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Happy Monday, Crafters! Hope you had a nice weekend. I’ve been working on decorating my breakfast nook {yes, we’ve lived here for over a year and i still have TONS of bare walls!} I made this totally awesome Spoon Mirror for the little corner in  my kitchen and I am kind of in love with it!

Spoon Mirror

spoon mirror

The color, the texture, and the price is right….it cost me only a couple dollars to make! Love a cheap, easy craft! And most likely you have most of the supplies on hand to make this fun version of the starburst mirror!

When I told Davis I was making this spoon flower, he thought I was crazy. Men just have no vision when it comes to crafts! haha. So it was really fun showing him the final product. He really likes it. Which is saying a lot for a man who sees many crafts…..

How to Make a Spoon Wreath

how to make a spoon mirror

Supplies: cardboard, hot glue gun, 3″ round mirror, spray paint, scissor, 78-80 clear plastic spoons, small piece of ribbon

Skill Level: Beginner


  1. Cut a 12″ circle from a cardboard box. diy spoon mirror
  2. Lay the 3″ circle mirror in the center of the cardboard circle and trace around it. Then remove mirror. sunburst mirror
  3. Use your scissors to score the plastic spoons at the base of the handle, then use your fingers to snap off. Don’t worry if the break isn’t straight or even. Just be careful not to break the concave portion when snapping off the handles. how to make a sunburst mirror
  4. Starting on the outside edge of the cardboard circle, hot glue the spoons around the perimeter so that the spoon over hangs slightly past the edge of the cardboard. Continue hot gluing the spoons on until you reach the inside circle. You’ll want the spoons to slightly overlap the circle you drew in the center.
  5. Spray paint the spoons making sure to cover any cardboard you may see peeking through the spoons. I did 2 coats of spray paint and got great coverage. *Tip: I used clear plastic spoons so that I wouldn’t have to worry aboutpainting the backs of the spoons.
  6. Once the paint has dried, hot glue the small mirror in the center of the spoon wreath. ribbon hanger
  7. Cut about a 4″ piece of ribbon, shape into a loop and hot glue to the back of the cardboard to use to hang it on the wall. *Tip: the spoon mirror is not heavy, so this works just fine to hold it on the wall.
spoon mirror
Seriously, such a fun craft! This is a great craft idea for Super Saturday or crafting groups because it is easy, low coast, and you can easily chat and have a blast making them! Oh, and they look fabulous when you’re done! :)
If you save and reuse your plastic spoons, this is a great way to retire some of the old ones!
spoon mirror tutorial. Costs only $3 dollars to make, turns out stunning!
This craft was inspired by Addicted 2Decorating.
Are you excited to see my Breakfast Nook all decorated? I’m really excited to show it off, so stay tuned!! 
happy crafting,

Hi! I'm Linda, the craft addict behind Craftaholics Anonymous®, a craft blog. Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? When I'm not DIYing something, I can be found taxiing around our 4 crazy kids or working out. Or shoe shopping... because you can never have too many shoes! Happy crafting! ♥

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  1. 51
    Yolanda Winfield

    Love this website. Craftaholics unite!

    1. 51.1

      Yay! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. 52

    I love crafting, and could use some good ideas. Thank you.

  3. 53

    Where can you find a 3 inch mirror?

    1. 53.1

      I found them at a craft store like Joanns or Michaels.

  4. 54


  5. 55

    Wow that look amazing, like something you would find in the high end store. You really have to look at it to realize that its made of spoons. Definitely going to give this a try to make a nice accent for my new home, and you can’t beat the cost.

    1. 55.1

      Thank you, Erin! Its a fun craft to make. Have fun! :)

  6. 56

    Hey Linda, This was awesome. the possibilities are endless

  7. 57

    I want to hang this on my front door with my wreath hook. Would you do something different on the back of it?

    1. 57.1

      No, I’d do the same unless you plan to hang it differently on your door.

  8. 58
    Nela Solano

    Seriously this idea is genius I have like a thousand spoons in my house… Loving this crafts website ♥

  9. 59

    This is a very unique idea. I’ve always loved crafts. The whole do it with your own two hands makes it much more of a keep sake than something you just pick up at the store.

  10. 60

    loved this for a long time, now I am going to make several for family (grandchild married & teen great granddaughters) in colors that will match their decor!!

    1. 60.1

      Awesome!! Happy crafting! :)

  11. 61

    What brand and color spray paint did you use? Love the color!!! :)

    1. 61.1

      I believe it was Rustoleum brand. Its a dark turquoise color, but I don’t remember the name.

  12. 62
    Donna Kenkel

    Thank you for your time in sharing this great craft. My sisters and I have been wanting to get together and do something crafty! I just found the project for us to do. ♡