Silhouette or Cricut

silhouette or cricut

Silhouette or Cricut

Have you ever wondered…..

Silhouette vs. Cricut. Which digital cutting tool should I get?”

This is such a hot topic! And one of the most popular questions asked on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook page! Want to hear what your fellow crafters are saying about these 2 crafting tools? Read about the differences and what 47 of your fellow crafters are saying about them. This is a must read post!

*Please note, this post is taken from 3 different Facebook posts on Craftaholics Anonymous. You can find the different threads here: Thread #1, Thread #2, and Thread #3.

  1. “(Silhouette) Cameo! LOVE it, don’t have to deal with cartridges and the software I found to be very easy.” – Heidi P.
  2. Hands down Cameo… Haven’t touched my Cricut since I got my cameo. It’s intimidating all the things you can do at first, but you are only limited by your creativity and willingness to learn how to use the program to create what you want. Good luck and the sky is the limit!” – Julie L.
  3. “I have an older Cricut and although it works great, it’s hard to pay $35-$40 (on sale) for a cartridge only to want to use a few designs from it. I only have a few carts and it stinks. And most blogs focus on the Cricut Imagine, so unless you have that plus the specific cartridge you’re pretty much left in the dust as to ideas for projects. I would love a Cameo, it’s my understanding it will cut any font or dingbat you have on your computer. That alone makes it well worth the initial investment.” – Tracy S.
  4. I was a cricut girl. After wasting much expensive paper I looked into the cameo. Once I found out I could finally cut a real circle – I was SOLD! I also LOVE that I can cut all that thin paper I bought when I didn’t know better and it doesn’t tear one little bit! I have not touched one of my cricuts since my cameo…” – Sherry M.
  5. “CAMEO CAMEO CAMEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a small cricut and sold it as soon as my hubby said yes to the Cameo!! HE even loves it!! Working on t-shirts with vinyl for his running club now!! :)” – Beth H.
  6. Skip the circut and get a silhouette cameo! Before you know it you will have $300+ wrapped up in cartridges for the cricut.” – Lisa B.
  7. “Get the Silhouette- much more versatility with using the internet for various projects. I own a Cricut E2 and now wish I had one” – Colette C.
  8. “Cameo! Or even the Silhouette SD if you don’t want a big one. You can buy them used since most users are upgrading to cameo.” – Rebecca P.
  9. “I just sold my silhouette sd so I know they are out there. I upgraded to the cameo and I am so happy I did. Lots and lots of places to find free images to cut online, and you can get a free image every week. That’s at least $52 savings a year and the minimum. Not going to get that with a cricut. That’s old technology, and will soon just be a paperweight.” – Alis P.
  10. “I would get the Silhouette Cameo. It doesn’t use cartridges, can cut any font you own, and there are so many awesome files online that are affordable (many are free).” – Mandee J.
  11. I personally have a Cricut Create that can do everything the Expressions can do only up to 5.5 inches. If you want the most versatile machine go with a Silhouette Cameo. I have one of those also and love that the cuts are more precise and cleaner than what the Cricut can do. It also can cut from .5 inches to 12 inches.” – Carri B.
  12. “Looks like you don’t need my two cents–I agree with everyone else–have a Cameo and LOVE IT!!!!!” – Lisa M.
  13. ” I have Cameo, and I can tell you it’s very versatile and you have only the cost of the machine, after, the shapes are inexpensieve, no more dies or cartridges, and you can even use shapes taken from LD, My graphico, Cutting cafe….I love my cameo, it’s a wonderful scrap pal :) The only problem I can find in her is that she cuts only paper and cardstock, bazzill….not chipboard or felt or other materials” – Ufo P.
  14. “Cameo, hands down. If you want to see projects or talk to lots of cameo users I’m in a group called The Happy Sil Site, come see us! :)” – Diana Y.
  15. “I only have the Cricut mini but I would agree with getting the Cameo! I bought the Cricut because it was less than half the cost of the Cameo and I got it on hsn and was able to make 4 payments. But if you have the $$$, go with the Cameo. I will say that I do love my Cricut mini but get frustrated seeing what my Cameo friends can cut out for free!” – Elizabeth S.
  16. “Cameo! You only need an internet connection to download new images, not to access the ones you already have. You can also store your image files on an SD memory card and leave the laptop at home, if needed.” – Jolene T.
  17. I sold my cricut to get a (silhouette) cameo. MUCH more flexibility. IMO, the only advantage a cricut has is if you want to be able to travel with it and not need a computer… if you want to create detailed designs, it’s gotta be the cameo.” – Lisa P.
  18. I have the knk zing, was going to get the cameo but the zing, engraves, embosses and can even cut wood! Uses make the cut software which comes with the machine, so no extra outlay. Love it, check out the you tube vids. Support I have had has been fantastic, even offers if phone calls to talk me through trying new things. I Love it!” – Mel L.
  19. “Sihouette Cameo!!! I’ve been using it for Rhinestone templates. Tons of templates to buy online and easy to design and create your own!!” – Cindy B.
  20. “I would say you should get a cameo. I only have a silhouette and when i get the $$ I’m getting a cameo myself.” – Joanne R.
  21. “Don’t be a Cricut. Buy a Silhouette Cameo. A lot more versatility. With the Cricut, you are limited to the cartridges you buy. The Cameo you can use any font/clipart you have. It’s more bang for the buck. A much better investment.” – Esther R.
  22. “DO NOT buy a Cricut, biggest waste of money ever, get a Cameo!!!” – Tara C.
  23. “Get the (Cricut) Expression or e2….you will surprised how much you want larger sizes…I am on my 2nd Cricut I had the basic model (used it so much it went to cricut heaven) and now have the (Cricut) Expression and love love love it” – Cher Z.
  24. “First of all, I would NOT buy a Cricut. The Cricut machine requires you to buy expensive cartridges. I would suggest you look into a Silhouette machine. Silhouette has a small cutting machine and a larger one called the Silhouette Cameo (they may be phasing out sales of the smaller machine now that the Cameo is on the market, but I’m not sure about that). The machine comes with its own design software, plus you can save images found online, trace them with the provided software, and cut the images with the Silhouette. No expensive cartridges to buy and lots more options to be creative.” Debbie W.
  25. “I have to vote for a Silhouette as well but you can find used Cricuts for fairly cheap on Craigslist or eBay sometimes.” Sara B.
  26. “I have the Cricut Expression and spent lots of money on cartridges and the Gypsy to layout designs for cutting, and still only ended up with about 3 fonts to choose from. What a waste! I now ALSO have a Silhouette Cameo and find that it services most of my needs. I never plug in the Cricut anymore. The Cameo allows you to cut ANY font already installed on your computer (and there’s LOTS of FREE fonts out there for the taking)! I haven’t mastered how to import shapes yet but know the functionality is there. You can also purchase individual shapes/pics from the Silhouette Online store, most for only $.99 ea. There’s also a FREE shape of the week that I make sure I go get to help build my library. DEFINITELY GO with the CAMEO!!” – Renee G.
  27. “I have a Cricut, it works fine for vinyl, but I WISH I had a silhouette instead” – Aimee W.
  28. “I another advocate for the silhouette cameo. So easy to use even for the computer illiterate like me and much more versatile.” – Sue F.
  29. “SILHOUETTE hands down! I make everything with it and totally saved me money go with cameo totally worth if :)” – Jesy A.
  30. “I would go for the Silhouette Cameo…..I sold my Cricut when I bought my Cameo…..much better in my humble opinion.” – Ann W.
  31. “I have a cricut and I only use it once a year for my daughters bday. I bought it off of craigslist practically brand new….I hate it tho, I have a few good cartridges that work for what I need but I couldn’t imagine paying full price. I have the software to customize also but it’s not user friendly….next time it will be the cameo” – Kimberly C.
  32. The Cameo has a much cleaner cut and you can cut svgs so you don’t have to use expensive cartridges. But the blades and mats are much cheaper for the Cricut (than the Silhouette) and you can find them at craft stores.” -Rosa A.
  33. “The mats for a cricut can be used in the cameo. That is what I use.” -Becca O.
  34. With Cricut you have to buy a whole cartridge (about $60 each) just to get 1 shape you want, with Silhouette you can use pretty much any image online to cut, plus you can buy just 1 image at a time on the Silhouette online store. I personally think the Silhouette gives a much sharpers/smoother cut too.” -Annie D.
  35. “Silhouette is way better and you have a ton more options!” -Katherine D.
  36. “Love love love my Cameo so much better than my Cricut!! Much cleaner cuts! I can create any image in photoshop, save it as a png file & then open it in silhouette, trace it, & it cuts beautifully!!” -Jennifer P.
  37. “Lets just say I wish I had bought a silhouette instead of a cricut!” -Lynn B.
  38. “I got a Cricut because I had saved up my Jo-ann’s gift cards for one and you can’t buy a silouette in stores. I love my Cricut!!! I use the Cricut craft room to design and have made many things with just the basics that come with the machine. Also I have noticed that you can buy some of the cartridges or even some single designs digitally for much cheaper than the actual cartridges. :)” -Amanda M
  39. “Cameo all the way. I actually prefer the cricut mats as they last longer and are easier to line up. I enjoy the sounds the cameo makes as well it’s almost singing as it cuts :)” -Jessica
  40. “I think you need to be a computer savvy person with the Cameo, more so than with the Cricut. Although not super hard but like the old ” sure cuts a lot” there is a leaning curve, but the options are endless.” -Anne D.
  41. “Cameo all the way–I agree with Anne options are endless–program is easy to learn–you can also cut 12″ by 10′ on Cameo, only 12″ x 12” on Cricut–use one blade on Cameo instead of changing in and out for different medias, no cartridges, plus they offer freebies on a regular basis on Cameo website–I could go on and on about how much better a Cameo is!” -Lisa M {NOTE: the Cricut does cut 12″x24″}
  42. I have and use both frequently! I love my cameo for intricut things and the silhouette online store rocks! But I LOVE how easy my Cricut is to use. I still use it for most of my letters. Pop in the cartridge set the size insert the paper and press cut! If you’re gonna invest get both!!” -Sara L
  43. “You don’t have to buy a whole cartridge for 60 dollars. Buy carts when they’re on sale, or download Cricut Craft Room and use their exclusive carts which are much more affordable. I love my Cricut, and will never get another type of machine. You can cut up to 12×24 on the Cricut, by the way. You need a 12×24 mat to do so. :)” -Melissa

  44. “I have a Cricut Expression and I do love it. I don’t like that I have to buy cartridges to get the images that I want. I do like that I don’t have to be hooked up to a computer to use it, unless I’m using the Cricut Craft room. I would l
    ove a Silhouette Cameo, but I believe they have to be hooked to a computer to be used (not sure on that). If you have a laptop, I would go Cameo all the way! There are way more options with it. You can cut any font that you have downloaded on your computer, and as someone else above said, you can buy single images for cheap and even find free images to cut.” -Amy C.
  45. “For me, it’s long term cost. I invested more in my Silhouette machine but fonts are free and I can buy just the files I want, not cartridges with only a few things I like. I also don’t have to store cartridges. And Silhouette America off
    ers sales and discounts on subscriptions which make their files all the more affordable. And the basic designing software is included rather than sold as an add-on. {Yes, Cameo will cut fabric.}” -Becky D.
  46. “I love that with the cricut you can get the gypsy and design on the fly!” -Kathi C.
  47. “You will never regret getting a cameo. Go to the silhouette store and see the thousands of designs available. Get SCAL or MTC and design your own. And it cuts so much better. I once taught Cricut classes and now use my Cameo. Google free SVG and see what is available. Good luck.” -Gina H
Read more about each digital cutting tool on the brands’ websites:
You can find the complete thread that the responses above are taken from on Craftaholics Anonymous’s Facebook page on these 3 threads: #1, #2, and #3. Make sure to stop by and join the active crafting community on Facebook! We talk crafts 24-7!
So, what do you think? Silhouette or Cricut? Which one is best for you and your crafting needs?
happy crafting,
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  1. 51

    Hi! I just wanted to say that you should update this article/blog. While the comments were true in 2012, they are not still true. The Cricut Explore allows you to cut any svg/png/ etc. Plus you can get a huge number of images (25k+) and 200+ fonts with the subscription. There are three mats now, light, medium, and heavy hold. Plus there is a setting for intricate cuts so the paper doesn’t get shredded.

    Thanks for reading!


    1. 51.1

      I agree!

    2. 51.2

      Hello Angie,
      Just beginning to research cameo vs circuit vs curio. I cannot find the answer to my one big question.
      Does either the cameo or circuit emboss???

      1. No, I believe only the Curio can emboss.

  2. 52

    Is this all still relevant considering the cricut now has the explore air? I am interested in that brand mainly because they were leaders in the industry but would like updated info.


    1. 52.1

      Hi Sarah, No, both companies have since come out with new tools and Cricut changed their business model to compete with Silhouette.

  3. 53

    CRICUT! I had a Silhouette Cameo but then got a new computer and it wasn’t compatible with Silhouette so had to switch to Cricut Explore.

  4. 54
    Penny mauro

    I bought the Cameo 3, but had the worst time setting it up in the computer. I returned it. I won’t buy a Cricut, so I guess I will do without. Customer support wasn’t that helpful.