Craft Room Tour: Amy-Rose Photography

I’m excited to welcome Amy-Rose here today to show off her craft room! You’ll love her adorable space and creative storage solutions! Enjoy! -Linda

craft room tour

Hello! My name is Amy-Rose King and I am so excited to show you my favorite little place. I am a wedding photographer and an unashamed crafter!

Amy Rose

 Craft Room Tour


My craft room also happens to be my office so I divided the room into two sides (but they all get meshed together in the daily process).

After 1

All of the packaging I do for my clients usually involves some sort of sewing, ribbon, texture, buttons and anything else I can squeeze in. The room doesn’t have a lot of wall space as it has a lot of windows and doors everywhere to the other parts of the house.

After 2

I have to put everything in the desk or baskets in the closet. I try to keep the floor pretty open because I am always throwing my quilt projects down there to see how they all lay out.

craft supplies

When there aren’t pieces of fabric on the floor, there are little ones bringing in their own art projects. I simply changed the color of this room and everyone started to gravitate to it. So much for keeping it to myself!

craft room

Above my sewing machine I have the little stitch sampler to help me when I’m adjusting during my projects. Some of the other things are just favorites that make me smile – a handprint from my 3 year old, a vintage purse from my mom, a picture of my grandma when she was a baby, and some pretty threads.

craft studio

The craft boxes are some that I use to hold my embroidery threads and other odds and ends.

craft supplies

Since the room doesn’t have a lot of wall space I got creative with some wooden suitcase/boxes and nailed those suckers right to the wall.

craft rooms

I keep my ribbon and random supplies in there. I always see the most creative ideas for keeping ribbon on dowel rods but I am not able to do that since I need to use the roll during my projects.

wood spool

This is the reason I have them lined/stacked up in the boxes so I can grab the whole roll and then replace it when I’m done. They are still convenient but organized!

wood suitcase

Happy crafting, dear friends!!!


Love the wooden suitcase idea! Thanks for sharing your space with us! -Linda

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    1. 1.1

      Ditto! Love the paint color so inviting. What color/brand?

      1. I don’t know the name… I just matched a piece of fabric that I liked. It is the Valspar eggshell paint with primer from Lowe’s. It went on beautifully over the red and I think I only did two coats!

  1. 2

    This is such a lovely space! The wall color is beautiful and very similar to my “Momma-Cave.”

  2. 3

    Love this space! What is the source for the flower/Paris wall piece in the second photograph? Is it fabric, a poster, a painting, something else? If fabric, what is the pattern/manufacturer and how was it prepared for hanging?

    1. 3.1

      I found the Paris wall hanging at World Market. It is a print on canvas and it has two simple brackets for hanging on the back. I needed the large image for the big blank wall. It still feels incomplete but I’ll keep on working with it! Thanks for your comment :0)

  3. 4

    I love the polka-dot storage boxes………..where are they from ? Need some for my kids rooms
    Love the space.

  4. 5

    What a beautiful craft space! I want to move right in it, and make dolls all day long. :)