Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

laundry roomRemember that sneak peek I gave you a couple weeks ago? Well, I am finally ready to show off my Laundry Room makeover! I really love my house….all except for the laundry room! It has always been my nemesis. It was so tiny, had no storage, and is located in a high traffic area on the first floor- right inside the garage door. So whenever I need to run an errand on laundry day, its like fighting a battle trying to get out the garage door. And don’t get me started on trying to lug the baby’s car seat through that mess! Ugh. I swear we will have a second floor laundry room in our next house! I despise carrying 3 large laundry baskets full of clothes up and down the stairs each week. So as you can imagine, I started planning this makeover right after we moved in, almost 3 years ago.

Laundry Room Makeover

laundry room makeover

 Let me tell you, I am LOVING my new laundry room! Look at the difference! Amazing what just a few updates can do! It really didn’t take us very long to finish this makeover, but it made a huge difference. {Yes, it was one of those times where Davis and I look at each other and say, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”} *Note: that’s green painters tape in the before picture. I always seem to forget to take the before picture before the painters tape goes up!

DIY laundry room makeover

What We Did

makeover laundry room I tried to do a Utility Chic type of look for my Laundry Room Makeover.

First, we painted the walls a pretty, light blue. The paint color is Tide Pools by Behr. Absolutely love the shade! Then we had our kitchen tiled about this time and decided to do the laundry room as well since they connect. So new tile flooring was a huge bonus! The laminate always looked dirty and stained to me. We then replaced the quarter round trim to white instead of wood for a more updated look. I ordered economical white, open front cabinets online for $150. I think the site was Home Decorators. The white cabinets were easy to install and added more storage, a place to hang clothes, hooks, and a place to add some decorations so the room doesn’t feel like a prison anymore :) I found a $20 utility light fixture at Lowes. I thought it was kind of fun! I had originally wanted a chandelier in my laundry room, but those can get pricey. A small garbage can was needed to put the lint and pocket garbage in, so I snuck that between the washer and dryer. And last, I needed a new rug to pull everything together. The gray rug is from Target and cost about $25. {love me some Target therapy!}

Not including the tile floor, we spent about $300 on this laundry room makeover.

laundry room storage I found a small glass drink dispenser for my laundry soap. The wicker basket in the middle holds my cleaning rags. A galvanized tote helps organize dryer sheets and odds and ends. Small things like the cute dispenser, updated wicker basket, and tote totally make my laundry room feel more luxurious and less mundane!

utility light in a laundry room That is my cute, cheap utility light fixture! It pours out tons of light.   laundry-room4 So that’s my Laundry Makeover on the cheap! The only thing we went over budget on was the tile floor. But since we were putting tile in the kitchen, adding the small laundry room wasn’t too much more. And I am really glad that we did do tile because it looks so much more polished!

I love love love my new laundry room!

Do you love your laundry room? Are you itching for a laundry room makeover? 

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  1. 1

    This looks beautiful! I am SOOOO itching to redo ours. I regret not stacking our washer and dryer (front loaders) because they take up so much room (my hubby does not want to go through trying to stack them). My saving grace is that my washer has to be serviced and I’m secretly hoping they will stack them so I can get in there and paint and add cabinets. ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. 3
    Wendy Lynch

    like the cabinet/shelving idea you chose. Not too sparse not too bulky. I have those builder grade cabinets. They make the space look so small. Nice work!

  3. 4

    I love! Where did the shelves com from?

  4. 5

    I have that Target rug in my kitchen. LOVE that it’s grey, patterned, and machine washable!! and wasn’t expensive!

  5. 6

    Love the cabinets – can’t seem to locate them. Could you provide additional information?

  6. 7

    Hi Linda! I love it. Love the paint color and the shelves. Great job!

  7. 9
    Kathy T

    LOVE the light!! can you tell me where it is from?? My laundry room is on the hit list for this summer and that light would be perfect. Thanks for the info.

  8. 10

    Beautiful makeover! I just finished re-doing most of my laundry room last year. I still want to add a hanging bar (love those shelves you found!) and a new light. May have to check Home Depot for one during my next visit. That utility light looks great! I also have a trash can between my washer & dryer – comes in handy! A beautiful laundry room makes the chore of laundry a little more fun. :)

  9. 11

    Great makeover! Where did you find that cage with the bird finial? I have the perfect spot for something like that.

  10. 12
    Shell We

    Beautiful & all I want to know is how did you get your dryer that close to the wall….seriously.

  11. 13

    We also have a very similar tiny laundry room, and I hate it! My house is 3000 sq. ft. yet I have this tiny laundry room…I swear I had bigger ones in apartments! If it helps, yours has more space than mine because I couldn’t even put a garbage can between the washer and dryer. We at least have cabinets above them to help, but it still drives me crazy. I’ll definitely have to consider painting mine! Looks great!