Mason Jar Glue Stick Dispenser Gift Idea

Mason jar glue stick dispenser. What a cute gift idea for a Crafter? Of course I want one for myself too!

Mason Jar Glue Stick Dispenser

Looking for a creative gift idea for the Crafter on your list? Well, this is it! This is the perfect gift for your Craftaholic friends! Because who doesn’t need more glue sticks??Seriously?!! I know I go through glue sticks faster than candy in my craft room! So this easy little Handmade Christmas gift is sure to make your friends super happy this holiday season!

Bonus: You can whip these Mason Jar Glue stick dispensers in a matter of minutes! No joke!

How to make mason jar glue stick dispenser


Simply pop a couple handfuls of 4″ glue sticks into your pint mason jar, screw on the spout mason jar lids, tie some ribbon and gift tag. And Ta-DA! you have arguably the cutest handmade gift idea for a Crafter ever!

Oh and did I mention, EASIEST handmade gift ever?!

DIY Mason Jar glue stick dispenser. Such a great handmade gift idea for a crafter!

Such a cute way to store and use hot glue sticks!

And of course, I’ll be keeping several of these glue stick dispensers for my own craft room!

Because I ALWAYS manage to lose all my glue sticks! So I buy more…. Then shortly afterwards, I find the old ones I was originally looking for. But then when I go to use my glue sticks on yet another project, they’ve somehow sprouted legs and walked away! argh! Its a vicious cycle. Does this happen to anyone else??

I’m crossing my fingers that this adorable mason jar glue stick dispenser will solve this problem!

Crafty Christmas Gift idea || Gift in a Jar for a Crafter. Easy to make!

Now isn’t this the perfect gift for your crafty friends? I sure think so!

Sooooooo much better than a boring gift card to a craft store!

Handmade Christmas Gift || Mason jar glue stick dispenser || Easy gift idea

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  1. 1

    I keep my glue sticks in a mason jar too, way handier than the bag they come in. Love the lid idea though!

  2. 2

    Great idea Linda! Much better than keeping them in the open plastic bag. They end up all over the place. The flip lid makes it convenient too. Not that it would be a big deal but I wouldn’t want to unscrew and replace the mason jar cap every time I needed a new glue stick!