I wanted let everyone know that I am withdrawing from the SYTYC competition. Someone accused me of turning it into a popularity contest after I asked my readers to simply cast their vote in this week’s challenge. I had thought very carefully about my wordage, but I guess it somehow came out wrong and offended someone. That was not my intention at all!! The voting had just barely started and it was anybody’s game and so I was encouraging my readers to vote. 
I am so very sorry to anyone that I offended or upset. I sincerely did not mean to. I wish all the other talented crafters in the competition good luck and wish you each the very best. You are all great girls and it’s been fun competing with you.

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Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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    If I can offer a bit of advice from what I've learned from my husband who also runs a successful Web site… stay true to your passion and don't let those types of comments/feedback influence you. You know your heart, you know the direction you are heading with this blogging/craft career, and all those other naysayers can hit the road. Try not to let them influence you. The more success you achieve and the popular you get the more criticism you can count on. And as you can see from your supporters… we wish you all the best this Web world can bring you!

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    I say the craftiest person wins (by any means necessary!) I don't think you should've dropped out, just because SOMEONE ELSE got offended. You can't help who gets offended by what you say, but you can help what you say. I think you should re-enter (if you still can), and let the voters decide!! I think your stuff is great!

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    Farmgirl Chaos

    That's the point of a blog…to show off all that you do, and share your talents with others. It's your blog, you do what you want to do. I have never heard of that site until you mentioned it awhile back, and I love seeing all the projects.
    I hope that you will think about entering in to future contests.
    I never thought of it as a popularity contest. Just an contest that showcases awesome projects! And it reminds me of grade school days again…where one rotten person can ruin it for everyone. Hopefully that person realized how many people they hurt by making that comment…including you.
    Keep up all the great work and projects that you do. I come to your site because I like what you do.

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    Some people are just so childish. Everyone asks for votes on different things all of the time. You did nothing wrong & you make amazing projects. Someone must have been jealous.

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    I can't imagine what you said that upset someone! You didn't reveal which craft was yours, you just encouraged people to vote. I followed SYTYC round one, and ALL the crafters did that! You're still on my reader, and I can't wait to see what crafts you have coming!

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    You should continue to out craft the complainer, I adored all your crafts and continue to keep coming back daily for more inspiration. I am so upset someone has said this, but they must be insecure about themselves.

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    I am so sorry! Boo on them. You're awesome anyway!

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    Like everyone else I am sorry to hear that you are withdrawing. You are very talented and I always look forward to see the new stuff you come up with!!

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    Amanda K

    People can be so mean and so harsh. If you have created something and are proud of it you should want to win – that is sad that someone would say something so cruel and ruin something so fun. Keep your chin up and keep crafting up all your cute ideas and try not to let whoever it was ruin your day.

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    Erin A

    Boo, I'm sorry that you are leaving!! I love your stuff and was enjoying seeing what you were coming up with under the theme guidelines!

    My husband is a college professor, and often does lectures at conferences and things as well. (In Biblical Studies-now there is something people get easily offended by.) For every one person who is offended, there are usually a hundred who didn't think anything of it. Seriously. No matter how careful your wording or good your intentions are, someone will always be offended, and it normally has to do with their own issues, not you.

    Hope you let this roll off your back! You're great. Plus, how would anyone have known which craft was yours to vote for anyway? Geeze!

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    kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter

    Linda, I was so sad to read that you're withdrawing from SYTYC! I don't know what the commenter said, but I don't think you should let that get under your skin. ALL of us are encouraging our blog readers to head to SYTYC and cast their votes each week. Heck, I think Missy would be disappointed if we didn't do that — after all, the more people we send to her blog then the more successful it is. I wish you'd reconsider your decision.

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    Frugal Home Design

    That is a bummer. Just because you ask them to vote–doesn't mean they were going to vote for you. I'm sorry you feel you have to withdrawl. Keep your head up.

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    Hey girl. I had a mean comment in my inbox this morning too saying they knew which craft was mine and it's not up to par! It was really rude. That's why I have comment moderation on. So people can leave comments if they don't have accounts (like my mom) but I can weed out the meanies. I don't get it. I have had several of them since I started blogging. Like really…mind your own business. Live your own life…hang in there.

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    Who cares if you stepped on someones toes! They need to suck it up and worry about themselves. What makes the world go round? Tackiness, rude people, people who are jealous, and who helps make this world go round, we do, honest hard working people who aren't in it for fame or fortune, but for fun!
    Get back in there girl!! Don't let one person who didn't win get you down!!!
    Obviously you get your votes from readers who think that your talented not because you {DIDN'T} say go vote for ME!!
    Hopefully you will rethink it!

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    i'm sorry to see you withdraw. i hope you know there are so many people who love and admire what you do.

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    Hmmm, I think you are probably just intimidating to them. So sad when we get so competitive with one another… I mean, I know it was a competition, but in the world of creativity I'd like to think that there would be more comraderie than that.

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    sweet limes

    That's totally ignorant. I followed the last creative batch and no one ever accused them of turning it into a popularity contest and they said the same thing each and every week and some of them were even asking their readers to guess which item was theirs. How is asking people to vote wrong? It's sad someone had to go and ruin a fun thing for you who are contributing and those os us following along and loving what you guys come up with.

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    The Garners

    I just wanted you to know that I just discovered your blog a couple days ago. I loved what I saw…and was super pleased to follow your suggestion and check out the contest as well. (which I wasn't familiar with either) I hopped over there and voted on the one I liked. (I have no idea whether it was yours or not)

    Just want to say that your little mention got me to follow that contest and any contestants that I have now discovered as well. Seems to me that's a great way to advertise what they're doing. And it worked, in my case.

    I understand your decision, but want you to know I will now be a follower of your wonderful creative blog. Thank you.

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    WHAT???? what happened? Dont withdraw, remember this is just a fun contest, just remember that. I have LOVED everything you have submitted. Just keep going with it, I dont even know which one you are talking about. Remember there are always people who write the meanest things, dont let it get to you. I was really discouraged when someone thought I was trying to sway votes with my 'sweat pea' purse thinking it had something to do with my blog, and it really was nothing like that it had green polka dot fabric with a flower outside….ahem sweat pea.

    I know this is a novel, but I think you NEED to continue on, more people are inspired by your cute things, dont let those few rude people win!!!!!

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    Okay as I am reading comments on this post….I wonder is this really because you told you readers on your blog to vote? I do the same thing…doesnt everyone? I guess Im totally confused as to how someone was upset about that? how else is the contest supposed to be supported?

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    Just Rhonda

    Well that sucks!!!! Too bad you had to withdraw!! Your stuff rocks!

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    Don't let someone that felt like they couldn't get the votes keep you out!!

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    The Fifes

    BOOOOOO is right – you can't help it if your creativity and taste is so awesome!

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    Linda, I'm so sorry to hear you've had to deal with this. You were such a joy to have in the competition and I always looked forward to your submissions each week!! You will be missed, friend!
    -Sarah from Create Studio

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    The Robinson Bunch

    ok you are so TOTALLY AWESOME! and anyone that would accuse you of such a thing is just mean, mean, mean!!! you ROCK and are so talented and I'm so annoyed that someone would make you feel that way! sorry about that and I hope you know you are awesome!….Tiffany.

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    Esther L.

    I came over after reading Kristin's comment on Peapod Creations. I'm so sorry that you received negative comments. You shouldn't withdraw. I love looking at SYTYC and all of the amazing creations. Please have faith that there are more positive people wanting to see you succeed than there are negative people. Good luck and I hope you choose to stay in the competition.

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    Kelly O.

    shame on them for twisting your words!
    there are scads of bloggers which encourage people to just "go vote" when there is a competition they are aware of or in….
    we don't know which of the craftiness is yours so how can we just "vote" for you!
    you are so talented I hate to see you leave!

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    I am SO sad that you have had to deal with rude comments. You have so many GREAT ideas please don't let them discourage you.

  29. 79

    I've been following the SYTYC competition from the beginning and almost all the participants encourage their followers to participate in the competition. I'm sorry you felt you had to drop out because someone else couldn't take a little competition.

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    The SYTYC contest is losing out without you, Linda. We love you and I'm especially sad that someone else's extreme rudeness and immaturity has tainted such a fun event.

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    The Busy Butler Family

    Oh Linda – some people are SO ridiculous! So many of the crafters from session 1 reminded their readers weekly to go vote on their favorite SYTYC craft. Please don't go! I love seeing what you come up with each week and think you've done such an amazing job so far!

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    Miss Megan

    That was super lame of them! If you had not posted about the SYTYC competition i would have never heard of it! We love you!