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I love spotlighting talented handmade shops that create unique, high-quality products. And today I get to introduce you to the most amazing handmade stamp maker ever!! Tyr, from This is Just to Say based in Stocholm, Sweden, is one talented carver! She hand carves stamps with intricate details. Yes, she hand-carves them! The detail and exactness she puts in each stamp will blow your mind! Tyr sent me a couple stamps to play with and I was seriously so impressed. I absolutely love them!
Hand-Carved Stamps
hand carved stamp
 She designed this “handmade by Linda” stamp just for me and I love it! I think it will be perfect to stamp on silk ribbon to make little tags for my sewn items. Or on muslim bags filled with handmade gifts. A stamp like this would be perfect for handmade or etsy shops! 
Can you believe how perfectly rounded the frames are? You would never know that it was hand carved without seeing the actual stamp!
Tyr mounts her stamps to natural wood slices that are hand-sawed & sanded. The natural wood feels totally awesome when stamping! I loved the feel. And I won’t lie, they look really rad too.
Tyr has been carving stamps for 5 years now. Things that inspire her the most are; Oscar Wilde, chalkboard typography, Star Wars and nature. She enjoys creating things that are both beautiful and useful. Which describes her stamps perfectly. When asked how she gets the tiny details and perfect lines on her stamps, she says, “All you need is a sharp knife and a steady hand. Carving takes a lot of concentration and, well, zen-ness, but it is so wonderfully therapeutic that I never consider it “work”.”
For behind-the-scene photos and exclusive discounts and giveaways, follow This is Just to Say on Facebook. You can also find Tyr on PinterestFlickr (high-res photos and bits and pieces of Stocholm) and on her blog.
Tyr can carve about anything. Check out more of her work!
Custom Logo Stamp

Custom wedding Stamp



8 bit heart

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2 lucky readers will win a custom 2″x 2″ hand-carved stamp from This is Just to Say! Use the giveaway widget below to enter. {if you’re reading this in your email, please click over to enter!}

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Good Luck!


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by This is Just to Say. I received free product to play with. All opinions are mine. For a complete statement, please see my disclosure page.


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  1. 201

    I would have a Russian-style 3 barred cross made. It is the symbol of my small but ancient religion and as such, I can never find things with it on, so a custom made stamp would be just the ticket!

  2. 202

    I would love to have my logo carved!

  3. 203
    Amanda W.

    I would have my address.

  4. 204

    Our name and blog for letters and for gifts

  5. 206

    Oh there are so many things that I would want carved… my logo… or “this took forever” or maybe something in portuguese for my Brazilian friends like “feito só pra você”… the possibilities are endless!

  6. 207

    Those stamps are really beautiful. Thanks for the introduction

  7. 208

    Beautiful stamps!!!

  8. 209

    Oops… forgot to say that I would do a monogram. Or a “handmade by”… I think. Really the decision would be excruciating :)

  9. 210

    I would LOVE this!!!

  10. 211
    Cathi carpenter

    Most likely, “made with love by Cathi’s hands”

  11. 212

    I’d love something floral with my daughter’s name <3

  12. 213

    I would love a “Handmade by” custom stamp – carving & I don’t get along (well, me & sharp instruments don’t get along) and I envy those who have that talent :)

  13. 214
    Theresa J

    I would do our family crest

  14. 215

    These are amazing! I cannot believe that they are hand carved!! I only wish my hands were so steady, never mind the fact that I cannot even draw stick men! Just beautiful!
    Donna x

  15. 216
    Charlene Flores

    Beads and Bling by Charlene

  16. 218

    I would have my address carved!

  17. 219

    Your craft room looks great! And I just love the stamp you did!!!!

  18. 220
    Niki Blake

    I would do the “handmade by….” thing. I have a business and would love one!!

    thanks for the chance!

  19. 221
    Heather P

    I would do our names or our address.

  20. 222

    I would love to have a stamp made with my logo so I can make all of my packages beautiful!!

  21. 223
    Heather C

    I would have my “teacher name” on a stamp so I could stamp all of my reward certificates for the kids-and even assign kids to help me!

  22. 224

    I would love to get a personalized stamp for our wedding next year!

  23. 225
    Dezi A

    My family’s names or address – not sure, but whatever it’d be, I know it’d be gorgeous. Those are amazing!!

  24. 226

    I would do my shop logo!

  25. 227

    Handmade by Kristen

  26. 228

    I would like a handmade by Katrina on my stamp!

  27. 229

    Oooo – I would love to have one of these! I love Tyr’s work!

  28. 230

    Made just for you by Megan

  29. 231

    My friend’s mom is making us a handloomed rug for our wedding, so I would love to get her a stamp so she can label all of her amazing projects.

  30. 232

    I would like to have my etsy shop name carved into a stamp.

  31. 233

    I would love to have my name and address!

  32. 234
    Teresa Cline

    I’d like a stamp with our name and address.

  33. 235

    I would love to have a stamp that is full of intricate details such as lace. I know it may be hard to do but I know the end result would be absolutely stunning!

  34. 236

    I would have a family type stamp made, something that I could stamp on all of our letters and cards that we send out. I think that would be really cool for the whole family.

  35. 239
    Tracy Paul

    I would have carved on my stamp Tracys’ Treasures.

  36. 240

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I would love to have a, “handmade by…” carved. :-)

  37. 241
    Megan Y

    Hmm… tough to decide between a “from the desk of Mrs. York”, “Handmade with love”, or my return address. Might have to get all 3!

  38. 243
    Jeni Yantis

    Love the stamps! I would probably have my name – Mrs. Yantis-put on it!

  39. 244
    Skylar S

    I’m hosting a 40th anniversary party for my parents next Feb., so I might do something for the party!

  40. 245

    I would have “Hook Smart by Danielle S” turned into a stamp.

  41. 246


  42. 247

    A monogram stamp to use for my daughter’s wedding!

  43. 248
    Tarran T

    I would have my address carved to use on my wedding invitations, and for mailing everything else of course!

  44. 249

    This would be awesome for my shop!

  45. 250

    She is a very clever lady, thanks for showcasing her talent.
    I’d love a ‘handmade by’ to use on the back of my cards.
    Anne x