Where to Buy Cheap Ribbon

Where to Buy Cheap Ribbon - lots of online sources for inexpensive ribbon!

Images from: Sugar & Pink Boutique, Ribbons and Bows Oh My, Art Fire, Ribbons and Accessory on Etsy, and BB Crafts

Cheap Ribbon

Looking for sources to buy cheap ribbon? Here are crafters’ top picks for cheap ribbon!

This post is based on this thread on the Craftaholics Anonymous® Facebook Page where Saundra asked:

“I use ribbon for a lot of my projects but it gets expensive buying from the local craft stores. Does anyone have any suggestions of online sites that sells ribbon for a good price? I have found several but would like to buy from one that others recommend.” -Saundra

Top 10 Sources for Cheap Ribbon

1. Ribbon and Bows Oh My
2. Gifts International
3. Hairbow Center
4. Nashville Wraps
5. The Ribbon Jar
6. Papermart
7. Ribbon Retreat
8. Thrift Stores/Garage Sales
9. Hobby Lobby/Michaels {with coupon}
10. Ebay/Etsy

1. “Ribbons and Bows Oh My!” – Sandra C.
2. “I ALWAYS buy mine from Gifts International. You can’t beat the price!” – Debi T.
3. “Ali Express” – Jenny M.
4. “Ribbon Retreat.” – Stephanie D.
5. “I have found grosgrain at the Dollar Tree if you have one near you.” – Bea L.
6. “Hairbow center!” – Jane O.
7. “Tulle Shop and Ribbon Retreat.” – Jessie V.
8. “Nashville Wraps.” – Tracey S.
9. “Ribbon and Bows Oh My” – Grace G.
10. “Papermart is a great place for all sorts of crafting supplies and ribbon!” – Samantha J.
11. “I belong to a group that buys in at discounted super great prices – Ribbonaholics” – Bonnie R.
12. “The Ribbon Jar” – Lisa M.
13. “Ali Express – it is buying direct from China and usually has free shipping.” – Kimberley B.
14. “I have found the best price for solid colored grosgrain at BB Crafts.” – Tamma R.
15. “Ebay!!” – Marilyn C.
16. “There is also The Hairbow Center They have very good deals on ribbon!!” – Brenda J.
17. “Ribbon Revelry on facebook.” – Reba T.
18. “Hair Hardware, Ribbon Retreat, Ribbons and Bows Oh My” – Gussie S.
19. “Nashville Wraps.” – Lisa B.
20. “Check your area for a fabric remnant store. It’ll be dirt cheap there. Otherwise, register a business name through your Department of Revenue for a sales tax license, and you’ll have a business license to buy goods at wholesale prices.” – Pawnee C.
21. “They had some on the Tophatter auction the other day.” – Penny W.
22. “Ribbon Retreat – they have a wholesale section too.” – Mary C.
23. “You can get holiday ribbon the day after holidays. I got about 15 boxes of ribbon the day after Christmas for maybe 7 or 8 dollars. Some boxes had multiple ribbons too.” – Ali O.
24. “Costco in store occasionally.” – Angela M.
25. “Ribbonholics Anonymous on Facebook.” – Jennifer S.
26. “Hairbow Center and I use Ribbon and Bows Oh My quite often.” – Teresa P.
27. “I buy mine at thrift stores.” – Judith M.
28. “Walmart has some on sale. or Hobby Lobby stores! check the Goodwill.” – Carol J.
29. “I scout out sales and clearances and stock up.” – Chelle B.
30. “Craftersvision or Renaissance Ribbons.com or The Ribbon Jar” – Ashley M.
31. “The Ribbon Spot.” – Colleen H.
32. “Check your thrift stores and garage sales” – Kristine L.
33. “Papermart.” – Sarah P.
32. “Ribbon Retreat is awesome!” – Christy R.
33. “I use loads of ribbon and most of it i order from eBay (especially from China). It is very cheap, just be aware from China and Japan takes ages to arrive.” – Liza G.
34. “Ribbon Retreat.” – Jena P.
35. “I’ve used HipGirl Boutique and have been really happy with them.” Patty W.
36. “Fabricbarn.com. Big selection in store, not sure how big of selection on website.” – Chrissy L.
37. “Gifts International is the best one for solid grosgrain ribbon!!” – T T’s Tutus and Bows
38. “Flower Me Up.” – Kristan S.
39. “Your local thrift shops as money goes to worthy causes too” – Sharon S.
40. “Call your florists! I got tons of orange ribbon from an awesome Florist in town and was able to buy it WAAAAY cheaper than a store.” Tiffany W.
41. “I buy a lot of mine from Ebay!” – Jenny M.
42. “Lace and Trim.” Deborah H.
43. “Reasonable Ribbon” – Karen G.
44. “Papermart!” – Stefanie S.
45. “Gina K Designs has beautiful ribbon!” – Sharon U.
46. “eBay and Hobby Lobby!” – Stephanie M.
47. “Ribbon Retreat and Ribbon Queen are two of my favorites but here is a huge list of ribbon sites!” – Kendall J.
48. “Go into Etsy.com There are hundreds of sites with ribbon, cut to measure. Good prices for the most part – and discount on purchases.” – Wendy O.
49. “Hairbow Center has great deals on ribbon!” – Christine G.
50. “Value Village is where I get all of mine.” Donna L.
51. “I got all of mine at my aunt’s church rummage sale! Best place for any craft item for change.” – Joy H.
52. “Super cheap ribbon at Gifts International” – Michelle K.

If you’re looking for places to buy cheap ribbon, I think you have plenty of sites and stores to check now! Have a Craft Question? Post it on our Facebook Page and get answers!

Where do you buy ribbon? What sources do you use??

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  1. 1
    Jamie Hoffman

    This is an awesome roundup! Thanks!

  2. 2

    At Ribbon and Bow Studio we design all our own ribbons, we ship internationally as well :)

  3. 4

    There is an amazing ribbon store in town. I used to live nearby, but recently I moved about 45 minutes away. I am excited to see some on-line options. Thanks for the post! Kari

  4. 6

    Personally, I’d change the title to Good Ribbon at Cheap Prices, ’cause who needs to use “cheap” ribbon on her fabulous projects? (wink)

  5. 7

    The Ribbon Factory is the direct manufacturer of many of the ribbons supplied to the above websites. Be sure to check them out!

  6. 8
    Cindi N.

    Thank you for these awesome sites! Could you do one for embellishments too?

  7. 9

    Thanks I found this website very useful to my crafts. Thanks again.

  8. 10
    Grace McAuliffe

    i just found your web site on Pinterest.

    1. 10.1

      Glad you found me :) Thanks for stopping by!

  9. 11

    Ribbon retreat is the best place to buy ribbon they are awesome!

  10. 12

    I love all the ribbon at Alpine Holiday Bows & Ribbon

  11. 13
    Mia Ethan

    I bought many places but one supplier is affordable. Let you check this,

  12. 14

    thank u for letting me know where to get cheap ribbons from?

  13. 15
    Madelyn Pietrucha

    Ribbonlady.com has ribbon on large spools at cheap prices.

  14. 16

    Ribbon Queen Canada is a good source for ribbons and they ship to Canada and the United States using the postal service in the country your from.

  15. 17
    Samantha jackson

    Thank you sooo much for the GREAT info

  16. 18

    Can we do one for tutu stuff (tulle and crochet headbands) and hair bow accessories( accents and clips, headbands)?! I’m starting a business and want to get items and a cheaper price to pass on the savings! Thanks so much, great post!

  17. 19

    I’m glad I found this post! I went to the first link at Ribbons and Bows Oh My and their prices were awesome! $1.72/5yd vs $3.99 at my local arts and craft store. Just wanted to say thank you!

    1. 19.1

      So glad this post helped you! Thanks for stopping by, Amy! :)

  18. 21

    I get my ribbon & supplies from REALLY REASONABLE RIBBON !!! Bonnie Garby has been in this business for a long time !!! Her service is very quick & highly reliable !!!!!