How to cut Fabric with Silhouette: Fox Onesie

I don’t know about you, but I am in love with foxes lately! There’s something so cute and sly about the clever little bushy tailed creatures that just tug at my heart. I didn’t know the gender of Baby #3 {ended up being a girl!! She’s 7 weeks old now. Crazy, right?!} and I wanted to make a cute gender neutral onesie to take the hospital, so I decided to make a fox onesie.

Fox Onesie

fox onesie

baby fox onesie

Aaaand the fox onesie turned out so stinkin cute! And his nose? gah! So perfect for a sweet new baby, right?

Ok, so did you know you can cut fabric with your Silhouette? Well, in case you haven’t tried it, here is how to cut fabric with Silhouette! Its pretty easy! Silhouette sent me some fabric interfacing to play with so I made the fox onesie for my little cutie using my Silhouette CAMEO.

How to Cut Fabric with Silhouette

how to cut fabric with silhouette

 Supplies: Silhouette, fabric, sewable fabric interfacing, black fabric paint, pin, iron

  1. Cut a piece of Sewable Silhouette Interfacing slightly smaller than the piece of fabric that you want to cut for the design. {my fox is about 4″, so I cut the interfacing to be about 3.5″ square.}
  2. Place the rough side of the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric and iron {with fabric right side up} for 2 seconds.
  3. Peel the fabric away from the paper backing. Tip: Make sure all the adhesive transfers to the fabric. If it has all transferred over, the wrong side of the fabric will be smooth and shiny. If there is a rough spot, iron it longer.
  4. Press the wrong side of the fabric onto the cutting mat. Make sure there are not bubbles and that the fabric lays flat and secure on the mat.


5. Pull up the fox shape {or whatever shape you want to cut} in your Silhouette Studio software.

6. When your design is ready to be cut, load your cutting mat into the Silhouette. Instead of using the preset settings in Silhouette Studio for cutting fabric, I changed my settings slightly to: Speed: 3 Thickness: 30 and Blade: 4. This cut my light weight cotton fabric cleanly with no strings left behind. 

TIP: I very highly recommend doing a test cut before you cut your design to make sure the settings work well with your fabric. 


7. Iron your fox onto your onesie with the fabric right side up. With the fox, I had to cut a couple pieces out on different colored fabric and put them together. I just ironed them in place as needed to complete the design.

8. Top stitch around the entire design. Make sure to use the correct color of thread!

fabric ink

9. I then used a sewing pin and a little bit of black fabric ink to paint on eyes and a nose onto my fox. Then heat set for a few seconds with a hot iron.

fox onesie

Come on, isn’t he adorable??

fox craft

So that’s how to cut fabric with a silhouette! Its easy and fun to do. Think of all the custom onesies you can create with the fabric interfacing and a Silhouette!


What have fabric designs have you cut with your Silhouette? 

Disclosure: I received free product from Silhouette. Please see my disclosure page for a complete statement.


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  1. 1

    Oh my God how adorable. Another reason to get a silhouette!

  2. 2

    This is so adorable!! I love foxes, too :)

  3. 4
    Jill R.

    Very cute! Where did you get the applique design for your cut? Do you know of a good website for appliques to use with your Silhouette? I just purchased a Portrait and have done a few fabric appliques but was looking for a good go-to source.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. 5

    Super cute – thanks for the tutorial! Congrats on the little one :-)

  5. 6

    Did you use the fabric blade from Silhouette for your cuts?

    1. 6.1

      Hi Wendy,
      No, I used my regular blade. The blades are the exact same. The idea behind the fabric blade is similar to scissors- you have a pair of fabric scissors separate from your regular scissors so they stay sharp. In my opinion, unless you plan to cut a lot of fabric, the fabric blade isn’t really necessary. I haven’t had any problems, but I don’t cut a lot of fabric with my Cameo…
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. 7

    Gosh, that is so adorable! What a cute little fox.

  7. 9

    Adorable! What type of fabric did you use? Is it cotton or flannel? This would be a perfect gift for my new niece in October. P.S. I love your blog!

  8. 10
    Tara Williams

    Omigah! This is so stinkin adorable! I just got my Cameo and I have been using it like crazy to create stuff for all my friends babies! I have to know- where did you find that houndstooth print you used for the fox?! It is so perfect & not what I would have ever chosen myself! I have the fox downloaded already & am ready to make this cute little guy!!

      1. Tara Williams

        Thank you!! I am going to try and get my hands on that sweet little print right now :)
        Love your site!

  9. 11

    How did you sew the fox?

      1. Melissa Nicotera

        Hi Linda,
        Was the stitching necessary for it to stay on the onesie or was it for added design element?


        PS – love your blog!

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  11. 12
    Sandi Lawrence

    Linda where did you find the applique pattern for the fox? My daughter in law wants foxes for our almost here grandson’s room. This would be perfect.

    1. 12.1

      Hi Sandi, I cut the fox out with my Silhouette Cameo. The fox design is from the Silhouette library. Hope that helps!

  12. 13

    Do you think I can pull this off with a Silhouette SD?

  13. 14

    Do you know if we can use wonder-under in place of the silhouette fusible interfacing?

    1. 14.1

      Yes, you don’t need Silhouette brand. Save the money. Heat and Bond or any of those kind of products will work.

      The fox is cute, and you did a beautiful job on it. It’s something I’d put on a boy, but that’s just my taste. To each his own. :-)

  14. 15

    This is adorable! When you topstitched the fox onto the onesie with a straight stitch, did you use a regular presser foot or did you do it freeform on your machine? I’m having trouble keeping my stitches even with the free form way and wondered how you did the curves?
    thanks! Michelle

    1. 15.1

      Thanks, Michelle! I just used a regular foot on my sewing machine and went slowly and hand turned the knob in a couple places. Its not perfect, but it worked!

  15. 16
    Julie Youngblood

    love your blog

  16. 17

    Did the tan pieces of fabric also get cut out using the Silhouette? Or did those get cut by hand? They look like felt.

    1. 17.1

      It’s fabric and it was cut by a Silhouette.