Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet Paper roll crafts ideas. Lots of great uses for TP rolls!

Looking for ideas on How to reuse Toilet Paper rolls? Those brown TP tubes are great for all types of crafts! This post is full of Toilet Paper rolls crafts ideas and is based on this thread on our Facebook page where Vicky asked:

“Hi could you please ask for ideas for what to do with the brown tubes from the inside of toilet rolls? Thanks x” – Vicky

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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Ideas

1. “I use them to wrap my table runner around them….I use the larger ones though from scott towels.” – Patti L.
2. “Green paint & toilet rolls = a pretty Christmas wreath idea” – Sarah I.
3. “Wrapping paper storage.” – Justin T.
4. “Got this idea today. Take shoe box and decorate how you like then glue the toilet rolls inside. Then you have a neat way to store all your pencils and markers” – Lisa F.

TP roll craft ideas. This post is full of ideas on how to reuse those brown TP rolls!
Image via Marcella Roses

5. “Stuff them with dryer lint and makes a good starter in a campfire or barbecue. You can also cut in chunks, make a slit, and put it on Christmas wrap to keep rolls from enrolling.” – JoAnne T.
6. “My little one uses them for all sorts of crafts. Paint and decorate as bracelets, cars, animals etc.” – Simone R.
7. “We donate to our local school and they use them to plant seeds in.” – Chris D.

toilet paper roll art. This post has tons of reuses for TP rolls
Image via zakka81

8. “I cut them in half, then let my 3 year old granddaughter decorate them with stickers and markers then wear them as bracelets” – Helen L.
9. “Fold extension cords and other appliance cords and put them in the paper rollers, write on the roller the length of the cord. Christmas Crackers. They are like mini individual pinatas.” – Debbie U.
10. “They are great to start off seeds indoors. Put them upright in a tray and fill with soil. Plant herbs or even veg and watch as they grow. You can then pop these outside or in a pot, the card will rot into your soil nicely.” – Nicola T.
11. “I made napkin ring holders for my wedding with them just painted them & wrapped lace around.” – Sarah I.
12. “They make great poppers filled with trinkets” – Richard L.

toilet paper roll bird feeder. this post has tons of reuses for TP rolls!
Image via Juggling with Kids

13. “I make party favors with them… I cover with paper then put candy inside and fold in the ends and then wrap ribbon around the whole thing. I also make a small scrapbook with them.” – Tara R.
14. “I make birdseed thingies with sunflower butter and birdseed.” – Tamara J.
15. “Put a cone on one end, paper fire coming out of the other and hang from the ceiling in a boy’s room as rockets.” – Jennifer M.
16. “Hamsters love them to crawl thru. Decorate them for little hamster obstacle courses.” – Amanda H.
17. “A wide variety of crafts. Also the are great to help protect wine glass stems while moving.” – Amy J.
18. “I use them inside of my tall boots to keep them standing up straight.” – Marissa L.
19. “You can make cute Christmas ornaments with them.” – Sarah B.

christmas advent calendar made with TP rolls. This post has tons of Toilet paper roll craft ideas.
Image via Woman’s Day

20. “I covered some with white copy paper and a stripe of red washi tape and made “bowling pins” for a monster truck bowling game at my son’s monster truck party. Cheap, fun, and no big deal when they got destroyed!” – Tiffany S.
21. “So when my son was in preschool, we made homemade chalk using the tubes. I now use them myself to hold all the wires and computer cord together in a small plastic lidded container. I have also freecycled them to someone who had pet birds as she said they like to chew on them.” – Christina D.
22. “You can make racer cars, play microphones, play pirate spy glass, play binoculars, but the VBS here uses them for crafts so i give then there.” – Liz M.
23. “You can safely store your pantyhose in them. Organized, and they don’t get snags or runs!” – Amy P.
24. “I made a crochet hook holder.” – Shannon W.

toilet paper roll crafts
Image from Creative Carmella

25. “Toddlers can use them as stamps by dipping the end into shallow plate of paint. You can bend the end into a heart shape for a Valentine craft!” – Alyssa K.
26. “I saw an other idea which I did with my grandchildren. Cut them into 3 rings then paint them and decorate with jewels, glitter, material, ribbons or pictures and we turned them into Christmas ornaments, napkins holders, and to separate jewelry. I also used them to make prisms. You get a small mirrors an attach them to each sides of the rolls. Cover the sides of the roll with ribbons. Then hang them close to a window and wala a children’s prisms. The kids got a kick out if them. There is so much you can do with them.” – Georgett T.
27. “I find toilet paper roles make great holders for my colored pencils. All pencils in one portable box, Colors easily separated. Blues, greens, yellows, browns, etc all easy to find!” – Kathryn C.

crafts with toilet paper rolls
Image from Cheap Crafty Mama

28. “Mini albums. You can make them as simple or as complex as you’d like. I youtubed it and a zillion videos came up. Enjoy!” – Melissa L.
29. “I’ve used them to make “rustic/western” gift card holders AND cut eyes out of them, insert a glow stick and you have a great Halloween decoration” – Tara L.
30. “Very easy to wrap them with wrapping paper or cover with clear wrap. Put small wrapped candy or tiny toys inside. Take curly ribbon and close up each end. Cut ends of wrapping paper with pinking shears Makes great little gifts!!” – Carol B.
31. “I filled it with beans and taped two together and crocheted around them and made a dog toy” – Skylar Y.

31 Fun Craft Ideas for Toilet Paper Rolls. So many awesome ideas!

How do you reuse Toilet Paper rolls? Do you have any Toilet paper roll crafts to add to this list? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. 1
    Debbie Berven

    these ideas are awesome… I have been gathering so many thinking there was a good use for them when the TP was done… such a waste if I threw
    it away….

  2. 2

    for some reason i can not find the directions for the toilet paper christmas wreath. ahhh, my sister teaches 4th grade and i always go at christmas time and teach the kids how to make a present for their family at christmas, when i saw this i knew it was the one. i am so glad that yu shared. can you just tell me how may rolls each kid needs to bring and what the width is that each petal is cut .

    thank you so much ( send the directions if you can), this will make it the best year yet these are wonderful.

  3. 3

    Hi Linda,
    This is such a sweet craft idea! My kids are obsessed with the snake so they would love to make these together. I’m going to give them a try!