Adjustable Pen/Marker Holder For Silhouette OR Cricut + GIVEAWAY

Happy {giveaway} Thursday! I am so excited to tell you about NEW product for your Silhouette or Cricut….the Chomas Creations Adjustable Pen Holder! This little holder holds a pen where the blade is on your Silhouette or Cricut so that you can draw ,instead of cut, with your digital cutting tool. Hello, awesomeness! {they also make an Adjustable Marker Holder as well.}

I made these adorable Halloween Candy Toppers using my CAMEO and the Chomas Creations Adjustable Marker Holder!

Halloween Candy Toppers made with the Adjustable Marker Holder

candy toppers

It was fun to have my CAMEO drawing for a change!

These brilliant little pen and marker holders are made by Amy and Jamie, a husband and wife team here in the USA! Yep, nifty little holders are MADE IN THE USA! Love that! And I love supporting small businesses, especially when they offer a creative new product like this. This holder makes it so that you aren’t limited to the sketch pens that is made by Silhouette. You can use pretty much any marker or pen you want with your digital cutting tool!

Adjustable Marker Holder

chomas creations adjustable holder

I used a fine tip Sharpie in my Silhouette. How freaking awesome is that?? Thanks to the Adjustable Marker Holder! {its the metal cylinder shaped things with a black screw coming out}

How to Use the Adjustable Marker Holder

Silhouette pen holder

  1. To insert the adjustable marker or pen holder, remove the blade from its casing.
  2. Then inert the metal Adjustable Holder with the ring side on top. Flip the blue switch on the CAMEO so that the blade holder is holding the adjustable pen holder in place.
  3. Slide the popsicle stick under the holder {as shown above}
  4. Then insert marker/pen into the metal holder and twist the screw tight. {make sure it is really snug. I made that mistake!}
  5. When you are ready to have you CAMEO draw, use the “Sketch Pen” setting in the Silhouette Studio Software. 

Easy Candy Topper

candy topper

I used a Fine tip black Sharpie and the Adjustable Marker Holder in my Silhouette CAMEO to draw the design. Then without unloading or removing the paper, I changed out the marker holder and put the blade in. I changed the cut settings in Silhouette Studio and then cut a rectangle around the oval design. After it was cut, I folded it in half and stapled it over a small plastic bag of candy.

halloween candy topper

>>>Discount: get 10% off your purchase at Chomas Creations with code: craftaholics10 {ends 10/31/12}

For tutorials, tips, and videos, check out Amy’s blog here.

pen holder


Chomas Creations Adjustable Marker AND Pen Holder GIVEAWAY!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Chomas Creations. I received free product to try. All opinions are 100% mine. I love to feature products that I love and that I think my readers will enjoy as well. For a complete statement, please see my disclosure page. 

happy crafting!


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    Oh I love all the different colored sharpies

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    I’d love to use this with my cameo! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Jenica Squire

    This would be so wonderful to have! Thank you, this is a great giveaway.

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    Kelly Barina

    I would really like to use a gold or silver marker.

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    I’m ecstatic to have found your blog. I ordered a Bosskut Gazelle and a Silhouette Cameo to text out and keep which one I loved better, and the Cameo won hands down. This tool means I can use my extensive collection of Sharpies (I’m one of those people who is slightly addicted to the smell, lol) with my new Cameo.

    I’m new to the world of blogging, and just started my own blog. I have a feeling I’ll be linking back quite a lot to your blog with some of your awesome projects – love the headbord “renovation”!

    1. 416.1

      Thanks Sarah! I’m so glad you stopped by and entered the giveaway! Good luck with your new blog!
      happy crafting,

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    I would love the silhouette holder so fun

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    Sandie White


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    Marilyn Snow

    Looks like you have been having fun! I need to spend some time with my silhouette and do some fun things too.

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    This would bring so many new possibilities to my Cameo! Thanks for the chance to win; you have the greatest blog!

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    This would bring so many new possibilities to my Cameo. I would love to have one! Thanks for the opportunity to win one. You have the best blog, Linda!

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