front door is white, for now :) Thanks for stopping by!
      happy crafting,

  9. 10
    Michelle S

    What size pearls are they? Thanks! Gorgeous wreath to use year round or even gift!

    1. 10.1

      Hi Mcihelle,
      They are 10mm. I forgot to put that in my post! oops! Going to do that right now. Thanks for stopping by!
      happy crafting,

  10. 11

    It’s pretty, but too elegant for my simple, earthy home. I love the idea though, and will be looking from some cheap wood beads to see if that will work with a less shiny, maybe fall color plaid bow.

  11. 12

    Beautiful! It would be fantastic for New Year’s with an ice blue or silver ribbon, too…

  12. 13
    Cindy Wilson

    I have been looking for a large bag of the pearls for quite some time now. I believe that it would make a beautiful Xmas wreath. But I want them for ornaments.

  13. 14

    LOVE! I want to do this for my apartment, and make one for my boyfriend’s sister’s apt!! Although, approximately how long did this take? I’m a college kid with little-to-no time.

    1. 14.1

      Hi Bethany,
      It took about 3 hours to glue the pearls onto the wreath. I got a system going where one hand held the glue gun and glued while the other hand was applying 2-3 pearls at a time. Went pretty fast when I got that down. But definitely watch tv or do something while you’re gluing! lol Thanks for stopping by!
      happy crafting,

  14. 16

    Wow! All those pearls one by one? You are brave, I could not have the nerve. Looks awesome!

  15. 18
    Whitney Baze

    I MUST find these bags of pearls! Our dollar store recently has a bunch of flat wreaths…ao obviously, I bought more than I needed…

    1. 18.1

      lol awesome!! I got my pearls at Joanns. They are the cheap ones that come in large quantities in the jewelry section. Thanks for stopping by!
      happy crafting,

  16. 19

    Your wreath is SO Elegant!!! Love it! Pinning it!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original linky party is open.

  17. 21

    Your wreath is absolutely gorgeous! (Especially against the black door!) I’m going to have to make one myself – but my door is white, so I might have to use different colored beads. Thanks for sharing!!

  18. 22

    Hi there,
    The wreath is really pretty and being able to reuse it is great. For Halloween it is maybe too pretty. But you could easily take this to Glamoween status. Add a dollar store black glittery candle-abra to the center or maybe a really sparkly spider made of beads dangling in the center from the bow as if it is its web and all the pearls are egg sacs (that is one busy spider)
    Or maybe add a couple of those black roses up by the orange bow made from shiny black duct tape.
    I think you are on the right track just push your idea a little farther. Great inspiration.

  19. 23

    I. Just. Love. This!!!
    I’m running to the craft store–tomorrow–so I can make it this weekend.
    I love it!!

  20. 25

    This is super elegant, Linda. Very pretty! I love how easy it is to change out the ribbon to use it all year long. Thank you for the tutorial – just linked over from Crafts ‘n Coffee.

  21. 26

    Love it, looks great! so stylish, and so convenient since you can change the color of the ribbon with the season!

  22. 28

    I love this wreath, where exactly did you find the wreath? What kind of wreath foam did you get? I can only seem to find the Floracraft Styrofoam Wreath. Does anyone know if you can hot glue beads onto that type of wreath?

    1. 28.1

      Hi Lucy,
      You can find the boxy wreath forms at Michales and I think Joanns carries them too, but not 100% sure. You should be able to use a floracraft form, but the hot glue may not stick as well. Hope this helps!
      happy crafting,

  23. 29

    Ohh I thought it was styrofoam and you could use pins with beads on the end already and just stick them in.

  24. 30

    I thought this was beautiful. I have a dark red colored front door and I wanted a fall wreath that would stand out. thank you

  25. 31
    Darcy Chloe-Reagan

    Great idea and I will be making one this weekend with a few of my kids. Thanks for sharing!

  26. 32

    Luv your pearl idea. It is so simple and elegant. For your Christmas wreath, I think a slightly darker red bow or more blue/red bow would look much more elegant than the bright orange/red color. Crimson bows are very elegant for Christmas, especially if they are gold or silver trimmed.

    It would be fun to do a wreath in rows of different colored pearls, such as grey, rose and cream, all the soft pearl colors. It reminds me of a wedding or garden tea.

    I have a wreath that is a twisted vine wreath that in the past I have left it on the door all year then changed out the flowers and decorations to match the season. So many holidays and occasions to change the decor.

  27. 33

    I’ve been at this wreath for two weeks now.. The store I bought the pearls from didn’t have enough pearls and had to order them from another store and it’s been a long process to get enough for the whole wreath.. But now I am on the last side but the pearls are not lining up the way I want.. I started from the inside and am working my way out but now I am second guessing myself.. How did you start laying the pearls down?

    1. 33.1

      It does take awhile to glue all those pearls on for sure! I think I started on the outside and worked my way around and then did the inside. My pearls don’t line up exactly, and you can’t tell. I wouldn’t worry unless you have huge gaps without pearls.

  28. 34

    !!!Very elegant!!!!