Happy Haunting!

Handmade Veggie Tales Costumes
veggie tale costumes

I have 2 little trick-or-treaters that are super excited about tonight! Ok, well only the oldest knows what’s going on….and all he knows is that it involves candy. and anything that involves candy is AWESOME in his book. and the fact that he gets to dress up like his idol, Junior from Veggie Tales, just seals the deal. I love homemade halloween costumes! They are so much cuter than store bought costumes, don’t you think?

Bob The Tomato Costume

bob the tomato on veggie tales

Baby H {even though he’s now 1, he’s still Baby H} is Bob the Tomato. and yes, i made his costume. i designed and made it while he took a nap. it would have been nice if Baby H had been awake so i could measure him while i was making it, but oh well. it turned out okay. just don’t look close ;) {i won’t lie, i’m rather proud of how it turned out. i think its kinda cute. AND it actually looks like Bob. its a miracle!} out little “Bob” kept trying to crawl away while i was taking his picture. he didn’t let a big, poofy tomato costume get in this ‘crawling machine’s’ way!

Junior Asparagus Costume

larry the cucumber, junior asparagus

and then G-man is Junior Asparagus. although he looks more like Larry, the Cucumber. That is because he refused to wear the yellow and red hat i made for him. stinker. thix little guy loves trick or treating. except the part where you have to talk and say “Trick-orTreat”. that seems to get him every time. lol maybe after our church’s Trunk-or-Treat this weekend, he’ll be practiced and ready to go for tonight. who knows?

cucumber halloween costume, tomato halloween costume

Happy Hauntings from my cuties to yours! may your treat bags overflow and your children remember to brush their teeth ;) {that’s from davis}

please be safe and have a fun night!

happy crafting,


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  1. 2

    Oh my goodness…how sweet! Great job on the costumes!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  2. 3

    How adorable!!! I wanted my two boys to go as Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber but my 4 year old wasn’t having it! lol…I hope your boys have a great Halloween!!

  3. 5

    that little tomatoe is adorable!! my 3 are going to be one eyed one horned flying purple people eaters. it was my first year making their costumes and i just loved it! it was a huge mess though. i used a purple shag blanket and man the fuzzies from that blanket was out of control!! but well worth it:) have a great night!

    1. 5.1

      what a fun costume! purple shag sounds like lots of fun to work with! lol thanks for stopping by, Christina!
      happy halloween,

  4. 6

    Oh my word!!! These are some CUTE costumes, you did a great job!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. 7

    I LOVE homemade Halloween costumes! My boys have always worn homemade costumes…this is our 7th year of homemade costumes:) I was thinking Larry the Cucumber too:) Maybe he will give in and decide to wear the Junior hat!

  6. 8

    I love the new design on blog, very cute! Your kids are also really cute in their costumes. Great job!

  7. 9

    these have to be two of the cutest costume ever!!! and who doesn’t love veggie tales anyway?.?.?
    Happy Halloween!!!

  8. 10

    Oh my goodnes!!! Those costumes are sooooooo adorable!!!!

  9. 11

    Very cute kiddos! Hope they have a great Halloween:)

  10. 12

    Oh my gosh! They are adorable and yes, I am totally with you. When my boys were younger I always made their costumes. I absolutely refused to buy those cheap plastic things from the stores. Although, that was 20+ yrs ago and back then those store bought costumes looked much more like colored trash bags than they do now. At least the store bought ones now have a little bit more workmanship to them, but I’d still opt to make them because, yes, the homemade ones ARE MUCH cuter. You have one little boy that has some wild eyes there. He looks like he’ll be hard to hold down to eat supper before he can go trick or treating. lol And the little tomato? Super adorable although I was laughing at the first picture wondering is that poor little cutie could move and then laughed outloud in seeing the second picture where it looked like he fell over. LOL I am sure you did not make a costume too heavy but it just looked so cute and big. Great job. They are adorable costumes.

  11. 14

    Oh my goodness, these are the cutest costumes!! The tomato is just too cute!!!

  12. 16
    Jamie Larsen

    these are super adorable costumes you made for your kids I love em.. my daughter woulda loved to be bob lol!

  13. 17

    These are amazing! i love them! your kids are too cute, great job!

  14. 18
    Sue Richins

    Oh, those costumes turned out soooooo adorable!!!! Our cute boys! Hope they had fun trick or treating! We had more come than usual!
    Love, Oma

  15. 19
    Sue Richins

    Please send me the pictures or send them so I can print them! PLEASE

  16. 20

    GREAT costumes! We made a Larry the Cucumber pumpkin for halloween this year!

  17. 21

    Seriously some of the cutest costumes I’ve ever seen. Love Veggie Tales

  18. 22

    This is so cute!!!! If my kids were still little I would so make these for them. While they loved Bob and Larry, next year at 15 and 12 they probably aren’t going to be too happy about dressing up as Veggies.

    1. 22.1

      lol that’s too bad! teenagers would make such cute veggies haha thanks for stopping by!
      happy crafting,

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  20. 23

    I know this is from last year, but my daughter is dying to be Bob the tomato and she’s too small to fit into any of the store costumes; so I’m being brave and going to attempt to make hers! Could you let me know how you did that one?? Thanks so much!!!


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  22. 24

    The Bob costume is adorable, do you have any suggestions on how to recreate. I am trying to find a base idea to go off of to make a Bob costumes and I’m having trouble finding anything! Would love to know how you made it look puffy.