Silhouette or Cricut

silhouette or cricut

Silhouette or Cricut

Have you ever wondered…..

Silhouette vs. Cricut. Which digital cutting tool should I get?”

This is such a hot topic! And one of the most popular questions asked on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook page! Want to hear what your fellow crafters are saying about these 2 crafting tools? Read about the differences and what 47 of your fellow crafters are saying about them. This is a must read post!

*Please note, this post is taken from 3 different Facebook posts on Craftaholics Anonymous. You can find the different threads here: Thread #1, Thread #2, and Thread #3.

  1. “(Silhouette) Cameo! LOVE it, don’t have to deal with cartridges and the software I found to be very easy.” – Heidi P.
  2. Hands down Cameo… Haven’t touched my Cricut since I got my cameo. It’s intimidating all the things you can do at first, but you are only limited by your creativity and willingness to learn how to use the program to create what you want. Good luck and the sky is the limit!” – Julie L.
  3. “I have an older Cricut and although it works great, it’s hard to pay $35-$40 (on sale) for a cartridge only to want to use a few designs from it. I only have a few carts and it stinks. And most blogs focus on the Cricut Imagine, so unless you have that plus the specific cartridge you’re pretty much left in the dust as to ideas for projects. I would love a Cameo, it’s my understanding it will cut any font or dingbat you have on your computer. That alone makes it well worth the initial investment.” – Tracy S.
  4. I was a cricut girl. After wasting much expensive paper I looked into the cameo. Once I found out I could finally cut a real circle – I was SOLD! I also LOVE that I can cut all that thin paper I bought when I didn’t know better and it doesn’t tear one little bit! I have not touched one of my cricuts since my cameo…” – Sherry M.
  5. “CAMEO CAMEO CAMEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a small cricut and sold it as soon as my hubby said yes to the Cameo!! HE even loves it!! Working on t-shirts with vinyl for his running club now!! :)” – Beth H.
  6. Skip the circut and get a silhouette cameo! Before you know it you will have $300+ wrapped up in cartridges for the cricut.” – Lisa B.
  7. “Get the Silhouette- much more versatility with using the internet for various projects. I own a Cricut E2 and now wish I had one” – Colette C.
  8. “Cameo! Or even the Silhouette SD if you don’t want a big one. You can buy them used since most users are upgrading to cameo.” – Rebecca P.
  9. “I just sold my silhouette sd so I know they are out there. I upgraded to the cameo and I am so happy I did. Lots and lots of places to find free images to cut online, and you can get a free image every week. That’s at least $52 savings a year and the minimum. Not going to get that with a cricut. That’s old technology, and will soon just be a paperweight.” – Alis P.
  10. “I would get the Silhouette Cameo. It doesn’t use cartridges, can cut any font you own, and there are so many awesome files online that are affordable (many are free).” – Mandee J.
  11. I personally have a Cricut Create that can do everything the Expressions can do only up to 5.5 inches. If you want the most versatile machine go with a Silhouette Cameo. I have one of those also and love that the cuts are more precise and cleaner than what the Cricut can do. It also can cut from .5 inches to 12 inches.” – Carri B.
  12. “Looks like you don’t need my two cents–I agree with everyone else–have a Cameo and LOVE IT!!!!!” – Lisa M.
  13. ” I have Cameo, and I can tell you it’s very versatile and you have only the cost of the machine, after, the shapes are inexpensieve, no more dies or cartridges, and you can even use shapes taken from LD, My graphico, Cutting cafe….I love my cameo, it’s a wonderful scrap pal :) The only problem I can find in her is that she cuts only paper and cardstock, bazzill….not chipboard or felt or other materials” – Ufo P.
  14. “Cameo, hands down. If you want to see projects or talk to lots of cameo users I’m in a group called The Happy Sil Site, come see us! :)” – Diana Y.
  15. “I only have the Cricut mini but I would agree with getting the Cameo! I bought the Cricut because it was less than half the cost of the Cameo and I got it on hsn and was able to make 4 payments. But if you have the $$$, go with the Cameo. I will say that I do love my Cricut mini but get frustrated seeing what my Cameo friends can cut out for free!” – Elizabeth S.
  16. “Cameo! You only need an internet connection to download new images, not to access the ones you already have. You can also store your image files on an SD memory card and leave the laptop at home, if needed.” – Jolene T.
  17. I sold my cricut to get a (silhouette) cameo. MUCH more flexibility. IMO, the only advantage a cricut has is if you want to be able to travel with it and not need a computer… if you want to create detailed designs, it’s gotta be the cameo.” – Lisa P.
  18. I have the knk zing, was going to get the cameo but the zing, engraves, embosses and can even cut wood! Uses make the cut software which comes with the machine, so no extra outlay. Love it, check out the you tube vids. Support I have had has been fantastic, even offers if phone calls to talk me through trying new things. I Love it!” – Mel L.
  19. “Sihouette Cameo!!! I’ve been using it for Rhinestone templates. Tons of templates to buy online and easy to design and create your own!!” – Cindy B.
  20. “I would say you should get a cameo. I only have a silhouette and when i get the $$ I’m getting a cameo myself.” – Joanne R.
  21. “Don’t be a Cricut. Buy a Silhouette Cameo. A lot more versatility. With the Cricut, you are limited to the cartridges you buy. The Cameo you can use any font/clipart you have. It’s more bang for the buck. A much better investment.” – Esther R.
  22. “DO NOT buy a Cricut, biggest waste of money ever, get a Cameo!!!” – Tara C.
  23. “Get the (Cricut) Expression or e2….you will surprised how much you want larger sizes…I am on my 2nd Cricut I had the basic model (used it so much it went to cricut heaven) and now have the (Cricut) Expression and love love love it” – Cher Z.
  24. “First of all, I would NOT buy a Cricut. The Cricut machine requires you to buy expensive cartridges. I would suggest you look into a Silhouette machine. Silhouette has a small cutting machine and a larger one called the Silhouette Cameo (they may be phasing out sales of the smaller machine now that the Cameo is on the market, but I’m not sure about that). The machine comes with its own design software, plus you can save images found online, trace them with the provided software, and cut the images with the Silhouette. No expensive cartridges to buy and lots more options to be creative.” Debbie W.
  25. “I have to vote for a Silhouette as well but you can find used Cricuts for fairly cheap on Craigslist or eBay sometimes.” Sara B.
  26. “I have the Cricut Expression and spent lots of money on cartridges and the Gypsy to layout designs for cutting, and still only ended up with about 3 fonts to choose from. What a waste! I now ALSO have a Silhouette Cameo and find that it services most of my needs. I never plug in the Cricut anymore. The Cameo allows you to cut ANY font already installed on your computer (and there’s LOTS of FREE fonts out there for the taking)! I haven’t mastered how to import shapes yet but know the functionality is there. You can also purchase individual shapes/pics from the Silhouette Online store, most for only $.99 ea. There’s also a FREE shape of the week that I make sure I go get to help build my library. DEFINITELY GO with the CAMEO!!” – Renee G.
  27. “I have a Cricut, it works fine for vinyl, but I WISH I had a silhouette instead” – Aimee W.
  28. “I another advocate for the silhouette cameo. So easy to use even for the computer illiterate like me and much more versatile.” – Sue F.
  29. “SILHOUETTE hands down! I make everything with it and totally saved me money go with cameo totally worth if :)” – Jesy A.
  30. “I would go for the Silhouette Cameo…..I sold my Cricut when I bought my Cameo…..much better in my humble opinion.” – Ann W.
  31. “I have a cricut and I only use it once a year for my daughters bday. I bought it off of craigslist practically brand new….I hate it tho, I have a few good cartridges that work for what I need but I couldn’t imagine paying full price. I have the software to customize also but it’s not user friendly….next time it will be the cameo” – Kimberly C.
  32. The Cameo has a much cleaner cut and you can cut svgs so you don’t have to use expensive cartridges. But the blades and mats are much cheaper for the Cricut (than the Silhouette) and you can find them at craft stores.” -Rosa A.
  33. “The mats for a cricut can be used in the cameo. That is what I use.” -Becca O.
  34. With Cricut you have to buy a whole cartridge (about $60 each) just to get 1 shape you want, with Silhouette you can use pretty much any image online to cut, plus you can buy just 1 image at a time on the Silhouette online store. I personally think the Silhouette gives a much sharpers/smoother cut too.” -Annie D.
  35. “Silhouette is way better and you have a ton more options!” -Katherine D.
  36. “Love love love my Cameo so much better than my Cricut!! Much cleaner cuts! I can create any image in photoshop, save it as a png file & then open it in silhouette, trace it, & it cuts beautifully!!” -Jennifer P.
  37. “Lets just say I wish I had bought a silhouette instead of a cricut!” -Lynn B.
  38. “I got a Cricut because I had saved up my Jo-ann’s gift cards for one and you can’t buy a silouette in stores. I love my Cricut!!! I use the Cricut craft room to design and have made many things with just the basics that come with the machine. Also I have noticed that you can buy some of the cartridges or even some single designs digitally for much cheaper than the actual cartridges. :)” -Amanda M
  39. “Cameo all the way. I actually prefer the cricut mats as they last longer and are easier to line up. I enjoy the sounds the cameo makes as well it’s almost singing as it cuts :)” -Jessica
  40. “I think you need to be a computer savvy person with the Cameo, more so than with the Cricut. Although not super hard but like the old ” sure cuts a lot” there is a leaning curve, but the options are endless.” -Anne D.
  41. “Cameo all the way–I agree with Anne options are endless–program is easy to learn–you can also cut 12″ by 10′ on Cameo, only 12″ x 12” on Cricut–use one blade on Cameo instead of changing in and out for different medias, no cartridges, plus they offer freebies on a regular basis on Cameo website–I could go on and on about how much better a Cameo is!” -Lisa M {NOTE: the Cricut does cut 12″x24″}
  42. I have and use both frequently! I love my cameo for intricut things and the silhouette online store rocks! But I LOVE how easy my Cricut is to use. I still use it for most of my letters. Pop in the cartridge set the size insert the paper and press cut! If you’re gonna invest get both!!” -Sara L
  43. “You don’t have to buy a whole cartridge for 60 dollars. Buy carts when they’re on sale, or download Cricut Craft Room and use their exclusive carts which are much more affordable. I love my Cricut, and will never get another type of machine. You can cut up to 12×24 on the Cricut, by the way. You need a 12×24 mat to do so. :)” -Melissa

  44. “I have a Cricut Expression and I do love it. I don’t like that I have to buy cartridges to get the images that I want. I do like that I don’t have to be hooked up to a computer to use it, unless I’m using the Cricut Craft room. I would l
    ove a Silhouette Cameo, but I believe they have to be hooked to a computer to be used (not sure on that). If you have a laptop, I would go Cameo all the way! There are way more options with it. You can cut any font that you have downloaded on your computer, and as someone else above said, you can buy single images for cheap and even find free images to cut.” -Amy C.
  45. “For me, it’s long term cost. I invested more in my Silhouette machine but fonts are free and I can buy just the files I want, not cartridges with only a few things I like. I also don’t have to store cartridges. And Silhouette America off
    ers sales and discounts on subscriptions which make their files all the more affordable. And the basic designing software is included rather than sold as an add-on. {Yes, Cameo will cut fabric.}” -Becky D.
  46. “I love that with the cricut you can get the gypsy and design on the fly!” -Kathi C.
  47. “You will never regret getting a cameo. Go to the silhouette store and see the thousands of designs available. Get SCAL or MTC and design your own. And it cuts so much better. I once taught Cricut classes and now use my Cameo. Google free SVG and see what is available. Good luck.” -Gina H
Read more about each digital cutting tool on the brands’ websites:
You can find the complete thread that the responses above are taken from on Craftaholics Anonymous’s Facebook page on these 3 threads: #1, #2, and #3. Make sure to stop by and join the active crafting community on Facebook! We talk crafts 24-7!
So, what do you think? Silhouette or Cricut? Which one is best for you and your crafting needs?
happy crafting,
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  1. 1

    Buy the Silhouette Cameo and never look back!!! I have a Cricut Expression, a Cricut Imagine, and a Silhouette Cameo. I wish, I could get back all the money I have spent on Cricut products! With the Cameo, you get precise cuts, you can use any image with a lot of them being free, the Silhouette store runs sales on a regular basis for products, Silhouette also runs sales at the image store for images and monthly subscriptions, the software is so user friendly, and I haven’t found anything I can’t do with my Cameo! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Cameo! I used to be a Cricut girl, but now I am a Cameo girl all the way! Go Cameo!!!!!

  2. 2
    Colleen Garner

    I just want everyone in the craft world to know what kind of problem I am having with the Cricut Imagine. I have never had any good luck with mine. I have ran into problems with my Imagine machine every time I have tried to do a project. This time my imagine will not cut. It pulls the mat in, prints, then spits it out. I have tried several times to get it to cut with no luck. I called their support and the woman told me that it is a problem that I have to work around. I dont understand why it is a problem that cannot be corrected. I can use my printer if I wanted to print something. The main thing to owning a Cricut is to have it cut. I have ruined many expensive materials when trying to cut, vinyl – ruined, patterned paper – ruined, regular cardstock paper – ruined. I sure wish I had bought a Silhouette…and now I have well over $500 in cartridges that I cannot get my money back for and a $200 Cricut Imagine machine that the Cricut company tells me to work around the problem…It is just unimaginable that they would tell me this and act like “oh well so sorry that we cannot help you” So now I have one big heavy paper weight that is worth nothing…Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas of what to do…I suggest to everyone to buy the Silhouette Cameo, you will be much happier with it, you will not have to put up with Cricuts support team that will do nothing to help you…Silhouette is by far hands down in every way…

    1. 2.1

      I have the same problem with my imagine. Although it normally only happened when I was trying to use the cut feature not the print and cut. So my work around is with every project I print a teeny tiny colored circle on the mat along side what ever I am trying to cut. Yes it uses a small amount of paper, but it workseverytime, and is so much easier than having to load the machine over and over again.

    2. 2.2

      I have to say I have the imagine and I thought it wasn’t going to cut because of the length of time it took to take the mat back in and cut give it a little time to see if it takes the mat back in because it doesn’t pull it in right away it take a few moments.

  3. 3

    I have a cricut expression and only own the two cartridges that came with it. I use the scal2 software so I have been able to cut ANYTHING with that. As long as you can turn it into an svg you can cut it. Unfortunately cricut sued scal and now the new version scal3 which I was able to upgrade to free no longer supports cricut but does support silhouette. I am happy using what I have but I will prob. look at the cameo in the future and continue using scal. It is awesome if you don’t have it. I cut everything designing it on my computer right on the mat and as I have said I have never bought cartridges and I have tons of free svg’s of disney characters, any font I download I can use etc.
    All in all I am happy with what i have b/c of the software but since I cannot use the new version of scal I would definetly purchase a silhouette in the future! I’m not too crazy supporting cricut after they sued scal. I agree with this post with the addition of purchasing scal :). Unless you can import any svg into the silhouette program than all you really need is inkscape downloaded for free off the internet and you can turn about anything into an svg.

  4. 4

    I actually have both Silhouettes (Cameo and SD) and Cricut Experssion. I also have the Design Studio software and SCAL. I have to say that I prefer the way the Silhouette cuts and the speediness. I still love my cricut because of the cartridges, especially all of the Disney licensed ones. Those are prefect for birthday parties. When you think about the cost, don’t be fooled by thinking that svgs are cheap. They are 99 cents a pop at the Silhouette store. That adds up to 100s of dollars just like cartridges do.

    1. 4.1

      Hi Donna,
      I have both Cameo and Cricut. In the past I have used Cartridges and SCAL with my Cricut.
      The cartridges are expensive, there is no getting around that.
      The Silhouette files at 99c are also not cheap. But……if you get a subscription and pay a set fee every month you can get a really good deal. I got a good deal on a subscription sale at the beginning of this year which means I basically only pay $15 a month for $150 of design credits every month. I probably wont get it next year though because there is so much more you can do with this machine.
      Yes, you do have to pay for ready-to-use files, but……You can grab any copyright free image off the internet and just trace it to do a print and cut, you can manipulate other designs to make your own……the sky IS actually the limit.

      I now use my Cricut for cutting glitter paper because I have spare blades for the Cricut and I can therefore stop my Cameo blade from getting damaged.


    2. 4.2

      Not all SVG files cost .99. There are many on-line stores out there that offer free SVG files as well as 6-8 SVGs for a low price bringing the cost WAY down. Silhouette also has a clearance section that sells SVG’s files for .50 and they offer many subscription deals that bring your price down to approx .25. The Cameo is the best thing on the market right now for the money. They also have the print & cut nailed and no machine out there can do it better as of yet. You can also google anything thing you want, copy and past it in to Silhouette and cut it and that my friend, doesn’t cost you a cent! I encourage you to look in to it ;-)

  5. 5

    I so wish that I would have known about the Silhouette Cameo before I bought my Cricuts, you are so limited by using the cartridges & am constantly frustrated because anything I need is on a different cartridges. The Cricut workshop now has digital designs, but those are at least $20-30 themselves.
    thank you for a chance to win, maybe one day I will be cartridge free :)

    wishing you a great day!!!!


  6. 6

    I am exhausted by all the ProvoCraft hate. I have an Expression and an Imagine. Never, Never, Never have ever had a problem with either one. I absolutely adore them both. Yes – they are cartridge based but who pays $60 for the cartridges? If you do – you are purchasing them from the wrong place. I have never paid that much for a cartridge. They are always on sale whether from Cricut, online craft stores, or JoAnn, Michaels, etc. Plus now with Cricut Craft Room – you can get them digitally. I have never been limited by my Cricut machines in any way. I also own an eCraft which I find to also be amazing – no mats! How cool is that??

    1. 6.1
      Diana Y.

      I am not seeing a lot of PC hate, just Silhouette love. The machine makes cleaner cuts, regardless of the cartridge issue. To each his own, variety is the spice of life! :)

    2. 6.2

      I have a Cricut Expressions, which I have used until I bought the Silhouette Cameo-Love it! I loved my Cricut at first, and will use it from time to time. I also have an eCraft, however never seemed to have gotten the hang of it. It is all boxed up in my workroom closet very hard to adjust cutting tension and was tired of wasting vinyl and paper.

  7. 7

    As a long time Cricut fanatic one might think I would say go that route… However the Silhouette Cameo came into my life finally this year. If you have to choose ONE, go with the Cameo. I am a lucky girl and have both. Cricut has it’s merits, I still have a special place for it, but it is clunky and inaccurate compared to Cameo. Buy the upgraded silhouette software as soon as it’s on sale, and ENJOY! :D
    I wish Silhouette and I had met before I spent so much on Cricut…

  8. 8

    I am dying for a Cameo. I have wanted one for a couple years now but its out of budget. I want to be able to do custom cuts and it would help with my business immensely! I have looked at a lot of different machines and the Cameo seems to be the best bang for your buck.

  9. 9
    Linda Adkins

    I own the Expression, Baby Bug and the Imagine and would not trade any of them for another machine. Yes I own a lot of carts (272) but considering I was buying 1 set of alphabets for my sizzix at $250 a set, my carts are cheap. I love not being tied to a computer or the internet to create and cut. I use my machines in my rv and at several retreats where I only have room for my machine (love the gypsy). I have considered getting one of these machines but really like how easy my machines are to use over learning software that I have tried but just takes to long to figure out. My 9 yr old grandson just cut the wheels off of my baby bug this last week and he loved it. Just plug a cart in and cut. I have way too much $ invested in my cutting system to change to another. If you don’t have any cutting system, this might be the one for you. For me it will always be my cricut machines.


  10. 10

    I have an E, E2, Gypsy and 180 carts….I figured out the other night how many thousands of dollars I have spent with PC. I purchased a Cameo thinking I would go to it on occasion when my bug couldn’t do it….in 5 weeks now I have not gone back to any of my PC products…they are good but Cameo is better! Cuts better, cuts more intricate, has thousands of cuts in the library for 99cents each and way less if you purchase a subscription! I feel terrible that I have spent so much money on my bugs and I know I will probably rarely use them now, if ever. Plus, Cameo’s design studio is installed on your own computer and not stuck on someone elses server!

    1. 10.1
      Sara Mahoney

      You hit the nail on the head. I FEEL exactly the same way. CCR stinks! I can’t wait to get a Cameo.

  11. 11

    I’ve never owned either one and can’t compare from a hands on review but have learned much about both machines and would choose the Silhouette hands down. I think the prices for cartridges for a Cricut are pretty steep for the amount of graphics one would receive.

    I’m always cutting out shapes a lot by hand with an X-acto knife and a big cutting mat for, doing so for some years now lol, the Silhouette would be doing wonders I’m sure!

  12. 12
    Cecily Olson

    I soooo wish I had the Cameo – I haven’t ever had a (major) problem with my Cricut, but after reading so many comments it seems pretty clear that the Cameo is the product to own!

    Ah, maybe someday :)

  13. 13

    I wish i had a Cameo, but alas, my little Cricut will,have to do. I do love my Cricut though, have found the c4icut craft room very easy to use and love being able to cart it around and cut tthings without a computer.

    1. 14.1
      Kari Hobson

      Ha, hey Kristen!

  14. 15
    Blanca Balzola

    Omg! I can’t wait until I have a Silhouette Cameo!!

    Btw, who will have won the giveaway?? I am sooo nervous! Good luck to the winner btw and thanks Linda for the giveaway and your great blog!

    xo, Blanca

  15. 16
    Jennifer V

    I couldn’t understand why soooo many people were selling their Cricut carts and going to the Cameo…..UNTIL I saw how PRECISE the cutting was with the Cameo, until I saw how inexpensive images were with the Cameo….The Cameo is light weight compared to the Cricut but packs a powerful cutting punch for your money!!!
    There are subscription sales for the Cameo which makes it an awesome deal to buy great images, and also I have found twice in 2 months a purchasing image deal through lowering the cost of images significantly!
    I would say to anyone thinking about getting either machine, sign up at and create a free account, you can play with the size of the mat, you are also able to get emails notifying you every Tuesday of their FREE image to download. Its simple to download and takes about 4 second, then you start building your library of images…you can play with them on your cutting mat and weld, and things. Then if you decide to purchase the Cameo you have a library of free images, a $10.00 Silhouette gift card comes with your machine, so you can pick even more images!!! I sometimes compare images with the Cameo and the Cricut. If I type in “Birdcage” on the Cameo, I am blown away by the styles, and designers, then I search the cricut images under “birdcage” and am dissapointed in the quality, the designs and how if I LOVE one birdcage I have to buy the WHOLE cart!!!
    I wish someone told me about it sooner, before I invested hundreds and hundreds of dollars into the Provo Craft Cricut stuff.

  16. 17

    Well if you know me, you know I have BOTH machines. I own a Cricut and Cameo. I like each for different reasons…. I have owned Cricuts for over 5 years now… I just bought a Cameo several months ago…. I love to share tutorials for Cricut on my blog, I have not shared Cameo tutorials because they are simply …. complex.
    To give a fair comparison I have tried to make a layout for each machine. I used ONE cricut cartridge Team Spirit that was $35 from I then went around to find the same or similar designs after putting it all together it was over $73 to find the fonts, images, phrases, layered phrases and embellishments made from the files. Not only cost…. but ease of use…. I cannot get the blade set to the right pressure on the cameo it needs a small nut to change it. I love that on my cricut I can actually turn the pressure up a bit WHILE it is cutting if it needs a different pressure setting. I lost the nut to change the pressure for the Cameo, so I am stuck on one setting. I also LOVE the fact that I have a book sitting right next to me that shows me how to put the items together, I love my Cricut handbooks! I have the hardest time putting SVGs together for lack of instructions. Some places do give instructions…. ALL online. If you are not a tech savvy person….. You might be lost when it comes to the Silhouette. Now with the Cricut…. I have taught my 4 year old daughter, and my 77 year old grandma…. after 2 minutes with the Silhouette, my grandma gave up. It took my mom about 8 minutes of me explaining the Cricut and she got it the first time with no mistakes…. Cricut just launches on August 15, 2012 and updated online Project Center…. which includes
    Step-by-step instructions
    Images of the project
    A list of materials needed
    A skill level designation
    An estimated time it should take to complete the project, and
    Project cut files
    If you have not had the chance to check out all of the amazing improvements that have been made to the Cricut website…. You just HAVE to check it out. For us Cricut Lovers, this is a dream come true…. There are so many things that they are working on to improve our crafting experience. I know creating a web site is HARD and with under 200 employees at ProvoCraft, they have made such monumental resources for it’s users…. I haven’t found that much help from the other company. I do like my other machine but I only use it to cut out my logo in vinyl. I use my cricut for literally everything else. I use my cricut cake to cut out cheese for my daughter’s sandwich to look like Elmo!!! I LOVE cutting out designs from pie crusts they look so cute when you have apples cut out of the crust of an apple pie and then you can see the yummy apple filling inside!! We also cut out sugar cookies and Gum paste to make the most adorable Christmas cookies.
    I love the slim profile of the Cricut Mini, it is so light and easy to travel. I can also use my gypsy to make use of my time spent in a car and doctor’s offices. I use my Gypsy to create layouts on my cutting mat then when I get home I plug my gypsy into the Cricut and away I go on all of the designs that I had made that day. I can save them for later and even share them with my friends, EASILY share them.
    I love how I can make something look professional with my cricut and I have the handbook there so it is easy to see the colors, sizes and HOW to put it together…. I just like to make something amazing and say “I made that” and I feel like I can teach event the most basic Cricut user how to make ANY project that I do with my Cricut…. There is no unknown variable with the Cricut, I cannot say the same about the Cameo by Silhouette. I look at the Cricut handbook I put my colors of paper in it is so easy, what you see if what you get with the Cricut!! I could go on and on for hours…. but feel free to message me if you ever need help using your cricut!!! ALWAYS happy to help anyone.

    1. 17.1
      donna c

      THere is a ratchet blade changer right on the Cameo. Look at the front left. It’s permanent. Also, i have a subscription to the store, so my shapes are about 15 cents each. ONly buy what i want, and the search feature in the software is UNBEATABLE! No fumbling with books, wondering which book, wondering if what special key to hit, to get the shape i want, or shadow, or icon… couldn’t be simpler.
      That said, i sold all my Cricut stuff (at a loss….nothing holds it’s full value and it had sat for over a year collecting dust-i had bought the Silhouette SD first) on ebay and have NEVER looked back. Glad it freed up much needed space for my Cameo. To each his own, and you love Cricut and it does what you want it too! I am a Silhouette girl through and through so we are at opposite ends, but the fact we are both passionate about our tools is awesome! :)

  17. 18

    I have four cricut but just sold my E2 and bought a cameo. Now prob going to sell all the others and the 70 plus carts i have because i love that i can buy one image when i like it instead of all the ones i am forced too because i want one or two on a cart. The cut is unbelievable on cameo such delicate cuts without ripping. By far the superior machine. Cricut DOES NOT listen to their customers with complaints and fix it

  18. 19

    Personally, I love my Cricut(s) I have three of them and was hooked the moment I first got one. I love the ease of use and all the options I have available to me. From correct sizing of shapes, not being tied to a computer, mix and matching all the different cartridges to make an incredible card or layout. Not to mention the great customer service and website I have experienced.

  19. 20

    Over 5,000 people at the Silhouette Plus forum chose Silhouette over Cricut, and many are former Cricut owners! We love the ability to design our own files with the easy software, and we can take it with us to crops or anywhere else (NO COMPUTER NEEDED) by putting our designs on an SD card. PLUS we have the absolute best customer service out there when we have a question! They also frequently add new features that we request! No one disputes that we’re spoiled by our machines and the people who sell them!

    1. 20.1
      jennifer v.

      Excuse Me but could you direct me to the forum your speaking about….. I didn’t know there ears one…… thank you!

      1. jennifer v.

        *WAS ONE* is what I meant to say….

    2. 20.2
      Carol Ojnes

      Well of course people on Sillhouette’s own forum are going to choose Sillhouette. And why emphasise NO COMPUTER NEEDED – surely you need to plug your SD card into *something* to get the designs on there in the first place…? Cricut users only ever have to take their cartridge to a crop, and NEVER need to use a computer if they don’t want to.

      1. donna c

        Silhouette doesn’t have a forum. This is a private message board. just google silhouette plus and it will pop up.
        What’s interesting is how many people on the Cricut board talk about the Silhouette! :)

  20. 21

    I’ve used my cricut almost everyday….yes I’m limited to the cartridges that I have to buy…and I live with a tied budget when it comes to crafting….but I do the best I can with what I have ….the only thing I really see between the two is that you can buy any image for a couple of dollars…I just wish the cricut people would do the same….they are both good machine and I think most people would agree that they love their machine because it was the first one the bought….thanks…

  21. 22

    I am a long time Silhouette cutting machine user. I fell in love with the very first one. I own the original, the SD, and now the awesome Cameo. I love my little crafting companion so much I started a web forum for Silhouette users. It is the Silhouette Plus forum and now has over 5,000 happy users. I also have made many YouTube videos to help new users learn the fantastic Studio software with all of its capabilities.

    Honestly, this machine has saved me oodles of $$$. I no longer buy those expensive dies and never even wanted to buy those expensive Cricut cartridges. I read in an earlier post how someone said they spent $73.00 to make one thing. I just don’t get it. I create almost all of my cutting files and with the Silhouette store selling cutting files as low as .50 cents a piece when they are on sell, I don’t know how anyone could spend that kind of money. Another thing, many of the members on the forum share their wonderful cutting files and we have members like myself whom blog and share lots and lots of free cutting files. The capabilities of a Silhouette cutting machine still astounds me. I’ve done all sort of fun vinyl projects, etching, rhinestone projects and many beautiful boxes and cards. Owning a Silhouette cutting machine has been a huge hand saver too. My hands no longer throb after a day in my craft room. I also have to toot the horn of the fantastic Silhouette Support Team. They never leave you hanging. They are so quick to respond and they will get any issues anyone has fixed. Go Silhouette Support Team!! woot! woot!

    1. 22.1

      She was saying that in order to make the same layout that only used one Cricut cart at $35, she had to spend $73 to find similar images for the Silhouette. I think part of the point was that you may buy a cart for certain images but you end up using so many more. I’ve only had 13 carts (none have cost more than $35 and they have multiple die cuts per button so each image is just pennies) at the most for 3 years plus Design Studio and have either found just the right image or have been able to make my own using DS (made a “thumbs up” out of ovals, a rectangle and hearts). I may not have the exact image, but if you’re truly creative you can make it all work. Using your imagination is part of the fun for me! I get the extra features and why people love their Sil machines, and while I’m impressed with the Silhouette’s precision cutting, that would be the only reason for me to switch. It’s just not enough as I’ve done pretty well with my Expression. I’m not impressed with their Angel Policy, the economics of the machine, accessories and images just aren’t a big enough savings if at all when you break it all down for the way I craft (don’t need many fonts), hate the thought of having to drag around my laptop to scroll through hundreds of images when I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for then to clutter my tiny craft space with it in order to cut it, and so far I just like the artwork on the carts better than almost anything I’ve seen made with a Sil. I know it’s all personal preference, but for now, I’ll stick to my Cricut. If you’re smart about it, there’s no reason to have thousands of dollars invested in any of these systems. I mean really, who needs 100+ carts? Just buy smart and get creative!

  22. 23

    Cricut! I love my Cricut Expression. It has so many different ways to use it and it can be used on so many different materials. As long as you have the cartridges you can cut anything you want. And to use it with the Cricut Craft Room is a breeze! I love using it even more with that. It brings such life and character to scrapbook and paper crafts that were there before.

  23. 24
    Crystal R.

    Its all personal preference…but I LOVE love LOVE my cricut. I have used other machines and like the ability to cut svg.’s. But I use my Cricut alllllll the time. Just pop a cartridge in and push a few buttons and you’re done.

  24. 25
    lana dawn

    Cricut is going to be soooo much better when they launch their super secret project this week!!! I’ve got all the details.. its called Craft Room and there is no need to buy those expensive cartridges anymore so get excited!!!!

  25. 26

    Posted for Allison Swink:

    I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment without going through facebook, but one thing has been left out of most of the comments I have ever read about the Cameo is you don’t even have to pay close to 99 cents for an image. I am getting all of mine for about 11 cents each. Twice a year that I know of (got mine last Christmas) they run a subscription sale. I took advantage of that getting 20% off the highest level subscription. Each month, for $16, $150 credits posts to my account. But there are varying levels of subscription available and you can always change that level at any time. I selected one level, and then upgraded when the sale came up. So now 8 months later, for the cost of a couple cartridges, I have almost 1,400 images that I hand selected, not to mention all the free fonts, and I have even been tracing stamped images that I scan to my computer and creati ng my own cut shapes to match stamps I have! I haven’t even started with the designer software.

    As to those who don’t want to be tied down to a computer. I have a laptop and never feel tied down. I don’t go to a lot of crops, have a dedicated space, but it wouldn’t be a problem to bring my laptop and cameo. I understand the Cricut is much heavier so the two combined would probably weigh the same. I will often sit watching TV and add images to my wish list – there are some 20,000 available!!! and when my credits post…I go shopping!!! :) I have never once felt like the issue of the computer is an issue at all. I work on a computer all day and have never felt like I didn’t want to get on my laptop for a few seconds to download or set up an image to cut.

    I LOVE my cameo and it has surprised me that it can do so much. I knew I wanted it but had no idea what it could do. I feel like the software is VERY user friendly and was a breeze to learn. If you have a question, you can usually figure it out on the internet – there are tons of you tube videos that walk you through anything you want to do. I have even figured out how to make vinyl number plates for my husband and son’s dirt bikes, and now I’m making a personalized tire cover for a present for my sisters’ horse trailer. I have inserted jouraling into the shape using the print and cut.

    1. 26.1

      I’d love it if you’d share how you figured out the name plates!!!! Thats amazing.

  26. 27


    Cricut just launched Cricut Mini with craft room and you can get it for $99 on Amazon or Silhouette costs $270 – a whopping difference of $170. Cricut gives 5-6 images free every week through Craft Room. You can buy image packs through Craft Room for $4.99 and other images for sometimes $0.99 to $1.99. It is going to take a lot of images to recover $170. So go with Cricut.

    1. 27.1
      donna c

      I guess if standing by their product and customer service are not important to you, go for it! There is room for everyone, we are all crafters, and have different ways of doing it. IN the end, if you love what you have and it works for you, so be it!

  27. 28

    Well my minds made up! I have been wavering on the cricut only because the damn cartridges are so freaking expensive that Id never be able to buy any. Then the Mini came out and I was about to buy it when I heard about the Silouette; and lets just say the money saved for a cricut and a couple carts will now be going towards a Cameo! I am really excited!! The versatility is so important when you have a strict budget and a vast imagination. Thanks for this article, it helped tremendouly!


  28. 29

    I have a Cricut Mini a wonderful Christmas Gift, I haven’t had the chance to use it yet. But looking forwarded to cutting vinyl to etch glass. Thoughts?

  29. 30

    Can someone let me know if I can save my Cameo design library to disc. I had to reboot my computer and reinstall everything and according to Sihlouette I can only do that two more times, help!!!

    1. 30.1

      Hi Diane,
      As far as I know, yes, you should be able to save your Silhouette designs to a thumb drive or disc.

  30. 32
    Claudia Hall

    I’m brand new and need to learn tons! Where’s the best place to start where vinyls are concerned?

    1. 32.1

      Hi Claudia,
      I’m not sure I understand your question. Do you have a cutting machine and need help cutting the vinyl or do you need help applying vinyl to your wall/craft?

      1. Claudia Hall

        Hi Linda, I am trying to learn how the vinyls are cut and applied. My question more so is how does one not get the box to cut around the design. I tried doing a superman emblem and found that when I traced it, I still got the box around it no matter how many times I tried doing it. Please tell me what is best to do. Thank you! Claudia

  31. 33
    Emily M

    I had a Cricut for ages, and loved it. Got the Gypsy, had all kinds of fun with it. Then, the Gypsy died. Turns out, they’ve quit making them, and quit supporting them. I was a few months out of my warranty, and even though it was a KNOWN software issue with the Gypsy, they would not do anything. So, absolutely NO way to get that portability back. They did the same thing with Cricut Cake, with the original design studio software, etc. Every time you turn around Provocraft gets you to buy their latest, shiny toy and then stops supporting it. SO frustrating. So, I took the money I would have used to buy a new Gypsy and got a Silhouette portrait. LOVE at first use! Very easy to use software, millions of online fonts that you can cut for FREE. No cartridges, the ability to cut any .svg file (with the upgraded software). I loved it so much that I actually bought a Cameo about 3 months later, just to be able to cut bigger things. Sold my Portrait to a friend, and she’s still wearing it out! Can’t say enough good. It is worth every dime!!!

  32. 34

    I have a cricut expression that my husband bought me a few years back, and at that time I didn’t know about the silhouette. Boy do I wish I had done my research before we made bought the cricut! I’ve been wanting a Cameo for so long but just haven’t wanted to shell out the money yet. Do your research before you buy, or you’ll have buyers remorse like I do.

  33. 35

    I don’t have either but when I take the plunge it looks like the Cameo will win out. When the Cricut craze began I resisted because I saw the writing on the wall….lots of expensive cartridges.

  34. 36

    Cricut is just WAY too expensive AFTER THE FACT. In other words, after you buy it, it is a constant expense. The cartridges are outrageously expensive PLUS if you want a certain shape you have to buy an entire cartridge that has other shapes on there you’ll never use. There are hardly any font cartridges, which is HUGELY important to me. with the cameo the only limit is your imagination…. As many fonts as you can find on the internet! AND if you want a particular shape, you go to the online store and do a search for the shape you want and it’s yours for usually about a buck! It is fantastic. I’m so sorry I spent so much on my cricut and my gypsy and all those cartridges. Maybe I can sell it!

  35. 37

    Hi, I need to know how to share my silhouette cameo projects on facebook or save them o my desk top. Im very proud of my work and need to share! Thank you
    A very proud silhouette owner :))

    1. 37.1

      Hi Janabee,
      Congrats on the Cameo! I don’t quite understand what you’re asking. Are you trying to save your cut files to your computer so you can use them again in the future? Feel free to email me directly with your questions! I’m happy to help.

  36. 38
    Joyce Larkin

    I own three cricuts and the imagine. I was absolutely sold on the Cricut until I saw the Cameo. Since I purchased the Cameo I have used my Cricuts once. I invested in 100 cartridges tons of expense only to be replaced by a wonderful machine that offers once more flexibility. Buy cameo!

  37. 39

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to share images with a friend. For instance, if I purchase an image though silhouette and want to give it to my friend…is there a way to do that? I have not been able to figure that out. Thank you so much. The learning curve with the silhouette is pretty huge. It is a bit frustrating, but I am trying to stick it out and work though it.

    1. 39.1

      Hi Jennifer,
      No, you cannot share a purchased Silhouette Shape. The rights to use a shape is non-transferable.

      Check out Silhouette’s youtube channel for great tutorials. They cover a lot of topics and tutorials.

      Hope this helps!

  38. 40
    Danielle Halliday

    I just got my Silhouette and cannot wait to use it! My question is can you use the cricut supplies like vinyl and transfer paper with the silhouette? Since they don’t sell any silhouette products in the stores around me in VA I have been trying to figure out how to do all the projects I bought it to make. Really plan on making t-shirts and personalized gifts for Christmas and don’t know how I will without having to order on-line I have no patience for waiting for stuff in mail but I will if I cant find locally. Any info would help…. thanks ladies!

    1. 40.1

      Hi Danielle,
      I know what you mean! No stores near me sell it either. {I’m in VA also} Yes, you can use Cricut products with your Silhouette. You may have to change the cut settings very slightly {do a test cut}, but other than that, you’re good to go! You can find cheap vinyl and heat transfer online for good prices. PS Silhouette will have a site wide sale of 40% off on Black Friday + free shipping on orders over $25. But I didn’t tell you that! ;)

  39. 41

    Hello .. I am from Saudi Arabia, and in the confused .. Owned a cricut mini and I want to buy another device has advanced recipes .. Ayham best cricut imagine or Silhouette..I want a device through which I can design .. Thank you very much Regards

    1. 41.1

      Go with the silhouette in that case because you will a lot more freedom with design.

  40. 42

    I have a cricut E2. I have no problem with mine except it doesnt cut vinyl very well. For the most part you have to buy cartridges for Cricut, however they do offer some single images online to download to your cricut craftroom. For that you do need internet connection. I do want a Cameo to add to my crafting. I make invites and decorations and cards for parties and babyshowers.

  41. 43

    so I just read a ton of reviews…. I now am a cameo lover…. and I do love my cricut. the cameo can cut my .png files???!!! OH now that IS a GAME CHANGER! I have a ton of money invested in carts for the cricut… about 32 of them and then I have the gypsy and the cake machine… I am entering every giveaway I can now to win the cameo, then I will see if I every plug in cricut again….

  42. 44

    I spent a ton of money on the Cricut Imagine and cartridges/supplies and have had nothing but problems. The machine only works half the time, it doesn’t work with the Cricut Craft Room, and the customer service is terrible! I have had to call several times and each time I’m put on hold for a half hour or more and every time I am only given half-answers and temporary “solutions” to my problems. The support employees do not know anything about the product, they just read from scripts! I was transferred to the “Craft Room” section and the woman couldn’t even open CCR on her end! She couldn’t even open the only program her support section is responsible for! I was transferred yet again to a guy that spent an hour trying to solve my problem – he took over my computer remotely and everything – and still couldn’t figure it out. He promised to email me the next day with a solution and he NEVER did. Even after I emailed him back several times asking about it, I still got nothing. I have put in several comments on their “contact us” webpage and each time they say you can expect a response within 5-7 business days but I have NEVER received a response. Provo Craft does not care about their customers. Their “support” is a joke. They just take your money and run! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON CRICUT / PROVO CRAFT!!

  43. 45
    Amanda Jensen

    Hello all! I just wanted to let everyone know a little about me. I am an elementary AIS Reading teacher in upstate NY. I am getting ready to plan for my second evaluation and am having my students create interactive reading response journals. I began investigating website to locate die cut machines and found the Silhouette Cameo. However, I wasn’t sure which to choose the Cameo or the Circuit. After reading your blog and all of the suggestions and reviews, I think I am going to purchase the Cameo….ooooh I am so EXCITED! Thanks.

  44. 46

    Uh oh! Cricut must have caught wind of your blog, they just came out with the “Cricut Explore” which is pretty much a Silhouette Cameo. Lol! (And now have a section for .99 cent images, too! Shocker!!) I just bought the SC and am trying to sell my Cricut E2, so much money wasted on Cricut! Idc if this new machine is identical to the SC, I would never waste money with Cricut again. Too many issues!!

    1. 46.1

      Yeah Cricut basically copied the Cameo, but the Explorer is still not as good as Silhouette tools. Cricut can only cut up to 23″ long {silhouette can cut up to 10 feet} and Explorer cannot do Print & Cut. And Silhouette’s library schools Cricuts. When I used the Explorer at the launch in January 2014, it wouldn’t even talk to the computer. Took 6 tries to finally get the computer and Explorer to recognize each other and cut my name in heat transfer. Cricut developed the software for the Explorer last minute, and it shows. I feel bad for the people who bought an Explorer and then are really disappointed when they get it and can’t even get it to cut.

  45. 47

    I have the Cricut Expression and used it until I bought the Silhouette Cameo-I love my Silhouette. Prior to the Silhouette I purchased an eCraft Cutter and was very disappointed. I ruined much of my vinyl and paper-I just could not get the correct pressure, so it is all boxed up sitting in my craftroom closet.

  46. 48
    Lynley Clarke

    I have a Cricut and LOVE IT! I know I have only really scratched the surface of what I can create with it. I have yet to be disappointed by wanting to make something and the Cricut has been unable to produce it. I guess that, like most, things, you don’t know what you are missing until you try it. However, having outlaid the cost of 13 cartridges (and been canny in some really good deals when I bought them) I am loathe to outlay any more expense, and let the Cricut go to waste. I have a Cuttlebug as well ,and am more than satisfied (and so are the recipients of my work) with what I produce. So, enjoy your new technology, you converts, but there are still some of us for whom the Cricut is still a great product.

  47. 49

    Wow was I lucky, I had looked at the circuit and the cameo and scan and cut, and I am so glad that I went for the cameo. Reading through all the wonderful comments about the respective machines I can see that I have made the correct decision.

  48. 50

    Wow! Thank you so much for collating this.

    I’m dipping my toes into die cutting now and am overwhelmed by all of the options out there. This is so helpful. Thank you!

    1. 50.1

      Hey guys/gals can you advise please?
      I could use a machine that can cut circles out for my coating work. A guy on Facebook suggested the older style Cricut and have found a couple on eBay but after reading what some of you have said it looks like I might be better off with the Silhouette SD. Found a couple of them on eBay also.
      What I will have to do is use a backing that will not mess up my high temperature tape that I will have to stick to whatever good backing material that I might have and then run that through the machine then take the circles and stick to my item to protect that area from my coating process. I have a computer in my shop at all times so covered there but would like to know what type of program I would need to install to do what is needed. And then learn how to use it. At 68 sometimes I don’t want to know anything else HA HA. What can you tell me or what do you have you don’t need any longer. The largest circle I would cut would be 3″ and down to 1/4″.


      1. Hi Duke,
        Silhouette cutting tools come with the Silhouette Design Studio program where you can design what you’d like it to cut. The program is fairly easy to use. You can check out Silhouette’s Youtube channel for video tutorials on how to use the software and machine. What type of materials will you be cutting?

        1. duke

          Thanks for that info and I will check it out. What I will be cutting is a little thicker than packing tape and it will be stuck to a backing about the same thickness. I do have vinyl but it will not handle the 400 degrees I need. It is only good to 250 and then has to be removed after the part has cooled down. But I was told I could use that same backing that it has to stick my tape on and not damage it.

          1. duke

            I have been searching and have found some videos but have not clicked on them yet. But I saw this and it is on here somewhere. I did run across it when I first found you guys.
            “Once I found out I could finally cut a real circle – I was SOLD! … Uses make the cut software which comes with the machine, so no extra outlay.”
            Here is what I need to know. If I do buy a used one what do I need to make sure it comes with or where can I get that software?

          2. I’m pretty sure you could cut the backing with the Silhouette, it can cut leather. If you want, you can always contact Silhouette and they’ll try the material for you on their test machines. That way you can be sure it can cut it before you buy it.

          3. duke

            I have found one that says used two times and guess it comes as bought? Here is what it says. I have no doubt that it will cut what I need without any problems. Do I need any thing else except a computer or will I need to download and software for my computer?
            No need for cartridges! Create your own craft cut-outs with a Silhouette HD digital scrap booking tool
            •Craft supply gives you instant access to your entire digital design collection
            •LCD screen lets you select, cut and resize designs without a computer
            •SD capability lets the Silhouette SD cut on the go without being connected to a computer
            •Works with vinyl, vellum, craft paper, cardstock and more