Thanksgiving Table Ideas #ScotchEXP

Thanksgiving table ideas

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Thanksgiving Table Ideas

With Thanksgiving right around the corner {next week!!!}, its time to start planning that Thanksgiving Tablescape! And if you’re looking for some easy ideas to give your Turkey Day Tablescape a personal touch, I have some great and very easy ideas for you today using Scotch® Expressions Tape!

Washi Tape Twist Ties Napkin Rings

washi tape twist ties  Use some decorative tape to create easy napkin rings! I love how you can make these washi tape twist ties fit your napkin, no matter how big or small it is. And it holds the napkin in the shape you folded it in. Double whammy! Oh, and did I mention they’re super easy to make?!

washi tape twist tie All you need is Scotch® Expressions Tape, thin craft wire, scissors, and pinking shears {optional}.

how to make washi tape twist ties How to Make Washi Tape Twist Ties: 

Cut your wire into 9″ long strips with the scissors. Then sandwich the wire between 2-10″ strips of tape and press together. Trim off the excess with pinking shears to give them a decorative edge, if you want.

These twist ties can be reused for other things like favors or to tie up plastic bags filled with Thanksgiving leftovers to send home with your guests!
Easy Thanksgiving Name Card ideas
thanksgiving table setting Turn a gourd or mini pumpkin into a name card! harvest table setting Simple wrap a small piece of Scotch® Expressions Magic tape around the stem and then use a marker to write the name on the tape. You can use pinking shears or decorative scissors to give the edge a little extra jazz.

More Thanksgiving Name Card Ideas

washi tape name cards  Use an assortment of decorative tapes to decorate name cards for your guests. The cool thing about Scotch® Expressions tape is you can write on it easily. Makes it easy to handwrite names on the cards for a personal touch. {you can use this awesome trick for faking fancy handwriting!}  name cardthanksgiving name card I hope this has inspired you to add some personal touches to your Thanksgiving Day tablescape! Its really easy to do and adds a lot of character to your Thanksgiving Table.

How are you using decorative tapes this Thanksgiving?

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    How awesome! I love the tape, and the mini pumpkins (I think that’s what they are). This is perfect!

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