22 DIY Newborn Halloween Costumes

Happy Wednesday! Halloween is exactly ONE WEEK from today….are you ready? Do you need ideas for newborn Halloween costumes? Or easy baby Halloween costume ideas? 2 years ago I did!  I was due on October 30 and ended up having my second 3 weeks early. So….. I had to rush and come up with a Halloween costume! So just in case you’re in the same situation OR just want to giggle over some cute baby costumes, here you go!

newborn halloween costumes

images from Martin Family Times, Imgur, and Fun, Cheap, or Free

This post is taken from Paula’s question on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook page“I need some ideas for a costume, I have a new born baby so I’m looking for something I can do it myself (cute, simple and easy) Thank you” -Paula

Newborn Halloween Costumes

  1. “A pumpkin is always cute and fairly easy. I’ve also seen pea pods that are adorable for newborns. Good luck!” – Teri S.
  2. “Sew together strips of a cut up blanket and wrap your baby in it so he/she looks like a mummy.” – Cari H.
  3. “I made my 2 week old son a costume one time by taking some dark green material and sewing it similar to a pillow case and added a drawstring around the feet. I cut some Styrofoam balls in half and covered them with light green felt and made him a pea pod!!” – Melissa W.
  4. “I saw the cutest baby costume: a bag of popcorn! It was red and white striped ‘sack’ (like at the movies) and a baby cap with popcorn glued to it. It was adorable!” – Sandi P.
  5. Candy corn!” – Irice C.
  6. Kangaroo maybe? Use tan or brown sweats and somehow replace the hoodie’s front pocket with a “pouch” to carry your new baby in. Sew some big felt ears on the hoodie hood and add a tail to the sweats.” – Jamie K.
  7. “I put a cute bib that I painted with a clown face and a simple, easily-made clown hat on my kiddo when she was born. Other than that, take a simple winter onesie and paint on it ‘THING #1’ and YOU wear a shirt that says ‘THING #2‘” – Lisa F.
  8. “Use a same color onesie, pants, and socks and make a little felt hat of same color or even just use a cap and you could use black fabric marker and make them a crayon.” – Kathy P.
  9. “This may seem like a terrible idea, but it was super funny at the time. I saw a mom with a newborn in a lobster costume (Red pajamas, claw mittens and antennae) and the mom was dressed in a chef’s coat and hat.” – Veronica K.
  10. Dirty laundry: small laundry basket, add old towels, socks, etc. and put in empty bottle of laundry soap. Makes a comfy bed for baby while you give out candy.” – Journey B.
  11. “If your baby is a girl dress her in green and sew or glue an artificial flower to a knit cap and she can be a flower!” – Susie M.
  12. “If the baby is a boy, dress him to look like a football. Whoever is carrying him can go as a football player.” – Christian M.
  13. “I love taking kid’s sweats or pajamas and adding to them. You can take a jacket and add “horns” and feathers made out of felt to the hood and felt feathers to the chest part and make an owl. Just add some warm pants with it.” – Whitney B.
  14. “I saw this once and will never forget! The baby was in white onesie with white chef/bakers hat. He was in a basket surrounded by fresh bread and some baked goods. They pulled the basket in a wagon. Super easy and original.” – Kate M.
  15. Hot dog. Dress him/her in brown/red sweats, use felt/fabric/paint/etc. to make a mustard squiggle and lay on a pillow with a light brown pillow case. Works really well in a stroller.” – Melanie C.
  16. “I dressed my daughter her first Halloween as a Lady Bug. I got sweatshirt in red and sweatpants in black and a very small knit black winter hat. I glued felt black circles to her back and pipe cleaners on the hat.” – Linda M.
  17. “We did a bank robber (just all black) parent and the baby was the money bag. Just an off white outfit (sac or clothes) with a big black money sign on the front. And if u wanna get creative u can get a green hat w money coming out of it! ” – Ashley M.
  18. “I made my newborn a peacock outfit this year. I dyed a onesie purple and made a tutu out of green and sparkly purple tulle and a headband with ribbon, flowers, and a peacock feather.” – Sarah S.
  19. “A beanie baby!!! They just took a fuzzy snow suit and on the hood put the “TY” tag on it! Super adorable!!” – Krista T.
  20. “If its a boy (and he has no hair) what about Charlie Brown? I like making my costumes with items I can have the kids wear again. Yellow shirt, black pants, felt for the stripe and eyeliner for the ‘hair’ and ‘eyebrows.'” – Ashley F.
  21. “You yourself could wear brown sweat pants and a green top and pin fall leaves onto it and dress the baby like an older bible character and let him be Zacchaeus. In the Bible, Zacchaeus was a wee little man and he was hiding up in a sycamore tree when the Lord said ‘Zacchaeus you come down for I’m coming to your house today’. You be the tree and he be Zacchaeus.” – Diane F.
  22. “When my son was 5 weeks old, I hand stitched some yarn to a white sleep sack and I dressed as a cat (and draped bits of yarn on myself!)” – Lori

What do you think? Super cute Newborn Halloween Costumes, right? Which one was your favorite? I think the dirty laundry was my fave!

I’m so glad you stopped by today!

happy crafting,


What have you dressed your baby{ies} up as for Halloween? I’d love to hear!

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  1. 1

    Yeah, that laundry one was good! My baby isn’t newborn anymore, but we are taking advantage of her scoot/crawl and I made her a turtle costume. She is definitely faster than a real turtle, though!

  2. 2

    Cute cute thanks for the idea’s. Thanks for sharing, God bless.

  3. 3

    My little man was 9 months on his 1st halloween and I made him an oompa loompa costume and spray painted his hair(what hair he had) green! It was the cutest thing ever and no one else was dressed like him! It was so easy to make! I googled a tutorial on how to make it!

  4. 4

    I don’t understand #22…

  5. 5
    Nicole Nelms

    My twin boys were Scooby Snacks for their first Halloween because their cousins went as the Scooby Doo Gang. I made a large and small dog bone out of styrofoam. I used putty to give the bones texture and then spray painted them brown. I then added velcro to a brown hat and brown sleeper to attach the bones to. That way we could easily take them on and off when needed. They were a big hit.

  6. 6

    my girfriend drew a lighting scar on her baby boys head and he was baby harry potter. super easy and cute…